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Textification t1_iy8lr9s wrote

Russia: Ignore our war crimes. The rape, torture, bombings of children and hospitals, the executions, should be understandable,... The real crimes are the hurtful words aimed at our peace-loving, stormtroopers who are simply trying to rape the evil out of the enemy.


Fmtpires t1_iy8y77y wrote

Did you read the arcticle? The pope pretty much said "the non-christian russians are worse than other russians". Which doesn't make any sense and is not condemning Russia either, but specific ethnic groups, as if they were the ones responsible for the war.


Textification t1_iy8zh26 wrote

So you're saying that the pope making a stupid comment is miles worse than Russian troops raping women, killing children, bombing hospitals and shooting civilians in the head,... Good to know.


bolonar t1_iya3lzi wrote

Pope is just Nazi-pedophile. They rape children, run mafia, friends with Putin, defend him, serve in Hitler youth and hide in Argentina.