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reuters OP t1_ixs5qit wrote

Frustration simmered among residents and business groups in China navigating stricter COVID control curbs as the country reported another record high of daily infections just weeks after hopes had been raised of easing measures.

The resurgence of COVID cases in China, with 32,695 new local infections recorded for Thursday as numerous cities report outbreaks, has prompted widespread lockdowns, as well as pushback.

China's COVID response is taking a mounting toll on the world's second-largest economy, and its central bank made a widely-anticipated move of support, cutting the amount of cash that banks must hold as reserves.

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Long_PoolCool t1_ixti722 wrote

Uhhhh didn't know there are fancy outlet Accounts now


passivelyserious t1_ixtmzov wrote

Oh Christ they have checkmarks


Long_PoolCool t1_ixtn9c6 wrote

Hope they don't cost 8 USD a month


Andras89 t1_ixuwntb wrote

How about this for a story....

When the rest of the world for 2 years were getting high numbers of Covid.. China was reporting practically near 0.... and they were the origin country..

The world starts to get better then all of the sudden China is locking down like 2020..

This is crazy.

But you won't make a story on that one....


TripplerX t1_ixw1zg3 wrote

A story about what, exactly?

Feel free to speak openly instead of looking like an idiot.


me_and_myself_and_i t1_ixstya4 wrote

Xi might be between a rock and a hard place.

  1. the Chinese public lack any natural immunity, 2) the SinoVac vaccine is not particularly effective 3) Even now when the Chinese have an mRNA vaccine, there is a deep-rooted distrust of that technology 4) the elderly are the least likely to get vaccinated as they don't trust the government and 5) the coronavirus has evolved mutants that are even more transmissible

If China opens up, there might be a resulting pandemic that could be more severe than what China already went through in 2019/2020


bilyl t1_ixt3cyp wrote

I think this is at the heart of the issue. The Chinese government knows that the health care system cannot handle COVID surges. Even with the camps and ancillary facilities, it wouldn’t be able to handle a “back to normal” approach.

China has billions of citizens in cities way more dense than the USA. Imagine what would happen if ICUs started to fill up…


nomiinomii t1_ixvajq6 wrote

Nothing too bad will happen. Lots of very dense cities from Karachi to Abuja to Managua opened up and stayed open without too much issues. There's no reason to think otherwise for china.


Lamacorn t1_ixtfimq wrote

> don’t trust if government

From my couch that seems pretty fair in china. Heck most days I don’t much trust the us government either, but the science behind the vaccines makes sense and can be easily accessed, so we all got the vaccine


noogai131 t1_ixtnx7o wrote

I trust the science enough to get vaccinated.

I don't trust my government enough to comply with forced quarantine measures that would take me from my home and area I live into a quarantine camp in the middle of buttfuck nowhere.


Lamacorn t1_ixuoqc9 wrote

It really does seem like the opening scene to a B rated horror film.


--Muther-- t1_ixttrgl wrote

Offer the vaccine and open up. People can choose themselves


bebraveplzforever t1_ixswr8n wrote

so what should we do to protect our own health?


HarriettDubman t1_ixsxjdi wrote

Everything you should have been doing for the last 2-3 years.


Decker108 t1_ixsxus9 wrote

If you're in China: some places are offering vaccination with the new inhalation-type vaccine. Some studies have shown it to be more effective at preventing infection compared to both injected adenovirus vaccines and mRNA vaccines. So get in queue to receive that. Otherwise, stock up on food for about a month or so, stay at home and wait for this wave to pass.


kevgenius33 t1_ixvpdr5 wrote

That vaccine only works for 72 hours, so people have to inhale it again once 3 days. There would be a huge od problem then.


me_and_myself_and_i t1_ixsxhlp wrote

If you're over the age of 10, get vaccinated with one of the mRNA vaccines.


Lamacorn t1_ixtf3ez wrote

Are Pfizer and Moderna not available there? Anyone over 6month can get it in the US. Anyone over 5 can get bivalente boosters


Xygnux t1_ixuzo3s wrote

They are not available. They did not agree to the terms set by the Chinese government that require them to transfer the mRNA technology to China.


Lamacorn t1_ixvy6he wrote

Thanks. And wtf ccp? Can’t steal technology, so better kill more people and hurt your evonomy


EatMyAAPLShorts t1_ixt5ljv wrote

Get off reddit fear porn, go to the gym and work out, and reduce stress.

Cooking for yourself is also a good start.


Healthy-Travel3105 t1_ixu65iw wrote

Do the Chinese public know that pretty much everywhere else is over covid?


titanup001 t1_ixu9vr7 wrote

I live in china. They're terrified of covid. They've been fed that it is more dangerous than it is.

They feel proud and think that china is the safest place to be. They've told me I should bring my family here so they're safe. I told them everyone in my family has had covid at least once, and that it's not a bit deal at all. They're horrified.

Only recently have I seen any annoyance at all at the ridiculous and often utterly illogical measures taken around here.


meren002 t1_ixv370y wrote

I also live in China, in Beijing. I would generally echo the sentiments, but not to the extreme as you put it. I think older people (like 40+) might be as you say, I've definitely had those comments from some, but the younger people are definitely a lot more internationally aware. I don't know of anyone Chinese in their 20s or 30s, my age, who doesn't know that covid these days is just a 4 day cough and a headache. They're fed up and pissed, as the countless articles and videos of rioting and police push backs would say. I've lived here four years and Chinese people are quick to vocalize their discontent with the government these days . That NEVER happened 3 years ago. People are so fed up they aren't scared anymore.


titanup001 t1_ixv3eqg wrote

That's good to hear. I don't really have any Chinese friends, so 8mnjust going by my coworkers.


Strange-Bar8952 t1_ixugy0z wrote

The government at first wouldn't let the elderly get the sinovac because it was linked with blood clots. There are tons of stories of the elderly getting vaccinated then dying days later.


nomiinomii t1_ixva9e4 wrote

China is literally able to lock people inside for three years now (including forcing old people into quarantines), why can't the CCP force the olds to get a decent vaccine forcefully. Seems bizarre


zalperst t1_ixudkzx wrote

All they need to do is use western vaccines that actually work, don't know why this is so hard


Proxyplanet t1_ixuudtz wrote

The US is still reporting over 200+ covid deaths a day, plus tens of thousands of hospitalisation. And its majority people that have been vaccinated. Scale that for China's population and density. Not so hard you were saying?

"For the first time, a majority of Americans dying from the coronavirus received at least the primary series of the vaccine.

Fifty-eight percent of coronavirus deaths in August were people who were vaccinated or boosted, according to an analysis conducted for The Health 202 by Cynthia Cox, vice president at the Kaiser Family Foundation."


u_tamtam t1_ixv0ye4 wrote

Not OP, but with them about it being "not hard" compared to the current horrific handling of the situation in China: it's costly (economically, socially, psychologically, …) and inefficient (current variants put us past the point where lockdowns would suffice to stop the spread, and every week that goes gives a new evidence of it).

> "For the first time, a majority of Americans dying from the coronavirus received at least the primary series of the vaccine.

Could you explain what it is that you find controversial about it? That's not a measure of vaccines efficiency, it is merely a measure of their intake.


meren002 t1_ixv39z5 wrote

Chinese pride. God forbid the Chinese government accepting an American creation that's better than theirs. Chinese way or no way.


Weary-Depth-1118 t1_ixuwam9 wrote

While most of your points of true. Point #5 is false, further mutations of covid are way weaker then the original. From delta to omnicron to whatever else. They may transmit more but honestly the flu at this point is stronger then covid.

The original strain was crazy tho. 20% mortality is no joke


nomiinomii t1_ixvauvl wrote

There was never 20% mortality.


Weary-Depth-1118 t1_ixvbreh wrote

You are right it was only 14% in Italy


nomiinomii t1_ixvbxxf wrote

During Italy's wave in 2020 you literally couldn't test a lot of people so no, actual count would be way lower. Similar to a lot under 1% when testing became commonplace.


NearABE t1_ixsxjqc wrote

Sinovac fails in the same way that Pfizer fails. Omicron just spread anyway.

Obviously not dying is something important and Pfizer lowered the number of deaths. It simply is not a containment strategy.


me_and_myself_and_i t1_ixsxvh4 wrote

Not quite the same. The Pfizer jab lowers the infection rate and death rate far more than Sinovac.


NearABE t1_ixt3mg1 wrote

Pfizer lowers the secondary attack rate when the primary had Delta. Two or three Pfizer shots did not lower the transmission of Omicron in a statistically significant way in that study.

Numbers are too low to be viable as a barrier to epidemics.


me_and_myself_and_i t1_ixt4b1l wrote New Covid boosters work better against infection than previous shots, CDC finds The omicron booster shots performed better in preventing infections in all adult age groups, with more protection for people who waited longer to get them.


NearABE t1_ixtbdl2 wrote

That website is horrible.

>...New Covid boosters work better against infection than previous shots...

This word "infection".

Ann gets sick. Gives it to Bob who gives it to Chris who passes to Dave who gives it to Edna who passes to Frank. All these people got vaccinated. They are not dead. None went to the hospital. Chris and Edna do not even know they are sick. CDC and Pfizer are claiming this as "effective against infection". Now Frank gives me covid19 at work and I give it to my wife. This story pisses me off.

"Transmission" is a much better word. We will probably soon have data on the bivalent booster's effect on transmission. A even better term is "secondary attack rate" or "SAR". If one person in a household is sick with ba5 strain what are the odds that a second person living in that household gets sick. Specifically if the primary infected person had the shot how much does that reduce the likelihood of a secondary?

Viruses have a reproduction number. A strategy defeats an epidemic if the combination of measures reduces the reproduction number below 1.0.


DaveLesh t1_ixsaszv wrote

Can't say this is a shock. China's government loves taking advantage of situations where they can control the masses.


cartoonist498 t1_ixse9t3 wrote

Reason why China surpassing the US as the #1 economy was always a pipe dream. The success of their own people is a threat to China's authoritarian government.


a1579 t1_ixsjyg8 wrote

I keep hearing this, but what's the plan here? Just lock people up as some kind of power trip?


thedennisinator t1_ixtj2za wrote

No, you're right. The assertion that this is being done just for the sake of "controlling the masses" by itself is nonsense.

The lockdowns are continuing for practical and political reasons, namely:

  1. Most Chinese people are unvaccinated(due to refusing to import Pfizer and Moderna vaccines) and have no natural immunity. China has far fewer hospital beds per capita than the USA, so an outbreak would be a disaster like the 2021 delta variant outbreak in India.

  2. Xi Jingping spent the past 2 years loudly bragging to the Chinese people and the rest of the world that the CCP was the best government in the world because it was the only country that could sustain a Zero Covid policy. Now they have to keep Zero Covid going or else admit that they aren't any better than the governments they were criticizing before, and they have decided saving face is worth shutting down entire cities for months.


boogrit t1_ixumeoy wrote

FWIW - Most Chinese people are vaccinated. Gets worse when you look at 60+ and 80+ age ranges. I think your statement is still accurate though, in the sense that the lack of vaccination for the most vulnerable population may be part of the cause of Zero Covid. WaPo has a good article on this.

"Just 40 percent of Chinese older than 80 have received a booster shot, despite months of campaigning and gift-gncourage uptake. (Among people older than 60, two-thirds have gotten a booster.)"

Restricting their vaccine from 19-60 during the early days may have created some stigma. There were also reports of blood clots for older folks, although I don't know any percentages.


DaveLesh t1_ixsl9ig wrote

Probably. Couldn't be as worse as Putin whose sending his people to an early grave.


MonicaZelensky t1_ixsrrp0 wrote

It's just hand waving. The CCP doesn't need excuses, it does what it wants


Test19s t1_ixsiwox wrote

Hopefully someone tells Xi to chill before we get North Korea 2 or Chinese Civil War 2. Not a big fan of coups in general but one may be inevitable.


DaveLesh t1_ixsjbyb wrote

Probably a Chinese Civil War. Kim Jong Un starves his people, they don't have the physical will to fight.


[deleted] t1_ixsnz95 wrote



stegg88 t1_ixssjll wrote

Honestly, this is china's predicament.

They have a huge population many of whom are aging. They didn't get the mRNA vaccines due to.... Pride?

Edit : i agree it probably wouldn't make much difference tbh.

So now they either:

  • go against public opinion. Lock everyone down and risk civil unrest


  • follow public opinion. Hospitals have too many cases. Everyone gets angry at pressure put on public hospitals. Risk civic unrest.

[deleted] t1_ixsuqf8 wrote



stegg88 t1_ixsx2gz wrote

Also true. Its a lose lose situation. Might have dampened the number of cases at least.


NearABE t1_ixsx2u4 wrote

The hospital here was overloaded last January. That did not really effect me on a personal level. That feeling like acid was being poured down my throat effected me personally. Also that bizarre intense headache, the crazy chills, the not being able get enough oxygen to keep up with the shiver.

I had three shots of mRNA vaccine. It is plausible it could have been worse. The idea "China could buy mRNA vaccines and then let 'er rip" is absurd. There are a lot of dead people in Western countries that had mRNA vaccines. We can dismiss the death and you still have a massive problem. People who are middle aged healthy and vaccinated still miss work due to covid19 infection and due to long covid. The entire work force is down for multiple weeks every year anyway.


tevinodevost t1_ixtl6rr wrote

The balance of the post-2021 deaths in western countries were people unvaccinated or undervaccinated (the last part is key, as one can be not so up-to-date with boosters).

EDIT: The counterposts below are using misleading arguments, not understanding that when unvaccinated die out of proportion of their makeup, that is a pandemic of the unvaccinated.


[deleted] t1_ixu01w5 wrote



Merogen t1_ixu1qs7 wrote


tevinodevost t1_ixvaln5 wrote

Yep. Of course on Reddit I also explain in plain language, and it's important to ensure that the real truth (that antivaxxers die disproportionately and claiming that "most deaths are vaxxed" are a misuse of statistics) is pushed in front of the lies. If a user is beligerent, I ninja edit my top comment to push the truth in front of the untruths.


tevinodevost t1_ixusng7 wrote

I said undervaccinated in my comment.

Secondly compare the %s of people in each category to %s of deaths and you'll find unvaccinated and then undervaccinated over-represented in the deaths column.

"Pandemic of the unvaccinated" was true. We know this.


dmkown23 t1_ixuvc9w wrote

Pandemic of the unvaccinated was never true you're just regurgitating propaganda. In the UK most of the people who died (after the 'vaccines' were made available) had been given at least one dose. Also most of those hospitalized (from or with covid) were also fully or partially 'vaccinated'. The unvaccinated did no worse and may have the added benefit of avoiding the many side effects.


tevinodevost t1_ixva2mj wrote

Herman. Cain. Awards.

When unvaccinated people disproportionately die (die beyond their numbers) that is a pandemic of the unvaccinated and you know it to be true.

> In the UK most of the people who died (after the 'vaccines' were made available) had been given at least one dose.

What part of undervaccinated is not clear here? It's not good to be not-up-to-date on vaccines!

> The unvaccinated did no worse and may have the added benefit of avoiding the many side effects.

A redditor told you the fallacy of " Also most of those hospitalized (from or with covid) were also fully or partially 'vaccinated'" because that doesn't account for the percentage of each population. When unvaccinated die out of proportion of their makeup of the population that IS a pandemic of the unvaccinated.


NearABE t1_ixw6lwr wrote

A Brita pitcher is a shity lawnmower. It just does not get the job done.

Someone will post hard science data showing that Brita water has less lead than the tap water poured into it. This fan might claim Brita has a great taste. I agree. I drink Brita water too and I like it. It just is not the right tool for lawn care.

The Chinese are trying to stop epidemic spread of Covid 19 strains. The Omicron variants were clearly not contained by Pfizer vaccines. Use hammer for nail, wrench for nut, and driver for screw. Pfizer is a good tool for lowering the fatality rate. I can say this and also say that Pfizer is not the tool that the Chinese are looking for. It is not because Chinese national pride prevents them from using an American made adjustable wrench (though that may also be true). If we offered a nice American made hamner they might swallow the pride and buy it to pound nails.


Try040221 t1_ixumm7z wrote

What is the thing that CCP knows about Covid that makes them to shutdown the whole nation?


RRumpleTeazzer t1_ixvaz40 wrote

The dramatic shutdown indeed only makes sense if (only) they know how the virus was engineered and what the long term effects are.


Try040221 t1_ixvutuc wrote

If lab engineered, perhaps even some indication of how it may evolved into something nastier...


Test19s t1_ixsiu5d wrote

Hopefully someone tells Xi to chill before we get North Korea 2 or Chinese Civil War 2.


dandaman910 t1_ixsneu5 wrote

No one can tell Xi shit. He is the most powerful person on earth.


vandilx t1_ixt1r2j wrote

Buy more iPhones. Foxconn’s workers need you.


jimdandy19 t1_ixs7hyo wrote

Well don't eat weird animals sold on the streets and you won't have to deal with this kind of stuff as much in the future.


dookiewater t1_ixstizt wrote

Wasn’t it the fault of an American from Colorado who had sex with a bat?


SkaveRat t1_ixttnmz wrote

Have you seen that sexy bat? You would have as well


Healnus t1_ixs9op7 wrote

Lol yea. That’s what happened.


Parking-Fruit1436 t1_ixsfp3s wrote

So what happened?


MulciberTenebras t1_ixshce7 wrote

They created and intentionally infected themselves with Covid, then unleashed it on the rest of the world... all just to make Donald Trump look bad. ^^^/s


Konata_Kun t1_ixsiss8 wrote

The truth is, nobody will ever know. Especially with how China is actively censoring and obstructing any independent investigation into the source of the virus.

What is also the truth is that this whole pandemic could’ve been prevented if they didn’t arrest that whistleblower doctor and tried to cover up the truth in the beginning of the pandemic.

So, I think a better way to say this is to actually deal with the virus outbreak first instead of silencing your whistleblower in the future.


Mcrski88 t1_ixsi3zf wrote

How is Covid still an issue? Thought we been done with this.


deegeese t1_ixsipyw wrote

China has a very low level of vaccine immunity due to a variety of reasons.


Rodgers4 t1_ixszgd1 wrote

So are they just going to do this in perpetuity? I mean five years from now covid will still be around, are they still going to keep with the zero covid policy?


TestFlyJets t1_ixsjj8n wrote

I came here to ask why they don’t seem to be vaccinated. Was SinoVac not effective, or did they just not get shots in arms?


plushie-apocalypse t1_ixsk700 wrote

It's got a 79% efficacy rate. Meaning 21% of the Chinese population could become ill. No healthcare system is prepared to handle that many people all at once. This is also assuming everyone is vaccinated which is far from the case; apparently tons of old people are antivaxxers. At the height of the global pandemic, Xi Jinpig was telling his sheep that the West was facing imminent collapse and that the party's iron-handed rule would be the saviour of the Chinese nation. If he were to reverse course and import western vaccines, he may as well cut off his own weiner on state tv.