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warrkrack t1_iy1zsbf wrote

i dont need casualites. and im not saying they did anything wrong by surrendring. i just dont understand how they are heroes for not surredring... and at the same time they did surrender without a fight.


BasvanS t1_iy29mz6 wrote

They made a stand against an overwhelming force and gave hope to a nation under siege. Why do you assume there was no fight?


warrkrack t1_iy2bxh4 wrote

because there was no fight. they were all captured trying to flee the island


BasvanS t1_iy2dptw wrote

They didn’t do enough pew-pew and bleeding for your taste?


warrkrack t1_iy2fdib wrote

it's not a matter of taste. or what I want. like I said a few times. I don't think they did anything wrong by surrendering. it just makes 0 sence that they are heros for not surrendering... wile surrendering.


BasvanS t1_iy2umi8 wrote

Sure. Heroes are people who kill or die, but not who defy their enemy.

You have a fucked up concept of heroism


warrkrack t1_iy33omi wrote

no... i didnt say heros are people who kill or die. i said heroes known for not surrendering... wile surrendering makes 0 sense.


BasvanS t1_iy3ig8i wrote

Would you say you like people who weren’t captured?


warrkrack t1_iy45pqj wrote

like I said. I dont think they did anything wrong. I support ukraine. it just dosnt make any sense.