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MSTRMN_ t1_ixyist8 wrote

>The country runs on Russian energy and makes a lot of money exporting to Russian markets.

They don't anymore? NS1 and 2 are both dead, Germany's gas storages are full, new LNG terminals are being built, if not already done


HobbitFoot t1_ixyjop0 wrote

Germany gets gas from Russia via other pipelines, the gas storage may not last the winter, and the LNG terminals may not be enough to replace Russian supplies.

Hopefully Germany gets a mild winter.


MSTRMN_ t1_ixyk72s wrote

How it "may not last" when officials say that it's enough? In any case, I doubt Nord Stream will restart any time soon, since it's practically destroyed


HobbitFoot t1_ixyoc94 wrote

I hope it is enough, but I know they had concerns earlier.

And Nordstream I & II definitely aren't starting soon due to likely Russia's actions.


Jonsj t1_ixyuqf9 wrote

Even if gas storage won't last they will likely buy expensive lng and manage, none of the rich European countries stand to suffer much in this crisis, they will outbid and use monetary reserves to get through the winter.

Countries where the heating bill is a significant part of the monthly bill will suffer a lot more, these countries does not have the same resources to soften the fall for its citizens either;/