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aurizon t1_iy6iax5 wrote

Quite possible. Israel looks for planned raids. The bulk of the population want peace/prosperity so most tips come from these people as they see how Isis and other radical simply destroy their own peoples houses and businesses as part of extortion rackets.


autotldr t1_iy6ogcj wrote

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 80%. (I'm a bot)

> Citing Military Intelligence assessments, the Israel Defense Forces on Monday said it had foiled some 500 terror attacks in the past year, during a months-long operation in the West Bank.

> According to the IDF, the army has arrested more than 2,500 terror suspects in the West Bank since late March, following a series of deadly attacks.

> The IDF recorded at least 281 shooting attacks and attempts against Israeli civilians and soldiers in the West Bank this year, compared to just 91 last year.

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Dave-justdave t1_iy6ja9a wrote

Controversial opinion here but kids throwing rocks are not old enough to be considered terrorists yet


bhuddistchipmonk t1_iy8mnb3 wrote

Why did you choose to make this irrelevant comment. That’s not what they’re counting as terror attacks. Also, the vast vast number of kids detained are released directly back to their parents.


Dave-justdave t1_iy7vt3b wrote

How about we don't put kids in irons ok


Rear-gunner t1_iy8pkfe wrote

Why do you not read before writing down something. We do put such kids in jail.


48lawsofpowersupplys t1_iy6sa4y wrote

What about that terror attack they prevented during the funeral ,as pallbearers were carrying a coffin of that journalist? Was that counted? </sarcasm>


Jaded_Prompt_15 t1_iy6o19g wrote

Lol, sure they did...

Just like the TSA prevents another 9/11 twice a week.

It's very easy to claim actions have an effect, humans are hardwired to believe it because of risk/reward. It's why people with OCD think flipping a light 3 times keeps the house from burning down.


W_O_M_B_A_T t1_iy6roxf wrote

We examined the statistics we collected and found not irregularitue.

Imagine being so paranoid that ordinary civil disobedience and unofficial migration causes you to feel systematically terrified.


Tamaninja t1_iy9ba20 wrote

Isn't that the literal definition of terrorism?


IsraeliDonut t1_iyb2j4k wrote

Do you know a modern country that doesn’t try to prevent terrorist attacks?