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Rapiz t1_iye22ql wrote

Enemy warplanes crossing the real border would imply war.

The defence zone is the last line before real shit.

They are definitely not meaningless.


Tripanes t1_iyf1zjs wrote

All these people in Reddit trying to discredit the significance of something like this are almost certainly not genuine.


Professional-Web8436 t1_iyea16t wrote

Taiwan's air defense zone is over mainland China.

Me flying a drone in China is violating Taiwan's Air defence zone.

They are comparatively meaningless.


Metak007 t1_iyebgvy wrote

Where exactly is the Danger Zone?


Twenty_five t1_iyedgzq wrote

You gotta take the highway to get there l


imvii t1_iyepjv3 wrote

Instructions unclear: Took dirt road to the slightly risky but usually safe zone.


phormix t1_iyeeft6 wrote

I'd imagine there might be overlaps between countries like Canada/USA/Mexico etc. So if group of bombers/fighters is seen on the Canadian side but clearly on a heading towards the US unannounced... it might still be a concern. That is especially if there was a less trusting relationship between the two countries and Canadian bombers weren't otherwise known as geese...


YeetedApple t1_iyefh7d wrote

While true that it does extend over parts of china, that is never the part that is flown over. Most flights are coming from over water in northeast and southeast towards the island and are clearly aggressive, not just flying over their mainland.


bob_fakename t1_iydusvs wrote

The fact that air defense zones are pretty meaningless aside, doesn't Russia have enough on their plate without reaching for more?


seedless0 t1_iye41jf wrote

They are not meaningless. It's designed to allow reaction time if someone actually tries something funny.


count023 t1_iyf107k wrote

Russia is flight testing S16s and Sopworth Triplanes to use in the next wave of mobilization in Ukraine.


[deleted] t1_iye29dg wrote



whhe11 t1_iye5ifg wrote

Yeah, but in all fairness Taiwan air defense identification zone extends over a fair chunk of the Chinese mainland. It's different when the Chinese are live fire drilling with missiles landing right outside of Taiwans territorial waters tho.


YeetedApple t1_iyefdkw wrote

While true that it does extend over parts of china, that is never the part that is flown over. Most flights are coming from over water in northeast and southeast towards the island and are clearly aggressive, not just flying over their mainland.


feeltheslipstream t1_iyeleaj wrote

Adz is self declared and has no legal bearing.

Ita International airspace. You can't complain about planes flying in international airspace as aggressive while at the same time saying ships have right of passage through the heavily contested South China Sea.


YeetedApple t1_iyep03k wrote

Are you saying china flying military aircraft directly towards a nation they regularly threaten to invade, with the intent to force a response, is not aggressive? Sure the US is acting in its own self interest, but acting like they are equivalent here is ridiculous. I absolutely can complain about a country threatening an invasion while at the same time saying those threats should be contested.


feeltheslipstream t1_iyeyv71 wrote

I'm saying that if you classify flights in international airspace as aggressive, don't scoff when others say sailing through international waters are aggressive.

Pick a standard and stick to it.


YeetedApple t1_iyf8nvs wrote

"flights in international airspace" was never the standard, and is a terrible attempt to remove all context from the situation. If you want to say sailing through international waters is aggressive, is every ship everywhere aggressive then? If not, how do you decide which ships are aggressive or not?


dlev_ t1_iyexwbp wrote

Well, according to Putin all is going as planned so…


DGlen t1_iyf3unc wrote

You would think they wouldn't be trying to swing that angry inch around at the moment. Putin just whipped it out and we all saw it was half the size they were bragging about.


SuperSpread t1_iyf610p wrote

Driving a car at a crowd but stopping before you hit them isn’t meaningless. That’s what they are doing, it’s stupid but no law against it.


Stilgar314 t1_iyf5f1t wrote

I know this times invite to freak out, by this things happens constantly and every nation with an decent army do it. A country sends a random military thing in route to a neighbour, which sends something to intercept heading, the response time gets timed and the military thing backs home.


Fantastic_Depth t1_iyf7o06 wrote

I was stationed in turkey back in the 80's on a us military post. pretty much weekly we would have Russians fly over us followed by Turkish planes chasing them.


EauDeUpdog t1_iye96is wrote

Be like Turkey and just shoot it down. Russia at least stops avoiding airspace this way.


AnotherSteveFromNZ t1_iyegaa4 wrote

This is the only answer. How many Russian planes continued to violate Turkish airspace after that incident.


carthous t1_iyex8ws wrote

How many?


p0ultrygeist1 t1_iyf04ay wrote



carthous t1_iyf1aqq wrote

Are you sure?


p0ultrygeist1 t1_iyf1exx wrote

Don’t be cryptic


carthous t1_iyf220f wrote

You don't be cryptic


Ceratisa t1_iyduy36 wrote

Good way to remind Korea that it shouldn't trust those two if a conflict erupts


Waramp t1_iyera72 wrote

I don’t think they needed the reminder.


BadSkeelz t1_iyeu13n wrote

China is South Korea's biggest trading partner. It's very easy to follow the money and forget just who you're dealing with until it's too late.


kishiki18_91 t1_iyev28x wrote

South koreans are pretty laid back in terms of war, Seoul people are naive when it comes to war they didn't think N.korea will attack them anytime. Their bomb shelters are just normal infrastructure they have an app for it.


Golmar_gaming227 t1_iyfcc9t wrote

South Koreans never even considered war a massive threat since North Korea always tries to intimidate the South, but they never do anything that would start an all-out conflict (and probably never will) and also people got used to threats of war thats why South Koreans behave quite alarmingly on outsiders pov.


amish_guy t1_iyf12jd wrote

>The planes did not violate South Korea's airspace, it said.

read the article, this is a non-starter


MagicSPA t1_iyf3w2f wrote

One of these days someone is going to shoot down one of those intruding aircraft we keep hearing about, and I'm not going to blame them.


AnyProgressIsGood t1_iyf38ld wrote

might as well shoot down the russian ones. what are they gonna do? invade ? lol


[deleted] t1_iydtm1h wrote



pierogieking412 t1_iydzkzh wrote

That's exactly what it says in the article. There's even a little bit more info in there.

Not exactly click bait when presenting facts.


LilSpermCould t1_iydzacf wrote

Context matters though. You defend your territorial integrity or you lose that space as a means of protection during the event you actually are attacked.

Korea would be in violation of international laws should they shoot down one of these planes. They can engage them and escort them out.

These days it does seem considerably more risky to fly through Russia and China's air defense zones. The Chinese are furious with America's navy for basically doing the same thing but in the ocean.


globular_fluster t1_iye5kq0 wrote

How is it click bait? It is a factual statement.

If someone doesn't know (gee what a loser) what an air defense zone is, that's their problem-- not Reuters'.


BTWImChloe t1_iyeqb04 wrote

Repost of a repost. Nobody cares about ADIZ incursions


fgk55555 t1_iye38yy wrote

South Korean military hardware has been finding it's way to Eastern Europe. This is a great way for Russia and China to make sure those new military partnerships solidify.