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EphraimJenkins t1_ixtbp90 wrote

Nice. Fuck Iran and Russia


trivialfixing40 t1_ixuaczp wrote

Finally! Someone have spoken for what does need to be done.


Far_Company_5059 t1_ixw76wp wrote

That’s the general sentiment in r/worldnews. r/publicfreakouts is a completely different story, though.


Particular-Ad-4772 t1_ixtdpzq wrote

Probably not wise of Russian embassy to tweet out pics of Zelensky with a giant nose .


Ahmatt t1_ixtx772 wrote

Why? What’s the meaning of a giant nose?


Sovdark t1_ixu01lj wrote

It’s a stereotype/racist thing “Jews have big noses”. You see it in a lot of antisemitic propaganda cartoons.


Ahmatt t1_ixv1hai wrote

I am not gonna get into a whole argument but I am tired of people further endorsing the notion that "a giant nose is a jewish nose", be it with good or bad intentions...

I don't know how does that help fight anti-semitism.


NeSmetamTiNeSmetasMi t1_ixv3061 wrote

Zelensky is Jewish you thick knob. A "big nosed jew" has been the negative charicature of Jewish people since print media became a thing.

Drawing someone with a big nose isn't anti-semitic. Drawing a Jewish person with one is.


Ahmatt t1_ixv7wfq wrote

Interesting...your cognitive dissonance should be studied. read your whole paragraph again, then look how you're starting the conversation.


arcticwhitekoala t1_ixvodzh wrote

If you think drawing caricatures of influential Jewish people with enlarge noses isn’t anti-Semitic propaganda, you must not know anything about this last 1000 years of Eastern European history.


Darth_Cartsalot t1_ixvtwfu wrote

A big nose is the last thing I'd associate with Jews. The star of David is a more recognizable symbol imho


arcticwhitekoala t1_ixvy898 wrote

You are lucky to be raised in such a sheltered environment that you are unaware of hateful propaganda. I envy you.


Darth_Cartsalot t1_ixwih6v wrote

I'm black. I've lived through hate. I can't even remember the last time I've seen big noses as a Jewish stereotype much less as an insult towards jews. What I have seen is straight up anti-semitism against Jews, use of slurs towards Jews and hateful post about Jews. So I think I know what I'm talking about, especially when I've spoken up everytime I've seen hate.

Maybe consider focusing on things that affect Jews more frequently than the whole nose thing. It's fallen out of favor.


arcticwhitekoala t1_ixwl7wj wrote

Just because you don’t see it in your daily life doesn’t mean it’s fallen out of favor.


Cagouin t1_ixwmhqk wrote

/s What do you mean? I'm a white dude, live in a white dude place with almost only white folks, racism and hate against people of color clearly doesn't exist, I've never seen it! /s

(my wife actually look Northern african and I got called very nasty name in Arab by some folks in the street who didn't like me dating her, I was "diluting the race" apparently, it reminded me of a lil' guy with a mustache XD)


Darth_Cartsalot t1_ixwmjdf wrote

Okay, tell me where you've seen it or Jewish folk you know have seen it? Because it's absent major media and anywhere I've been physically or online. The only thing I've seen here and there is that 1900s caricature of a Jew clasping his hands and with a long nose.

Anytime I've talked to the Jewish about racism and the like, I always ask about their experiences and what they have dealt with.


arcticwhitekoala t1_ixwnyfd wrote

The US Republican Party digitally enlarges the noses of Jewish democrat congressional candidates. What immediately comes to mind is the 2020 senate campaign for John Ossoff. But they also do it in their fundraising emails with pictures of Chuck Schumer. This was also done in mailings by Doug Manstriano in his gubernatorial campaign against Governer-elect Josh Shapiro in PA this year. This is very similar to what the Russian embassy is doing in the parent comment.

I’ve seen fliers around where I grew up in Ohio with these caricatures and I see people that post shit like this on Facebook on a daily basis.

Is that enough? Like idk why you’re dying on this hill. It very much happens, idk why you are so dead set on showing that Jews having large noses isn’t the stereotype that it very much is.

If it isn’t enough. I can say that I was very much the target of this type of stereotype growing up, as were my fellow Jewish friends. I try not to use my personal experience to prove a point because one persons experience is not a good metric of whether or not a phenomenon occurs. You should also understand that your bullshit argument is based off of what you’ve seen and you have not seen everything.


Darth_Cartsalot t1_ixwpuf6 wrote

That is a better answer. See, I never noticed that any candidates' noses were enlarged in media. Now that I know that I can look into it and see how often it's happened and hopefully inform them of how much of an issue it is.

I'm dying on this hill because I think it's bullshit to expect someone to know something that they don't and have no way of knowing unless it's pointed out to them. Neither of us put forth any evidence(until you gave instances of where noses were enlarged), so we default to lived experiences and things we've read or logic and reason or things we've been told.


arcticwhitekoala t1_ixwqdxx wrote

Dude, if you wanted evidence for this phenomenon, just google it. If you don’t know something, don’t deny it just because that’s your gut feeling. Don’t get all smug bc I had to spoon-feed you evidence that you could have easily taken five seconds to search.


Darth_Cartsalot t1_ixwqy7f wrote

I never denied it, I did say that I've never seen it or was told about it, but what you just told me is something NO ONE would notice unless it was pointed out to them. How could I google something I didn't even know?

You put forth nothing prior to that comment to give me any indication that was happening. You merely said "hey the nose thing is happening" but not why or how.

How can you research something with no leads? Unless you come across it while reading about something else.


arcticwhitekoala t1_ixwreji wrote

  1. Claiming something is “out of fashion” is a denial of a current phenomenon by mitigating its impact.

  2. I would hope that you as a functioning adult would know how to look up something online by using a simple keyword search like “Jew large nose stereotype” could be a good place to start and maybe expand from there.


Darth_Cartsalot t1_ixwu27h wrote

  1. From my former understanding, I was under the impression that it was hardly happening in the fashion described. But now I can look into how this stereotype continued to present day.

  2. Are you aware that the search query does not turn up anything related to political hit job edits on Jewish candidates. This is mostly information I already know...the 12th century history of the big nose,1900s political comics, etc But, Now I can Google "Republican party edits noses of Jewish candidates." Because that is a phenomenon that I had no prior knowledge of. The concept of learning is a thing.


arcticwhitekoala t1_ixx4j79 wrote

Im tired of bickering with you over nonsense. I’m glad you know how to use google. I hope you learn to admit when you’re wrong in the future. Enjoy whatever last word you want to get by responding.


Inlerah t1_ixw6uyt wrote

You do get the difference between saying "All jews have big noses" and pointing our that drawing Jewish people with big noses is a super common trate in anti-semetic works, right? Describing a racist trope is not the same as using said racist trope.


Quasisafar-y t1_ixvvvxt wrote

Just cause you don't like it don't make it any less a thing.


Jankosi t1_ixu25b1 wrote

Why would it be? They don't associate jews with being victims of fascism, due to stalin-era propaganda that stayed throughout the soviet union. In the Russian mind a "jewish nazi" is perfectly reasonable thing.


yeomanpharmer t1_ixt74i2 wrote

We up you business y'all! Can ya' just join up for the sake of humanity?


Pale-Dot-3868 t1_ixttskq wrote

Once Israel arms the protestors it’s all over


HouseOfSteak t1_ixuiw7z wrote

Then Iran responds with the big guns and now there's a full-blown civil war with thousands dead a day, millions fleeing the country, even more unrest throughout the region which terrorists will take advantage of, and a new migrant crisis for Europe to deal with.



Do I need a /s?


IsraeliDonut t1_ixwswor wrote

Why not another country arm the protestors if that’s all that needs to happen?


autotldr t1_ixu7hbu wrote

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 85%. (I'm a bot)

> Since late October, Israel has been actively raising the issue of Iranian drone transfers to Russia and the possible transfer of ballistic missiles to Moscow with allies, the report said, in a bid to increase international pressure on Tehran.

> Iran and Russia initially denied the use of Iranian drones in Ukraine, contradicting multiple Western officials and evidence in Ukraine showing the remains of explosive drones appearing to match Iran's Shahed drones.

> Last week, the Washington Post reported that Russia reached a deal with Iran to begin manufacturing Iranian kamikaze drones on Russian soil.

Extended Summary | FAQ | Feedback | Top keywords: drone^#1 Iran^#2 Ukraine^#3 report^#4 Israel^#5


Divinate_ME t1_ixucs0s wrote

Color me fucking surprised. I NEVER would have thought that Israel was the one handing over that intel. Not in a million billion years. Well, fuck a duck.


HiHoJufro t1_ixuj9d7 wrote

I'm assuming this is a /s comment, because it is indeed the obvious party to be open to sharing Intel on Iran being its usual evil.

I really just commented because I woke my SO from giggling at "well, fuck a duck." I was imagining a TV newscaster sharing their opinion on this news using that phrase. It was funny.


12-34 t1_ixurx8p wrote

No need to imagine.

Walter Cronkite used to close every newscast by silently staring down at his notes, then look directly at the camera and somberly say, "Well, fuck a duck. Goodnight."


argparg t1_ixuxm3t wrote

“Shahed-191, a stealth drone developed from the RQ-170 captured by Iran in 2011” I’m surprised the US flying drones over Iran don’t have a self destruct fail safe in the event of loss of control. I wonder how much they and China got from that


Cabsmell t1_ixvgdd9 wrote

Finally Israel did something to help Ukraine


Longwalk4AShortdrink t1_ixvjvlx wrote

Wtf are you talking about? Did you miss the hundred tons of Humanitarian Aid they sent, or the field hospitals they built in Ukraine, or the 25,000 refugees they took in....


IsraeliDonut t1_ixwjnbj wrote

Why aren’t you counting the rest of what they have done?


The_General_Li t1_ixtwr6l wrote

They gave us the wmd intelligence too


PretendsHesPissed t1_ixuzt0l wrote

You got a source for that?

Wait, I'll save you from wasting your time.

You don't because it's not true.

In fact, there wasn't any reliable intelligence on this. The Bush admin made it all up so they'd have a pretext to go to war. Hell, the CIA even came out and said that the "intelligence" wasn't reliable and Cheney and his people harassed the analysts who wrote reports stating that.


The_General_Li t1_ixv3a9j wrote

>The failure to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq has led to a close scrutiny of the role of intelligence agencies in both the United States and Britain. As Brigadier General (ret.) Shlomo Brom, points out, Israeli intelligence


PretendsHesPissed t1_ixv4fwx wrote

Did you even read the article that you linked? Did you even read what you quoted?

I did. I couldn't find where it said Israel was the source of the WMDs in Iraq and your quote isn't saying a damn thing.

Please provide a quote from your source that says the US got this intelligence from Israel.


The_General_Li t1_ixvs9a0 wrote

I never said they were the origin, only that they were a source, which means they were either fools or liars and unreliable either way.


PretendsHesPissed t1_ixwdolt wrote

And I asked you for a source that says that.

You haven't provided that and, again, all your article talks about is how Israel got their intelligence on Saddam himself wrong ... not that they knew he had WMDs and that they told their secururity partners.

The source of that "intelligence" came from an exiled Iraqi politician who had it out for Saddam (reasonably so as Saddam sucked), not Israel.


The_General_Li t1_ixweiz9 wrote

They corroborated it.


PretendsHesPissed t1_ixxjqfa wrote

But your article doesn't say that and that's not what you said before either.

> They gave us wmd intelligence

That's not the same as corroborate. And, again, that's also not mentioned in the article you linked and didn't actually read.

What's it like to live in a world where you know so little and even the little you do know is wrong? What is it that makes you unwilling to do better research and better equip yourself with actual, factual information?


The_General_Li t1_ixzdm42 wrote

Yeah it is literally the same. They literally admit to their intelligence being wrong.


Background-Camp2046 t1_ixux4ai wrote



PretendsHesPissed t1_ixwe3c5 wrote

lol ... so you just gonna drop a link but not drop anything from the article to support what you're saying?

Guessing that's because the article doesn't say what you're doing. In fact, if it did, you'd be able to link plenty of other articles and havenz,,,,,


The_General_Li t1_ixwelcv wrote

It's literally in the url


PretendsHesPissed t1_ixxjnx4 wrote

That's the thing though:

Your link doesn't talk about the subject we're talking about. That being that it was Israel who told the US about Iraq's supposed WMDs.

I asked you for proof and you hit up Google, pulled up the first thing you could find that sounded legit, didn't even read the fkkin' article, and STILL seem to think that you're somehow right.


This ends up being one of those things where you tell everyone you're stupid without saying "I'm stupid." Though, to be fair, if you updated your link to literally anything else (such as "I'm stupid") it would have the same usefulness and ability to prove your point as it does now.


The_General_Li t1_ixzdgq9 wrote

What was the Israeli intelligence failure they are referring to then?


[deleted] t1_ixtf4m8 wrote