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ThatGuy98_ t1_iy3gnlc wrote

This is missing several important points.

The bill is being introduced by an opposition TD. Government will almost certianly vote it down, or more realistically, let it die in committe or refuse a money message.

A planned citizen assembly on drugs has been stalled for a long time, mainly due to our drugs minister seemingly hating on drug reform :/

Any change like this will be done by Government not opposition, so probably sfter the next election in 2025 if I had to guess.


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Matty96HD t1_iy3i5wm wrote

And annoyingly for me, I have seen about 30 articles in the last month about this, all with ever so slight changes in the title to make it seem a step further.

All that is on the bill to my knowledge is decriminalisation of up to 7g of cannabis.

And its not the first time Gino Kelly has proposed a bill as such as this. Last time notably leaving out some pretty important details.

I hope it passes, but it won't. Even if it did, we are still easily 10 years plus out from legalisation.

EDIT: Seen it is also proposing a Citizens assembly for next year and injection centers. Two other positive moves, however I'm doubtful it will pass anyway.


EroniusJoe t1_iy5c5vw wrote

Thankfully, we're not 10 years away anymore, although I would have agreed with you last year. Now that Germany has begun the process, I think all of Europe will finally start to follow suit. Similar to how it happened in America, with Colorado and California leading the charge, and then it goes pretty fast from there. I expect Ireland to legalise in the next 2 years.

Or maybe I'm just talking myself into it to feel more hopeful, hahaha!


Matty96HD t1_iy5g9wj wrote

I understand the optimism, especially after seeing 3 party TD's, Mairead Farrell of Sinn Fein, Aódhan O Rhiordan (sp?) of Labour and Simon Harris of Fine Geal (In government) agree a citizens assembly is a positive move and they are eyeing 2023 to have it.

And in hindsight seeing it in the media so often is probably a good thing as it means it's being seen and talked about. Could also mean somebody is putting a lot of effort into getting this noticed which is also good.

Ultimately I hope you are right but I can't see anything changing soon though it does seem to slowly be becoming a bigger issue in Ireland.


Alldaybagpipes t1_iy7gc79 wrote

Hang in there, this is how it starts! I live in one of, if not the most conservative parts of our country, (Canada) and I felt I would never see it in my lifetime.

Can’t drive through any town without passing at least 3 dispensaries these days. Literally more of them than liquor stores!

It can and probably will happen!


JustAPerspective t1_iy4ijbp wrote

All set to write "When Irish eyes are smiling" with musical emojis, too...


Mrozek33 t1_iy3tadn wrote

That's a bummer, I was looking forward to a THC-infused Jameson Bongwater Special Reserve


JasonVII t1_iy3pqs1 wrote

To add to this. Labour (also an opposition party) are introducing a bill this week to prioritise the Citizens Assembly.

Minister for Higher Education: Simon Harris said on yesterday’s ’This week in Politics’, that they intend to establish the Citizens Assembly next year. So either the Government Coalition will support the Labour bill or introduce their own version of it soon.

PBPs bill will definitely fail, but it is part of a broader conversation and increasing political pressure that should eventually lead to decriminalisation of all drugs and potentially legalisation of Cannabis. Irish Citizen Assemblies are very good and generally give the Government strong scope for liberal policy much further than they would introduce on their own.


BenderRodriguez14 t1_iy4mm84 wrote

> Minister for Higher Education: Simon Harris said on yesterday’s ’This week in Politics’, that they intend to establish the Citizens Assembly next year.

Yeah, they'll get on it fight after they get those last few tweaks to this minor housing blip sorted out.

It's such a pain in the hole too, having lived in Canada where its been legal for years and magically society hasn't deteriorated into a drug zombie hellscape.


nittecera t1_iy3ke10 wrote

You have a drugs minister?


ThatGuy98_ t1_iy3l91r wrote

Yes and no.

Technically we don't. We have a Minister of State with responsibility for Public Health, Well Being and National Drugs Strategy.

Commonly referred to as a 'junior minister'. They exist dur to a constitutional limit on how many ministers we can have. The idea is they can focus on specific areas under the wider ministry, health in this case.

Some have been quite good IMO, law reform had been busy. Drugs however, not so much.


GoTouchGrassPlease t1_iy4xsy8 wrote

Forbes is notorious for misleading headlines, which seem designed to reach the front page of Reddit.


Finch2090 t1_iy3r2vi wrote

I honestly don’t think the Government will vote it down. It’s an easy way for them to win back some public opinions

And not that I don’t agree with Gay marriage or repealing the 8th, I voted yes to both of them, I felt at the time it was a good way to win over the public through Referendum for both of them too for FG


IsADragon t1_iy3t56n wrote

Michael seems pretty opposed to it. I have little hope for it passing.


Finch2090 t1_iy3vjnn wrote

Yeah but that’s Fianna Fáil party politics though, they know exactly who butters their bread and try to stick to that as much as they can. Much more admirable than FG who will try to appeal as many as possible but do fuck all after they’re elected to make whole on their promises


Hufflepuff4Ever t1_iy4vr0b wrote

Yea but isn’t Leo taking the main seat again next month. He announced the referendum on the 8th as one of his first acts as Taoiseach, so who knows. Would help win back some of the public after the GP contract leak


IsADragon t1_iy4wzyx wrote

Not sure he'll be much better, and he is in a coalition with FF. I just wouldn't get my hopes up. I know he's at least admitted to taking stuff before, but FG are a conservative party as well, typically more so than FF.


Hufflepuff4Ever t1_iy4zd8z wrote

Oh I doubt he’d do anything to push it through, but not knocking it down straight away would definitely pull public opinion on his direction.


mvaahremnadra t1_iy8h4rn wrote

Some of his buddies in the US / Canada legal weed industry will convince him.


ThatGuy98_ t1_iy3ua0j wrote

Agreed, voting it down at second stage was the old way, hence the other two options I mentioned. My point is, something as important as mjaor drug policy overhaul won't happen through a PMB. Government will want to control the chnage and reap the benefit, not give it to opposition.


Finch2090 t1_iy3vzpf wrote

Yeah, they’ll throw it out a to a referendum again or something and act like the heroes for allowing it

So they can give themselves a pat on the back for it while also being able to defend themselves by saying it’s the peoples choice or hands were tied


ThatGuy98_ t1_iy3wp6j wrote

It's actuslly a bit trickier for them than that. Cannabis isn't constitutionally banned, only by a piece of legislation.

They could hold an ordinary referendum, which involves a majority of the Seanad and 1/3 of the Dail petitioning Miggeldy, and him deciding its of national importance.

However given the Government have a majority on the Seanad and an ordinary referendum has never been used before I doubt they want to do that.

Citizens assembly completed with recommendations, followed by a GE with drugs policy being fairly central with change to follow depending on the parties elected is the most likely path I think.


Gorazde t1_iy4w2ko wrote

It's being introduced by a far left party with four TDs, out of 160 total in the Dail.


fatamSC2 t1_iy58ugg wrote

Haha yeah I hate this kind of wording. "Ireland" did not come up with this as a whole, one group inside Ireland did. If the entirety of Ireland supported this then it would already be law


fakerjohn t1_iy6a7dz wrote

What exactly is a “drugs minister?”

Here in the USA we have a lot of stupid things but somehow got along demonizing cannabis just fine without one of those. I think.


EastBoxerToo t1_iy4x1ac wrote

Basically what Democrats did in 2020 in the USA. They passed legalization in the House, but it was a performance and had no chance of ever going further. The media still went big with it, and the party acted like they'd really tried to legalize so as to do some easy fundraising from it.


Beautiful_Golf6508 t1_iy4gnba wrote

Irish here.

Party fighting is worse here than in the US. The amount of shit throwing recently between TDs is just hilarious. The truth of the matter is that one side is just as bad as the other and they say that they are best for the country, all the while contributing to what makes it the worst.


BenderRodriguez14 t1_iy4mvkg wrote

> Party fighting is worse here than in the US.

Also Irish here, and while there is plenty, it's not even close to being vaguely comparable to anything within an arse's roar like US levels over the last few years.


BallardRex t1_iy4tqzf wrote

Indeed, the US had a bloody attempted coup ffs.


anewaccount855 t1_iy4myc4 wrote

Stop exaggerating. Irish politics has plenty of flaws but the party fighting is no where close to the US. We don't have first past the post voting, we don't have corporate sponsored billion dollar ad campaigns with attack ads about other parties. We don't have major news networks openly backing parties.


CuntyMcAnus t1_iy4uy5c wrote

Wtf? Party fighting worse than the US?

Hahaha, no.


Haitchyy t1_iy3dzds wrote

That'll save me humphing it to Netherlands every time, can just get a ferry for a day trip to Ireland. Wish UK would follow suit.


joeylee23 t1_iy3e5in wrote

Agreed,can you imagine the tax they could get from this.


ThatWayHome t1_iy3hgxd wrote

Imagine if a massive portion of weed sales go directly into the NHS. :)


WhyEggSoTasty t1_iy51pul wrote

Yeah nurses and doctors will have a laugh.. oh you mean for patients.


Osiris32 t1_iy3w1ml wrote

$296.3 million USD per year. Just on sales.

That's extrapolating what my state's (Oregon) yearly marijuana tax revenue is and adjusting for Ireland's bigger population.

That number jumps up even more when you get into things like license fees, property taxes, inspection fees, etc. Not to mention the employment bump and the economic impact of legalization on tourism.


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Osiris32 t1_iy562tb wrote

> Giant, stupid waste of money keeping it illegal

I cannot agree with you more. Legalization saved us millions in court/incarceration costs and gained us hundreds of millions in tax revenue and new wages. It's fiscally responsible.


jerbaws t1_iy3gs0d wrote

No it won't. They aren't looking at commercialising or legalising the sale or production. They're only looking at making personal possession something that won't end up in being arrested. You still couldn't buy it legally. Just not be jailed if caught with a little


Jjj_Junior_Shabadoo t1_iy4ghp6 wrote

No they aren't, this is just another doomed bill by a small opposition party that will never see the light of day. The headline is complete bullshit.


IntellegentIdiot t1_iy45ypx wrote

The headline says legalise while not being arrested would be decriminalisation.


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jerbaws t1_iy4vgfo wrote

I live here lol


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jerbaws t1_iy80qs7 wrote

Oh OK sorry haha. I misinterpreted the comment. Yeah in places like Amsterdam you are allowed to smoke weed in coffee shops and at home. I found it so odd when smoking ban came in years ago and you could openly roll up weed but not tobacco lol. People still did it but it was like bud sitting on the table and tobacco under the table to be added sneakily


snowtol t1_iy4a2x1 wrote

To be fair in practise it's already practically legalised in Ireland. I lived there for a few years, everyone and their nan knew where to get weed, and unless you were either carrying a kilo or being a real dick the gardai rarely gave a shit.


jerbaws t1_iy4x7xc wrote

Must be dependant on area or social circles as I've been here a year in rural Ireland and have no idea where to get any lol


TobiasDrundridge t1_iy7134o wrote

Weeds are often found growing up amongst onions mate, if you know what I mean.


jerbaws t1_iy81hll wrote

Haha I don't know anyone here in rural carlow. Literally no friends and I've been here a year. I do notice when I go to carlow Town that there's def a lot of tokers about. I can recognise them when I see them but no way would I ever accost a random stranger 🤣. Have thought about asking my barber though before


iProXi t1_iy438ph wrote

just order it via the darknet if you really have no connection

most reputable vendors deliver within 2 days of ordering


laxet t1_iy5vwxz wrote

Weed is something you desire so much you're willing to travel to another country for it? Forgive my ignorance but my non-smoking brain can't grasp that. Why?


gen3ricD t1_iy7ci9t wrote

Many people travel just for sex, just for food, just for bars/clubs/casinos, just for beaches, just for fresh air even. Weed really isn't any different.


litrinw t1_iy3nzrk wrote

This headline is so inaccurate lol there is 0 political will from the parties in power or even the main opposition party to legalize weed


ProFoxxxx t1_iy3d9f2 wrote

Artists also pay no income tax in Ireland


fullload93 t1_iy3ktvx wrote

Up to 50k in income. It’s not unlimited. I’m sure there are artist who make more than this each year, thus they have to pay income tax.


SGTBookWorm t1_iy5e4x6 wrote

makes sense. Gives aspiring artists a basic income so that they can actually afford to live while they make things, until they're able to support themselves


detectivemario t1_iy3hviq wrote

Not sure how I feel about that...


Finch2090 t1_iy3rjmd wrote

If it’s any consolation, it’s because the arts in Ireland have been dying a slow death for the past 20 years. No job opportunities or market for anyone who pursues arts and it began to show for awhile

For a country that’s so rich in Music, Literature and Poetry, it wasn’t far from its death a few years ago and it’s recently been a policy that artists will receive UBI and pay no taxes up to 50k

One of my friends studied literature and screenwriting and it was impossible for him to dedicate time to it because he couldn’t afford to live, now he actually has an opportunity to work on screenplays


ProFoxxxx t1_iy3iown wrote

Wait til you find out about the amount of tax Apple etc avoid by using Ireland as a cost centre.


w1n5t0nM1k3y t1_iy3dyuf wrote

Dies that apply to Subway "sandwich artists"? Who gets to decide who I and isn't an artist? I'm sure the government has defined this, but it just seems like it would be full of rich people not paying taxes because they are "artists".


Best_Waifu t1_iy3h5k5 wrote

Context: The bill being proposed is not expected to pass in any regard. This is essentially a test for all the current political parties to put forward their current opinions on the topic. Most parties and, from recent polls, most of the country seem to be for some sort of decriminalization. The coalition parties in the current government and others are waiting to run a citizens assembly (a type of public forum used to gauge the countries current feelings on the subject) next year, before looking at any legislation.


ADarwinAward t1_iy3rz8x wrote

The bill has only just been filed and isn’t expected to pass. The person who proposed it is part of one of the opposition parties.

It is literally in the earliest possible stage for a bill. Consider this article clickbait fake news. Typical Forbes.


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A_very_nice_dog t1_iy4bbfq wrote

NYC has it. It’s so funny, 7am the place smells like a skunk got loose.


jhkmay161 t1_iy4lhnf wrote

How much does the smell of marijuana linger? Spent a couple days in NYC not really going out at night, and during the day the air was fine, if not a little stuffy. 5 minute stroll in Philly at 10 pm and it was crazy out there.


BenderRodriguez14 t1_iy4ngg6 wrote

I used to live in Toronto, and it varies. During hot, sticky summer days it doesn't so much. During cold, still winter nights it's insanely noticeable and from quite a distance.


jhkmay161 t1_iy4p4va wrote

Makes sense, it was real cold when i went to Philly in the fall


ExperienceNo7751 t1_iy4vlp2 wrote

Cannabis should be legal at 25 years old globally, no restrictions. It’s affect on a young developing brain are not desirable in chronic doses, which younger or less experienced users are more susceptible to than older mature adults who have hopefully already figured out how to manage other mind altering substances.


Rqoo51 t1_iy6c4ai wrote

I’d say 18 is fine so long as you educate your population about that danger. It would be ridiculous that you could have the choice join the army in most countries and get your head messed up in other ways, but not be able to smoke pot till 25.


[deleted] t1_iy40hde wrote

Completely inaccurate headline. One very fringe member of parliament introduced a bill to decriminalise, which is not the same as legalise. And this member has practically zero chance of getting that passed.


uber_neutrino t1_iy4zeic wrote

I love that everyone thinks europe is so progressive but there are few places you can even legally get some weed. The green isle needs to free the green.


DarkReviewer2013 t1_iy7i8mx wrote

Europe is more economically left-wing than the US in general. Cannabis laws are more conservative for the most part though.


TheAtrocityArchive t1_iy3jnfq wrote



crinkle1000 t1_iy3rci2 wrote

Thanks for the plug. Encourage everyone to join the discussion in our #legalise channel on discord, you’ll find a link in the sidebar of the subreddit.


JayR_97 t1_iy4mi9d wrote

Why is Europe so behind on this? Seems weird that there are some US republican states that have more progressive drugs policies.


Cyanopicacooki t1_iy3jswz wrote

Getting closer...come on HMRC, just think of the revenue from taxing blow in Britain...just do it...


Inevitable_Ad_4487 t1_iy563u2 wrote

Time to move to Ireland and make the Emerald Isle even greener!


autotldr t1_iy3faiw wrote

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 91%. (I'm a bot)

> Ireland joins the cannabis conversation in Europe, introducing a bill to legalize recreational cannabis for personal use.

> The move seems to act more as a form of decrminalization to stop prosecuting cannabis users than an effort to legalize cannabis for personal use.

> Malta, the first EU member to legalize cannabis for personal use in December 2021, also regulated the cultivation of cannabis plants, an essential element to contain the illicit market's revenue and guarantee safer products.

Extended Summary | FAQ | Feedback | Top keywords: cannabis^#1 bill^#2 People^#3 personal^#4 medical^#5


Silent_Palpatine t1_iy3zku1 wrote

I hope they do and the dickheads in Whitehall finally follow suit.


Ambition-Free t1_iy4b3kf wrote

It’s funny how politicians make drugs taboo but most sniff gear in the actual houses they debate in.


Bagaturgg t1_iy4jx3t wrote

Could someone in Ireland fill me in on the status of weed there currently? Do the police go after smokers or is it like the UK and more or less other Western European countries where it's de facto "decriminalised" in the sense that, while it's still de jure illegal the police don't care?


_BangoSkank_ t1_iy4o5aw wrote

No the police are still extremely hard on people caught in possession of even tiny amounts. You will more than likely end up in front of a judge. The judge will probably give you a caution and a couple of hundred Euro fine for a first time offense. It's a complete waste of everyone's time and tax payers money.


Bagaturgg t1_iy4qaf6 wrote

Damn, that's a shame. Is it the same in the bigger cities ie Dublin too?


Neb_Djed t1_iy4ym5i wrote

Gaeilge word of the day for ye (at least Gaeilge na Sráide in my area): Marijuana = Raithneach (fern). Mar shampla, ag caitheamh raithní. Any other localism for mary j?


-RRM t1_iy52cfi wrote

We legalized marijuana in Washington state and it caused a decrease in crime and alcohol/other drug use, plus the taxes go to schools so they're building new ones left and right.


Finch2090 t1_iy3qr8x wrote

More populist policy reform so the government can pat themselves on the back and say sure aren’t we sound while ignoring the housing and healthcare crisis ongoing in the country

And I know it’s not FFG who introduced this motion but I can tell you they seen that coming through and said sure that’s a handy one we can take credit for


stonerdad999 t1_iy3wwt4 wrote

Congrats Ireland. Now- Let’s do this in France!


TrippinLSD t1_iy4ajrg wrote

For a land known for being green, you would think recreational weed would be a must!


SoUpInYa t1_iy4cold wrote

What will the effect be on alcohol sales?


3dio t1_iy4h5be wrote

That’s the rational and correct move 👍


ergotfungus32 t1_iy4rcyj wrote

Funny how much of the world is living in the US' shadow.


yung12gauge t1_iy562dr wrote

i'm trying to smoke some Foggy Dew or have a THC-infused Guinness


tastybeer t1_iy5onk7 wrote

Canadian checking in - society did not collapse, organized crime lost a bunch of $$, policing costs went down and tax revenue went up. Just sayin'


Divinate_ME t1_iy47t4k wrote

Against international UN treaties AND against the very EU treaty that will also keep Germany from legalizing drugs without blatantly violating EU law.


thetangible t1_iy4ej1g wrote

Legalize for communal use.


do_you_know_de_whey t1_iy4hd8d wrote

It’s just silly at this point to fight it, people that will use it already use it. Like oh no people are safe, it’s being taxed, oh noooo.


policemenconnoisseur t1_iy4jgpe wrote

This is good news, because those German fuckers will be getting nowhere with their "we need to do this the right way" oh-look-at-us-sers.


A_spade15 t1_iy4my92 wrote

Either The lady In the thumbnail is high as fuck or I am what is the WE supposed to stand for.


-VeGooner- t1_iy4x5zh wrote

One of the oldest pro-cannabis slogans in the book.

She's saying "Yes we can[nabis] rethink and decrimnalise [cannabis]."


Bryaxis t1_iy4nw8e wrote

Turn the Emerald Isle green!


BUFF_BRUCER t1_iy4pyu2 wrote

Hope they do but I swear I hear stories like this almost every day and it always seems to get delayed or have some caveat that makes it nowhere near as positive


SoundAdvisor t1_iy4sfbi wrote

The emerald isle might actually put a dent in drinking related issues if they did go green.

Probably still beat Texas to reforms.


webauteur t1_iy4tbkc wrote

Faith and begorrah! That's grand!


thepotplant t1_iy51vq9 wrote

Impersonal use however, is very banned.


iBstoneyDave t1_iy545o8 wrote

The author is sadly misinformed. This has zero chance of getting passed.

The person introducing the bill is from a political party with little to no seats.


Freya2022 t1_iy5f3t1 wrote

We also want cannabis to be legal in Finland. Pain is not treated properly here.


dwitman t1_iy5nsg5 wrote

Are there uses for pot that aren’t personal use?


crdctr t1_iy5u0o0 wrote

The DUP are going to love that


Tobar_ t1_iy5v2sk wrote



fumobici t1_iy66qjd wrote

Ireland and England are about the last places in Western Europe likely to do this.


echobox_rex t1_iy6cusc wrote

If anybody needs to chill out it's the Irish. Suddenly they quit fighting in the pub...


Steev182 t1_iy6wex9 wrote

Come for the craic, stay for the weed.


Balex79 t1_iy7kxho wrote

Their issues are with cigarettes companies and alcoholic drinks. These 2 will certainly greatly affected and other things, these industries contribute a lot in taxes form to any govt worldwide. So my personal opinions here.


Misty_Legion t1_iy7o9lc wrote

А вы почему ещё коноплю не дуете, Зеленский одобряет!


tattease t1_iy7zmul wrote

Sucks that it's a misleading title, but fingers crossed for the Irish! Dublin's night life might die because people are too stoned to party 🤣 then again, it is the Irish...


Hungry_Helicopter_67 t1_iy826as wrote

While there isn't really an argument for it NOT to be legalized, I have to admit I wouldn't look forward to the day it is.

I just can't stand the smell, one of my neighbors smokes it in the flat and it wafts in our property and it's not pleasant at all.


ktka t1_iy8afo3 wrote

Shamrock 2.0.


mudbutt20 t1_iy4d3bg wrote

I must move to Ireland.


[deleted] t1_iy40gqk wrote



AlucardII t1_iy4j93v wrote

🤨 This is why Irish people often utter the words "typical fucking Yank" (the use of paddy, I mean, not the shit grammar).


TimeLordEcosocialist t1_iy4ajj6 wrote

It’s been almost 200 years since the Great Hunger genocide and the population still hasn’t recovered. Anything that helps. This would do wonders.


Darkstar197 t1_iy4okbs wrote

I can see what that lady was doing for with that sign but her execution was terrible


Confident-Cap-8100 t1_iy59luy wrote

It won't pass, we currently have a right wing government, with a veneer of the centre masking a neo con ideology. Gino Kelly is a good man though.


LuangPrabangisinLaos t1_iy5ncxv wrote

There are fewer than 373k people in all of Iceland, smaller than most major cities in countries around the world.

What they do and don't do isn't any more relevant than what Baltimore does.


MonsterNog t1_iy3lqyx wrote

Moving to Ireland now


TheJeffestJeff t1_iy4fqn7 wrote

Oh look a drunk holding a sign! Don’t be a hypocrite…. Unless you are straight edge sober then you are a hypocrite judging others decisions/ vices.


lunas2525 t1_iy5xkqe wrote

That would be correct i dont use or drink but i have seen what that shit does to people. Then i ask them why they waste their money on that shit and they cant give an answer other than it feels good. It killed my father if i could get heavier regulations on tobacco and alcohol i would. But there is nothing good about mj for recreation there might be some benifit for medical but there are healthier ways...


Airfryer-nono t1_iy68scb wrote

You are missing the point of legalisation entirely.

It of course doesn't make a substance less potentially harmful. But what it does do is stop users from being convicted and facing prison/employment problems - which almost always leads to bigger problems for them down the line and the net effect on society is way worse.


lunas2525 t1_iy6khsp wrote

The imprisonment aside employement is still at risk even if it is legal that doesnt mean the businesses cant keep the anti drug policies. All legalizing it does is add sales tax to it and eliminates the punishment of the cultivators and sellers. And makes it as alcohol for everyone else...


tulsavisitors t1_iy3s13u wrote

Just as reports of it causing cancer come out too.


Equal_Project4579 t1_iy4rpt0 wrote

Just got out of an addiction to cannabis, don’t legalize this trash


chillinwithmypizza t1_iy3oz4c wrote

I hear you guys mix your cannabis with tobacco over there? Such a waste.


Familiar-Mammoth-419 t1_iy3uv6d wrote

Yeah it burns slower and imo is better than throwing what’s 25 euros worth here into one joint and it burning away half the weed


chillinwithmypizza t1_iy4mbc3 wrote

Burning away the weed is the whole point. It sucks that its hard to get or expensive for you though.


shikuto t1_iy5qydy wrote

I think they’re referring to weed being wasted as the joint smolders in between hits. Obviously it burning is the point. Ffs.


Familiar-Mammoth-419 t1_iy7oqrp wrote

It burns a lot better and longer, you don’t have to throw a whole gram into a spliff, and personally it’s easier on my lungs than pure hits seem to be. To each their own though, happy smoking!


Familiar-Mammoth-419 t1_iy7o76v wrote

No as in, it would be a complete waste. Kind of like when it’s windy and the wind burns half the j before you get to smoke it


AlucardII t1_iy4iptb wrote

A lot of people used to. I honestly don't know how many do now. It's easier to get than it used to be, so it's probably not mixed as much nowadays, but I really don't know.


Rocjames77 t1_iy3sdsl wrote

I believe you're thinking of the Dutch


Purple_Plus t1_iy44odh wrote

People do that in the UK too.


Rocjames77 t1_iy44vvm wrote

Ah ok never knew that thought it was just the Dutch that ruined their joints with tobacco


Purple_Plus t1_iy44ztj wrote

It tastes and burns better, but not worth the risk of getting addicted to tobacco which happened to some of my stoner mates.


Rocjames77 t1_iy455m8 wrote

I disagree, I'd rather taste good weed than have tobacco mixed in with it. Only time I've ever seen anyone mix tobacco is when they had ditch weed that tasted like shit


Purple_Plus t1_iy45dam wrote

Each to their own. I've had nice Amsterdam weed and a joint still tastes better with baccy imo. It's way less harsh and burns more smoothly.


Rocjames77 t1_iy48x6y wrote

Just my opinion dude, if it's good weed that was grown right and cured properly you wont need tobacco to make it taste good


lunas2525 t1_iy5a4vn wrote

What pisses me off is people are aiming to make this shit legal because they think it is not harmful.

Smoking marijuana reduces sperm count causes ed. Lowers iq and slows reaction time.


Few-Ad-8245 t1_iy6x18e wrote

Nah people want to legalise it because the government has no business telling me what I can or can't put in my body, and some people get enjoyment from cannabis.