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AMeasuredBerserker t1_iy6d8gk wrote

The crimes of the father are now visited on the children, as long as there is profit in it?

Or in this case, the crime of your father of your father's father's father's father's father.


Present-Clue-101 t1_iy79in4 wrote

I guess there is a case to say that the land/property aqcuired during the slave period might be considered illegal, but any of the rest would be kept by the MP.


Minimonium t1_iy7cq28 wrote

It's like how you inherit debts of your parents if you accept the inheritance in many countries. You don't need to pay anything if you don't accept the inheritance, but if you do then debts must be paid.


AMeasuredBerserker t1_iy7ip8v wrote

Except this isn't a debt and is an example of a government seeking to steal private wealth, the very thing they are accusing said family of doing in the far distant past.

2 wrongs make a right?