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MSTRMN_ t1_iy858l8 wrote

Allegations? More like evidence


Jonsj t1_iy8scaj wrote

This is making it harder for Zelensky to ever accept a peace agreement from Russia.

If Putin wanted to negotiate he should have treated the ukranians as the "lost Russians" he claims they are. Show then how life is better with them than in Ukraine.

Instead he's making sure that Ukraine hates Russia and makes any compromise difficult. For every Ukrainian he kills and tortures he leaves behind a family fanatically opposed to any sort of peaceful coexistence with Russia. Each of them will teach their children to hate as well. This is how you generational conflicts. Killing and torturing civilians.


porncrank t1_iy92d3d wrote

He thought it would work because he made Russia hate Russia and so far it's worked out fine. I guess the proof that Ukrainians have a distinct and valuable culture is that they're not willing to become a bunch of self-hating, beaten down dogs like the sad Russian population.


TaiwanBandit t1_iy7wcg0 wrote

Part of Russian playbook in an attempt to destroy the will of the people.


San_Marino-Bhutan t1_iy9eixv wrote

KHERSON, Ukraine (AP) — When a dozen Russian soldiers stormed into Dmytro Bilyi’s home in August, the 24-year-old police officer said they gave him a chilling choice: Hand in his pistol or his mother and brother would disappear.

Bilyi turned his gun over to the soldiers, who carried machine guns and had their faces concealed. But it didn’t matter. They dragged him from his house in Ukraine’s southern village of Chornobaivka to a prison in the nearby regional capital of Kherson, where he said he was locked in a cell and tortured for days, his genitals and ears shocked with electricity.

“It was like hell all over my body,” Bilyi recalled. “It burns so bad it’s like the blood is boiling ... I just wanted it to stop,” he said.

More than two weeks after Russians retreated from the city, accounts such as his are helping to uncover sites where torture allegedly took place in Kherson, which Kremlin forces occupied for eight months. Five such rooms have been found in the city, along with at least four more in the wider Kherson region, where people allege that they were confined, beaten, shocked, interrogated and threatened with death, police said.


WanderingPickles t1_iya8opv wrote

What is up with this sort of thing?

Generally speaking, westerners gave up this sort of thing. Not that it doesn’t happen, but when it does it is roundly condemned.

Water boarding was bad, making dudes get into a pile whilst naked was bad. But shocking a dude’s genitals for no reason? Arbitrarily murdering, raping and abusing human beings? That is some next level evil.

It doesn’t make any sense unless we conclude that Russians are themselves profoundly traumatized and that their ranks are consequently filled with sadists. I am beginning to think that the experiences of the past 100 years have left a savage and cruel mark upon the soul of those people.


Zaglossus_hacketti t1_iy8paah wrote

There trying to Russiafy them step one crush any potential joy and will to live