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Chumy_Cho t1_ixcbwfx wrote

Doubt he would be meeting the 'real' mothers!


Dadfite t1_ixcffqd wrote

Probably hear a lot of "Thank you for this opportunity, Mr. President" or something along those lines.


Wulfger t1_ixdt48z wrote

Seriously, I'm absolutely certain they'll be taking every measure possible to make sure they don't have another incident like when he met the mother's of the Kursk sailors and one was sedated and removed while on camera.


WanderingPickles t1_ixfkbht wrote

I remember watching that. Just awful.

What amazed me then is that if the US had experienced such a disaster and then the profound mismanagement it would have resulted in the leadership being ousted and prosecuted. Yet, he managed to stay in power.

Remember, this was the relative beginning. There had been some hope that Russia had been democratizing, gaining accountability, etc.

But nope. And it has only gotten worse.


diablosinmusica t1_ixe3t9m wrote

I was reading this as a threat. Then I realized the mothers of defectors are probably already being re educated.


Billyjoewayne t1_ixccgh3 wrote

"Your kid is dead because I have a small penis." - Vladimir Putin


Luckcrisis t1_ixcfan3 wrote

Imo it's him wanting to be a piece of history of his country. A need for immortality (possibly linked to the illnesses they state he has....blood cancer and ms) where he reunited his country. Now he has to keep rolling so he doesn't go down as the worst Russian leader in modern times. Also he is losing to a comedian who is Respected and loved.


Phantom_Wolf52 t1_ixciflg wrote

Yeah as someone probably said already Volodymyr Zelenskyy is such an amazing comedian he made Putin and his regime into a joke


makiko4 t1_ixd1tjj wrote

Oh, I think he made history. Just not for any of the reasons he was hoping for.


Luckcrisis t1_ixf1bph wrote

Political equivalent of having the nickname "skidmarks"


vapescaped t1_ixcd5y5 wrote

"Russia thanks your sons for standing up for...Russia's freedom. Or nazis. Or nato. Or the liberation of Russians living in Ukraine. You know, whichever cause is more patriotic to you."


[deleted] t1_ixcfwqh wrote



NoxInfernus t1_ixcsw5r wrote

Lol, “asks”

Get in the truck!


DragoonDM t1_ixdj2j4 wrote

Much in the same way the nice folks from the Neighborhood Protection Association might "ask" for a modest financial contribution to the "protect your business from arson" fund.


foodishlove t1_ixcxn1y wrote

He demands they have more babies to rebuild the army for the wars to come.


_Didds_ t1_ixd2jrg wrote

You are joking but I've read more than once on OSI that Russia might start drafting women on the basis of the historic precedence of women fighting in the Red Army during WW2.


Ramental t1_ixcgmxf wrote

Probably need time to pick all the acceptably-looking female FSB employees (shorter, good-looking, but not too good-looking, since they must be 40+), also train them what to say and how to behave. They must look Slavic, because fck the Russian minorities. Maybe one yakut and one buryat woman for the sake of inclusivity.


Street-Badger t1_ixcd48z wrote

He’s going to be walking them through the limited drivetrain warranty and color options.


Solkre t1_ixcpoqj wrote

My son always wanted this car, his death bought it, so we'll drive it for him.


ukrokit t1_ixckmdr wrote

That went well the last time with that mother of a Kursk sailor. For those unaware she had to be sedated and removed.


FreezingMoose t1_ixcknh7 wrote

Nurses with syringes on standby!


HondaS2000AP1 t1_ixcdjpx wrote

He's gonna say how horrible the Ukrainians soldiers are and spin stories to rack up on more mobilisation huh


Cyber_Apocalypse t1_ixcsb8k wrote

Hopefully he doesn't have a nurse secretly inject one of the mothers to knock her out when she gets angry, like he did with the Kursk submarine disaster meeting.


patrykpudlo t1_ixef33z wrote

It’s all staged and will be covered by totally controlled media. The story that average Ivan will see in television will show the great father of nation who cares and loves his people, empathetic strong leader! Makes me want to puke..


notnickthrowaway t1_ixcyl27 wrote

Will they be sedated again, like the Kursk mothers?


Phantom_Wolf52 t1_ixcia2s wrote

I wonder what they’ll think of him, taking away their sons to go fight in a war which they’ll basically be guaranteed death which he started just to satisfy his ego and craving for power, if he’s actually gonna be meeting them I’m sure they’ll have a nice and civil interaction /s


jaybonz95 t1_ixeh85k wrote

Putin: “do you have any other sons?”


Alimbiquated t1_ixdf498 wrote

Your sons will die young, but that is a sacrifice I am willing to make.


Phantom_Wolf52 t1_ixdf5xb wrote

If they don’t slap or punch him in the face or scream at him for getting their son killed ik damn he ain’t really meeting the actual parents


RoyH0bbs t1_ixdfnf8 wrote

Like the parents of victims meeting with the serial killer of their child.


justforthearticles20 t1_ixe0bki wrote

plans to start new "Mothers of already dead conscripts" brigade.


T5-R t1_ixe1ojf wrote

"Yes, your son is still missing (lol). Yes, yes, awful, blah, blah. Now then, what size army boot are you?"


SipexF t1_ixe4ba3 wrote

Is he going to conscript them too?


Ithrazel t1_ixeerty wrote

From the photo, it looks like he uses Windows XP, which in any context is insane.


antifapper t1_ixejkpr wrote

Will there be nurses with sedatives this time.


Thin_Pomegranate4461 t1_ixes9r5 wrote

He should stand there with his feet apart and let everyone of them kick him in the balls one after another until death. Fair is fair in special military operation.


KKtwo t1_ixf85hd wrote

If it’s anything like when he met the mothers and wives of the Kursk submarine disaster he will just have them sedated live on TV like this.


CollegeStation17155 t1_ixcgt5p wrote

Given that there have to be folks in the KGB pragmatic enough to realize what’s he’s doing to Russia, I keep wondering why he hasn’t been poked with an umbrella or drank some nerve agent…


luke54237 t1_ixdg7hw wrote

Thats an interesting way to die


aging_geek t1_ixdwdll wrote

Putin "I want to thank you for my sacrifice... here's 10 rubles."


xXMcFuddyXx t1_ixe0ffj wrote

That's right, Vlad. Time to pretend like you give a shit.


Santorju t1_ixe3jd4 wrote

Looks like they’re not making the 10+ children he asked for, so he’s going to do it himself


[deleted] t1_ixet01v wrote

Has anyone seen "Everybody hates Chris"?

Putin going in there like: "Tragic, absolutely tragic"


gsc4494 t1_ixez7y1 wrote

First he's going to make them quarantine in isolation for a a month.


Mcrski88 t1_ixf1l42 wrote

How big of a table does he have?


goatmash t1_ixf4j1n wrote

Mothers of dead soldiers fell out of windows.


count023 t1_ixfcgyf wrote

He'll have the loud ones sedated live on tv and claim it was exhaustion


MonsterHunterOwl t1_ixfv3v9 wrote

Ahh I can see it now.

Make more babies so I can murder them - pootin


5kyl3r t1_ixgbk2q wrote

please let him be red sparrowed on live tv!


[deleted] t1_ixcg6a6 wrote



strangeapple t1_ixcjg5u wrote

Mobilisation is supposed to be over though, so he'd have to give it an extra spin as to why they're regardless being sent to become fertilizer for Ukrainian soil.


comeonwhatdidIdo t1_ixd5fnd wrote

I won't be suprised if he ends up saying have more kids!


dontpet t1_ixdjc0n wrote

"Many of you have had to die. But it's a sacrifice I was willing to make".


onegunzo t1_ixdqmh4 wrote

To mothers: If you meet with Putin and praise him/approach, we will move your sons to safe place.

Mothers: of course...