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deegeese t1_ixsipyw wrote

China has a very low level of vaccine immunity due to a variety of reasons.


Rodgers4 t1_ixszgd1 wrote

So are they just going to do this in perpetuity? I mean five years from now covid will still be around, are they still going to keep with the zero covid policy?


TestFlyJets t1_ixsjj8n wrote

I came here to ask why they don’t seem to be vaccinated. Was SinoVac not effective, or did they just not get shots in arms?


plushie-apocalypse t1_ixsk700 wrote

It's got a 79% efficacy rate. Meaning 21% of the Chinese population could become ill. No healthcare system is prepared to handle that many people all at once. This is also assuming everyone is vaccinated which is far from the case; apparently tons of old people are antivaxxers. At the height of the global pandemic, Xi Jinpig was telling his sheep that the West was facing imminent collapse and that the party's iron-handed rule would be the saviour of the Chinese nation. If he were to reverse course and import western vaccines, he may as well cut off his own weiner on state tv.