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TheThirdOutlier t1_iy2grow wrote

Xi’s all like - see


-Prophet_01- t1_iy2v689 wrote

Yep, seems likely. And this is bad news for everyone since the government has no exit strategy in this.

Giving in or not announcing further lock downs would be a sign of weakness and close to admitting mistakes at this point. Especially after protesters demanded Xi and the party should step down, deescalation seems exceedingly unlikely.

Actually announcing more lock downs though could provoke even fiercer and more widespread protests. People have reached the breaking point it seems. I don't see a way for this to not get ugly.


_YeezyYeezyWhatsGood t1_iy2vxif wrote

That rotten scum government will kill millions of protestors over admitting they were wrong once, let alone give up an atom’s worth of power.


Mostofyouareidiots t1_iy38elh wrote

Yep, the weakest most dishonorable people are always the ones obsessively concerned with saving face.


Lord_Shisui t1_iy3tkbx wrote

Don't we, as in the West, have like 10-15 times more deaths per capita than they do?


Mostofyouareidiots t1_iy40nvj wrote

I mean, yeah- if you believe the numbers being put out by an authoritarian government whose big motivation is making the rest of the world think they have super low covid numbers.

Xi put a ton of effort into zero covid and massively inconvenienced hundreds of millions of people for years. If he has to change course because of protests then that is incredibly humiliating and makes him look weak. ...which is the last thing the CCP wants.


Force3vo t1_iy468kk wrote

I love how gullible people apparently have become when it's in favor of authocracies. This "The truth is somewhere in the middle, always" bullshit needs to stop.

China would never in a million years post anything officially that's not implying they are the greatest in everything. Why people choose to believe that I don't understand.

Same with russia and their claims of being decades ahead militarily of the rest of the world. If your source has shown zero interest in truth stop believing them...


Tamrannman t1_iy5teht wrote

The truth is somewhere in the middle applies to alot of things BUT and thats an astronomically huge but, in order for it to apply the "argument" or whatever has to be where both sides argue in good faith and with the same assumptions. Sad to see so many just eating up the words of authoritative voices just because they are authoritative. "They are very authoritative, so they must know what they are talking about" or whatever :(


Trayeth t1_iy4gxdb wrote

Not sure where you got that. Even Tiananmen only a few thousand died.


SsibalKiseki t1_iy4cp8m wrote

The more chaos in China, the more time Taiwan has to prepare for the inevitable invasion. Sounds like a net positive.


TequillaShotz OP t1_iy4m36k wrote

Unless Xi views an invasion as the only way to divert attention from this mess. Historically, governments often use wars to divert attention from domestic failures. Create an external enemy.


tuanmi t1_iy59pra wrote

> the government has no exit strategy in this.

> Giving in or not announcing further lock downs would be a sign of weakness and close to admitting mistakes at this point.

Not sure why you think that. The obvious out is to scrap the Zero Covid policy ("the people have spoken!"), and unleash the virus. If protests persist, the protesters are the most at risk and the ones disproportionately affected. The hospitals can refuse treatment.

More importantly, once people start dying from Covid, they now have a real, "legitimate" target to vent their anger—protesters against Zero Covid. The government is no longer responsible for the deaths and sufferings ("people don't want Zero Covid, and we listened"), and might even tacitly support online doxxing on the protesters to make it easier for the grieving families to get their revenge.

If you are paying attention, some of their mouthpieces are already saying Omicron is not that toxic and lockdowns are no longer necessary.


Grins111 t1_iy2lfkj wrote

Ahh protests, lockdowns, and high Covid numbers. Really brings ya back doesn’t it.


fatBoyWithThinKnees t1_iy36cwy wrote

The difference this time is it's good to protest lockdowns, despite the high 'numbers'.


cartoonist498 t1_iy3fncz wrote

The "numbers" are the problem in China. Over here we had countless sources not just from every US state but other countries of the numbers on a daily basis. Whether or not you agreed with the measures taken by your government any rational person would agree that there was truth in the numbers and that something had to be done.

In China there's no such transparency. You don't know what the numbers are and even worse, the government has committed to the impossible goal of "zero COVID" implying that even one case can trigger a city-wide lockdown. The lack of transparency alone is 100% deserving of the protests but the reasons have gone far beyond that.


Chef_Nigel_Tonberry t1_iy6pazt wrote

When the virus initially broke out in wuhan, there were claims of increased cremation activity in the city despite the only 2k "official" reported deaths then. I'm not sure about the credibility since I didn't follow that posting.


fatBoyWithThinKnees t1_iy3g7ag wrote

>and that something had to be done.

Ahh... no. A rational person did not have to think something had to be done.


cartoonist498 t1_iy3hz0r wrote

We had plenty of US states that were firmly right wing state governments and even state governors publicly denying the seriousness of COVID.

Every single one of those states mandated restrictions at one point. Their bullshit was just to appease their base but their actions said something very different.

It's your choice to disagree with the consensus of every single state government, and frankly every country in the world, that the pandemic was serious enough to temporarily restrict freedoms. Whether that's "rational" is up for debate.


fatBoyWithThinKnees t1_iy3imjn wrote

>Whether that's "rational" is up for debate.

Well, that's great! We should have that debate. In China, it sounds like they're not entertaining that debate. The debate wasn't entertained two years ago in much of the western world, instead any opposition was dismissed as conspiracy theorist, science denying misinformation.


Dragonheart0 t1_iy3kqif wrote

You mean the lockdown two years ago that happened before there were vaccines and known treatments? To prevent hospitals from getting overloaded, which ended up happening especially in areas that refused to follow precautions?

Yeah, maybe there's a reason people have different opinions on lockdowns now vs. the situations back then...


cartoonist498 t1_iy3xnil wrote

Do you live in China? I sympathize with you if you do.

I live in a country that had lockdowns but also made all data publicly available, with that data provided by entities separate from those in power to ensure transparency.

We had the same numbers that the executive branch of our government had, updated daily, and daily being scrutinized by the public to ensure the lockdowns were justified and didn't go on for longer than it needed to.

Again what was "rational" in terms of limiting our freedoms was up for debate, but my country was nothing like China where the cities being locked down literally don't know if there's 1 case of COVID or 1 million.


fatBoyWithThinKnees t1_iy40vms wrote

>Again what was "rational" in terms of limiting our freedoms was up for debate

Was it? Does that include the media's widespread claim that anything anti-lockdown was conspiracy theorist or science denying thinking (example)? Does that include the fact that many people were banned from subreddits they'd never even visited simply because they participated in a forum for lockdown skeptics (example)? Does that include the large numbers of videos that were removed from YouTube, flagged as misinformation (example), for trying to question the long term impact of lockdowns?

I'd argue no, it very much was not up for debate.


Force3vo t1_iy480r3 wrote

>Was it? Does that include the media's widespread claim that anything anti-lockdown was conspiracy theorist or science denying thinking (

From your own article: protesters claiming that COVID-19 was a hoax

So if they claim Covid didn't exist and was just a lie by the government they are conspiracists and science denier.

>Does that include the fact that many people were banned from subreddits they'd never even visited simply because they participated in a forum for lockdown skeptics (

And you lie. If people actively participate in subreddits that were made for brigading other subreddits and spreading lies surely they should have to live with getting banned from subreddits that don't want to deal with that shit.

If I knew my neighbor would be a part of a group that when invited will steal your key so they can all get into your house at night shitting all over the rooms I'd also not invite them.

Oh and your "source" says nothing about people never even visiting those subreddits. In fact it proves the person was banned PRECISELY for actively participating in it.

>Does that include the large numbers of videos that were removed from YouTube, flagged as misinformation, for trying to question the long term impact of lockdowns?

So you ended trying to make a point and hoped nobody would click your sources I guess. Because the article says that Youtube removed a million videos that were spreading COVID misinformation. Which has nothing to do with your cherry picked example of questioning the long term impact of lockdowns.

If you think that just making up a story how COVID doesn't exist and all the people that died or were badly ill because of it are just actors/liars/whatever shouldn't be seen as conspiracy theories or science denial then it's 100% not the fault of the media you think that way.


CoreParad0x t1_iy4vowi wrote

In their original post, /u/cartoonist498 stated > Whether or not you agreed with the measures taken by your government any rational person would agree that there was truth in the numbers and that something had to be done.

If you look at the history of the person you're replying to, they think climate science is still up for debate and not largely settled. Neither of you are dealing with one of these rational people, probably best not to bother, you aren't going to pull this persons head out of their ass.


Force3vo t1_iy5eojp wrote

I do that mostly so shitty viewpoints aren't left uncommented and less informed people think it's truth. Not fir the people living in fantasies already.


CoreParad0x t1_iy5ewlx wrote

Ah yeah, makes sense, and good point. It's definitely worth getting the info out there for people who actually want it, and in that case thanks for doing that.


cartoonist498 t1_iy4jcc8 wrote

Was it not? There was anti-lockdown content literally everywhere. I was personally sent dozens of videos and articles, and no doubt there were hundreds or thousands more, claiming COVID-19 was an engineered virus by Bill Gates being used by sinister ungodly forces to enslave the human race.

These videos/articles were all publicly available and free for anyone to view. The anti-lockdown view was very much in the public eye and free for anyone to find. Entire US state governments became anti-lockdown after initially locking down due to the severity of infections and deaths. Are you suggesting entire US states were somehow censored from the internet?

So, obviously, it was up for debate.


aza-industries t1_iy6nzhc wrote

It must be blissful being so ignorant. The envy of us all for sure.


kramsy t1_iy37yqy wrote

It is also good to protest the murder of unarmed civilians by police.


Some_Yesterday3882 t1_iy4qhlw wrote

There is no good or bad protests of lockdowns. Things don’t happen in a vacuum. There is context to everything which you are conveniently ignoring. Most western democracy used lockdowns early on in the pandemic to stop Covid cases crippling the heath systems. Depending on the country that had varying success, but there was always an end game to lockdown and restrictions and masks etc. That being to get a higher enough percentage of the population vaccinated to open back up and move beyond having to lockdown, even with high case numbers circulating in the community. There is real world data and facts on this almost everywhere you care to look. China, conversely has no end game. Their policy of trying to eliminate an endemic virus that has already circulated the global several times now is why the Chinese people are protesting. They see the western world going about there business as normal and wonder why there are still suffering lockdowns 3 whole years after this began. That is the real difference.


sure_thing_buddy_boy t1_iy63sew wrote

>They see the western world going about there business as normal

Ah yes, a million dead is just normal.


Some_Yesterday3882 t1_iy7rb4i wrote

A million? Way more than a million globally. And if China provided accurate data then it’d be even higher.


sure_thing_buddy_boy t1_iyakgkh wrote

Over a million in the United States alone, one of the places that is supposedly going about their business as normal. I get that you couldn't care less about people dying en masse, but plenty of Americans do not consider this normal.


Some_Yesterday3882 t1_iyb44z4 wrote

I do care, but China can’t escape this fate without higher vaccination rates amoungst the elderly.


fatBoyWithThinKnees t1_iy4rmi1 wrote

I'm not ignoring anything.

>They see the western world going about there business as normal and wonder why there are still suffering lockdowns 3 whole years after this began.

Sounds like the type of thing that would have easily been dismissed as anti-lockdown, science denying, conspiracy theorist thinking a couple of years ago.



Some_Yesterday3882 t1_iy4topx wrote

It’s not a couple of years ago, it’s 2022. Your Facebook talking points hold no value now as they have all been disproven and debunked as science denying and conspiracy theories.


i_hateeveryone t1_iy2us6u wrote

They need to focus on improving their Covid vaccines and getting more people vaccinated.


[deleted] t1_iy2vghc wrote



lolomfgkthxbai t1_iy31nzk wrote

Nothing will prevent the spread. They need vaccinations to keep hospitalizations down.


MikeJeffriesPA t1_iy3b37h wrote

And vaccinations do reduce spread.

Vaccination make you less likely to be symptomatic, and reduces the time that you're contagious (if you get to that point).

They don't prevent infection, but no vaccine in history has prevented infection. Vaccines teach your body how to defeat the virus, they don't prevent the virus from entering your body entirely.


[deleted] t1_iy38xwv wrote



MikeJeffriesPA t1_iy3aeab wrote

Most people who die in car accidents were wearing their seatbelt, too.

If 80% of Americans are vaccinated, and 58% of deaths are those who are vaccinated...doesn't that mean the vaccines are at least doing something?

Especially considering older adults are most likely to be vaccinated and also the highest-risk group for COVID?


stablegeniusss t1_iy3ay4h wrote

Around 80% of Americans have received some form of vaccination. It’s not that surprising that they make up 56% of covid deaths for a single month when you’re looking at that large a subset of the population. Another way to look at that is that 20% of the US population is unvaxed and made up 44% of US related covid deaths for august


No-Blackberry4518 t1_iy3bdhb wrote

But The first year the vaccine came out, the majority of Americans were not vaccinated obviously . But yet the media missused that statistic, and said that it was a pandemic of the unvaccinated. So we should use that statistic now the same way they used then correct?


stablegeniusss t1_iy3ebkq wrote

They were likely saying that because the unvaccinated were dying at a substantially higher rate than people who were vaccinated and boosted.


drconn t1_iy4cs9n wrote

Transparency and the truth is always the way to go.


OppositeOfOxymoron t1_iy4bbzs wrote

Congratulations. You're using the base rate fallacy.

The unvaccinated are dying at 10+x the rate of vaccinated people in most western countries.


No-Blackberry4518 t1_iy4c9p6 wrote

Yes. The same fallacy used by the media the first year the vaccine came out when the majority of Americans were not vaccinated obviously . But yet the media missused that statistic, and said that it was a pandemic of the unvaccinated. So we should use that statistic now the same way they used it then.


Some_Yesterday3882 t1_iy4qskf wrote

Nice of you to chime in with your medical degree and set the record straight for everyone. Thank you comrade.


UnlikelyRabbit4648 t1_iy2yl1w wrote

It did here in the UK, I mean yeah sure all the manufacturers admitted it did nothing to prevent it spreading from people but our government promised us and I believe our government implicitly 🥴


SocialismWay t1_iy6gq11 wrote

>all the manufacturers admitted it did nothing

In your schizo imagination perhaps.

>I believe our government implicitly

*I belive random guy on internet implicitly.


No-Blackberry4518 t1_iy3cl5g wrote

Love your downvotes from the liberal circle jerk of Reddit


UnlikelyRabbit4648 t1_iy3eysl wrote

Oh yeah there's a sensitive few who drank too much vaccine kool aid, but fine I'll still speak as I wish.

I'm not an anti vaxer, I had three of them...mostly because I was so desperate to travel to Thailand at the time. I had the first wave of COVID before my vaccine and I didn't know I had it to be honest, but I'm a bit of a pussy and take the flu jab as I'd prefer not to have the sniffles if it can be helped.

However the COVID jab fiasco was pretty shitty, so many later admissions as to the true efficiency. Nightmare stories of blood clots and strokes, I since know 3 people who had heart attack/ stroke including my dad. Improper or complete lack of testing, underhand passing of immunity from being sued granted to pharmaceutical companies who have made record profits.

And now since the middle of June we have excess deaths in Europe far greater than any period during the "pandemic" with the majority being non COVID related. We have a huge rise of previously eradicated diseases coming back and the worst flu pandemics ever starting up.

The financial ruin from lockdowns was quite easy to forsee, but the state of people's health when you scratch off the veneer leaves a lot to be questioned and I won't be silenced on demanding those answers.


No-Blackberry4518 t1_iy3fpof wrote

We may have thought the financial ruin was easy to see but quite a few either didn’t see it or didn’t care. There was never a discussion of tradeoffs or weighing of the repercussions and downstream impact of such decisions. It was immediate shutdowns and if you are opposed then you want to kill old people.


UnlikelyRabbit4648 t1_iy3gm5c wrote

Oh yeah, I was labelled an inconsiderate murderer many my own sister. She's since publicly declared she was going through a hard time mentally, pre-natal and all that. I think a lot of people were, still are - suicides rose during that period, still are I believe.

You're absolutely right, it was easy for me to forsee what would happen and I called it publicly at the first lockdown...but a whole lot of people did not / would not see it because the weather was nice and they got to have a "free" holiday in the garden drinking booze and making BBQs. If only they knew they would be paying it all back for the rest of their lives.

I mean who can't see the issues with printing 450billion pounds to cover the cost, devaluing our currency, would create.

People are still in denial now as they look everywhere other than that period for excuses as to why inflation in the UK is sky high 🤦‍♂️


sandyWB t1_iy39d2w wrote

Their "zero COVID" policy clearly doesn't work. They should do like the rest of the world, who now live with COVID.


Nomadatic818 t1_iy3qfqb wrote

The problem is their “vaccine” does not work. They refuse to take the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine because of Western conspiracy beliefs. They don’t even have access to Paxoid, which is lifesaving if you get it during the first three days of catching Covid. So they are fucked. They literally have to have a zero covid policy to keep millions of people from dying. But they are buddies with Putin so I have no empathy for the country as a whole.


TheScorpionSamurai t1_iy4f8y1 wrote

I have no empathy for the CCP, but these are not democratically elected leaders, and many innocent people are being harmed in this situation.


AccelHunter t1_iy3jp3a wrote

this, hiding for 10 years won't make the virus magically get bored and go away, there are working vaccines, at least people are no longer dying by thousands daily


shrlytmpl t1_iy3tzac wrote

It's not black or white. More and more we're learning about the severity of long covid, which affects almost one in five of all cases. Not just old people, in fact, they're less likely to get it.

People forget we're still in the impact zone of this thing as it hasn't even been three years since it started, and we're much better off than we should be considering vaccines usually take five to ten years to develop,vaccine%20doses%20for%20widespread%20distribution

So the answer isn't "just get covid". It's to continue to take reasonable precautions while we continue to figure this thing out.

Vaccine hesitancy is perfectly understandable for one that was developed so quickly. But per this data, this may be one of the largest "trials" in history, and they're proven to work

Masks, however, are the most effective, easiest, and most affordable action we can take. They're not perfect, but their effectiveness goes up considerably the more people wear them.


CatProgrammer t1_iy4olo8 wrote

That's all irrelevant anyway. As far as I am aware, no Western country took anywhere near the extreme actions China did, nor did any that weren't isolated islands actually try to achieve "zero COVID" to any significant degree. Even back in 2020 the rhetoric was "flatten the curve", not "eliminate the curve". Pretending that the protests over Chinese restrictions are anything similar to the people protesting at times when most Western restrictions had been lifted anyway is misleading at best.


shrlytmpl t1_iy4p1gv wrote

Correct. China's handling went the complete opposite direction and much too far. But too many people use them as an example to justify having no covid precautions whatsoever.


dr_guitar t1_iy3z2mk wrote

If you’re worried that’s fine, I get that.. but I hope you and other concerned folks will just wear your own n95s and let me be. I don’t want more mandates.


shrlytmpl t1_iy3zqye wrote

Mandates shouldn't be necessary if people used their freedom of choice to choose the responsible and safe thing rather than to simply wanting to be a contrarian. Otherwise that's like saying "if you're afraid of car crashes then you can drive safe as long as you let me be while I drive drunk over the speed limit. I don't want any laws." Particularly with pandemics, your choices affect everyone around you as well.


dr_guitar t1_iy40xq0 wrote

Alternatively you could exercise your own freedom of choice to either wear an n95 or stay home and let the vast majority of us who’ve moved on live our lives.


shrlytmpl t1_iy41xb5 wrote

I can't force you to do anything. I've supplied all the data so if you wish to continue endangering your health and the health of your loved ones simply because it's easier to succumb to your trauma and pretend everything is OK rather than accepting this new threat exists and doing the responsible thing, then that's up to you.


dr_guitar t1_iy42qse wrote

Thank you, I appreciate that.. that’s all I want. I support your right to make your own health decisions as well. We may not agree 100% on approach but I respect you- and also I appreciate that you provided your sources for your argument. Cheers!


Groovygranny121760 t1_iy96ou7 wrote

Whatever the CDC says HAS TO BE TRUE, right?


shrlytmpl t1_iy9dkf0 wrote

Do you have any scientific sources that say otherwise?


shrlytmpl t1_iy9hvm0 wrote

None of these contradicts that 1 in 5 of all cases get long covid, and they're not even science journals, they're propaganda sites. You OK?


Groovygranny121760 t1_iyah1t2 wrote

I am saying that just because the CDC says something it is not necessarily true. When the CDC retracts their own statements... that proves my point. And, yes, thank you, I am fine 😉


shrlytmpl t1_iyaitkt wrote

Actually if they get something wrong and retract it, that makes me trust them more rather than some idiot politician who doubles down when he's proven wrong. Scientists aren't born with all future knowledge already in their head, they make a theory, test it, then adjust it if necessary. Because of the nature of covid they weren't able to do this in the privacy of a lab so we all got to see the process play out. I'm disappointed people don't understand this, we learned this in elementary school. Maybe you need a refresher.


Groovygranny121760 t1_iyamq0f wrote

I'm amazed that people would risk their health before a drug is proven.

And AGAIN... my comment inferred that the CDC isn't always right. I surely do appreciate the fact that they admitted their mistakes/falsehoods/lies


shrlytmpl t1_iyap9al wrote

I'll be perfectly honest with you, I was secretly glad that the elderly and immunocompromised were given first dibs at the vaccine for that very reason. That in itself was a much bigger "trial" than anything they could have done in a lab, and if it proved to be safe and effective on the weakest among us, then by the time my age group was eligible I felt confident getting the vaccine.

CDC isn't always right, but this isn't a hypothesis they're experimenting with. This is collected data. You can't mess that up. Might that data change over time? Yes, but right now it says that a massive number of people, even if they were asymptomatic, are suffering from lasting health issues due to covid.


Groovygranny121760 t1_iybzcuz wrote

I'm glad you got the vaccine. I'm glad you are okay. I'm glad I'm okay. And I'm glad that we can agree that, with an experimental vaccine, things can change.


shrlytmpl t1_iyd11go wrote

My grandma and uncle aren't OK, though. They both died because people listened to crybaby politicians instead of scientists when it came to wearing masks. Unfortunately the vaccine didn't come fast enough for them.


Groovygranny121760 t1_iy96wub wrote

I haven't worn a mask a dozen times and will not unless in a hospital/doctor office.


EphraimJenkins t1_iy2ki0t wrote

Herd thousands into an enclosed space allows one infection to become hundreds? How could anyone have guessed?


titanup001 t1_iy2l6o8 wrote

I live here. We get herded together daily for mandatory testing anyway.


beachwalkforever t1_iy2x7dd wrote

I heard how horrible those mandatory tests are. Hope you are doing ok.


titanup001 t1_iy3bum6 wrote

It's really not bad. Monday through Friday, I just do it at work.

Weekend there is a site right outside my building. Takes like 10 minutes.


Patarokun t1_iy4gmjc wrote

The pandemic experience has been very illuminating.

Open, democratic societies have trouble getting everyone on the same page, there's a lot of contention and disagreement, BUT they have fairly transparent numbers, and as much turbulence as there is they figure it out, although with a higher mortality rate. Also, the very existence and production of the MRNA vaccines, clonal antibodies, etc... is thanks to Western style universities/pharma research/innovation focused economies.

In less open countries, they do a great job at containment, but as we're seeing here, they get stuck without solutions that can extricate them from the issue, especially when they refuse Western vaccines.

Both systems have strong and weak points, but I'm happy that I have the good fortune to live in a mostly open and democratic society when it all shakes out.


strangeapple t1_iy2tcdn wrote

Happy to hear that Chinese people are capable of getting fed up with unrelenting and unreasonable control measures of their control freak authoritarian regime. China deserves actual democratic freedom.


[deleted] t1_iy33l03 wrote



tyger2020 t1_iy34lxb wrote

>Let’s see if they all grow a backbone when the tanks start rolling.

A Canadian said this lmao


strangeapple t1_iy36hge wrote

By that logic: "Anyone who wasn't born with basic human rights doesn't deserve them without putting their life on the line."


Devourer_of_felines t1_iy39lsp wrote

Most people living in a country with democratic freedom didn’t “earn” it except by virtue of being born in the right place at the right time.


Blah_McBlah_ t1_iy42xba wrote

China is treating COVID like a crime, not a disease. Very similar to the USA's monumental failure in the "War on Drugs". Although the response in some other countries of outright denial is also just as much a failure, China's response is unique in its failure mode. As citizens will face extreme consequences of being discovered to be sick, or even have someone in their apartment building be sick, by being forced into house arrest, with no guarantee of food or healthcare provided, there is no incentive to declare to authorities that you're sick. Contagious people will go into work, mingle with others, and take no precautions. They may even go out of their way to not self isolate, as doing so would raise red flags. The Chinese government has in effect made its citizens team up with COVID in trying to spread the disease.


PeregrinePacifica t1_iy2l4up wrote

According to the government that seems to be trying to to hold its people hostage... real trustworthy.


Technoist t1_iy2t3ql wrote

There is no reason to doubt the cases are actually on the rise, that would be logical even. But the Chinese government will use this as an argument for even harder repression. That will be the main challenge for the people fighting for more freedom in general.


jert3 t1_iy4ee9l wrote

I find both hilarious and sad that a country of billions can be run and managed according to one ego that will make deluded, impossible policy decisions like: "We try to not get our world's largest population any infections from a world wide, rapidly evolving virus, because we say so.' It so obviously going to fail, yet the Chinese can't do anything because changing or adapting would make some super rich Chinese guy embarrassed, so instead millions will die that could have been prevented. But the Chinese leadership is not embarrassed by millions of dying peasants, only by being told they are wrong and made a dumb, stupid, impossible policy decision.


Temporary_Draw_4708 t1_iy6tium wrote

If they simply purchased more effective vaccines, they would be in a much better place. Even before the many variants that have emerged since the sinovac vaccine was first released, their vaccine wasn’t particularly effective.


InquisitiveGamer t1_iy4btn0 wrote

The CCP has been using their covid QR code system as population control for a long time now.


falsewall t1_iy5iyan wrote

Time to bend the books the other way.

Daily covid tests where bigger levels of exposure than this daily.

They weaponized covid mobile health codes during the bank protests.

You can bet your ass it started again yesterday.

Have you guys seen the sheer scale of "camps" they set up?. Cut a construction trailer in 3 units, add bars to windows for testing and food. Copy and pasted to hundreds of times per area.

Its just the norm now.


VOIDssssssss t1_iy3xeqt wrote

Fresh record probably means one person “suspected to have covid”


FistingLube t1_iy4z23i wrote

Are new cases that important anymore, like is not now about number infected that need hospital or die as percentage of infected?


PsYcHo4MuFfInS t1_iy564o6 wrote

Wellp... guess the number of people getting "quarantined" after these protests will be high


Groovygranny121760 t1_iy96e3k wrote

This is not just about Covid lockdowns. The Chinese people are fed up with their leader. I pray for them.


aaaaaaaarrrrrgh t1_iy3zu83 wrote

The record high, even when considering actual numbers, is likely still at or below Western steady-state numbers, but not for long.


the_wheel_of_4chan t1_iy2ljnd wrote

The self-fulfilling prophecy here is hilarious…


barrierkult t1_iy59eoe wrote

It's interesting how covid always spreads only on anti covid lockdowns and rules protests.


Torb_Main_ t1_iy53vvv wrote

What do the protestors expect? They should be tested, sprayed, jabbed (with at least 10 booster shots) and locked down for months if it cured this terrible disease - it has a 98% MORTALITY RATE!!!! Lock down now!!!!!!!!!


Temporary_Draw_4708 t1_iy6tcgc wrote

Unfortunately for the Chinese people, the sinovac vaccine wasn’t very effective even before the last 20 notable variants emerged since the vaccine was developed.


ripperzhang t1_iy2zrua wrote

How the number was?


Sqrandros t1_iy2y5vi wrote

Hmm convenient narrative or simple truth? If only objective scientific journalism, if such exists, was made possible by state ideology.

Edit: convenient narrative it is, as became clear from the comments, thank you for spreading the truth brave people of China.


[deleted] t1_iy2lfkl wrote

It’s pretty obvious the numbers were always going to rise due to the weather changing and absurd Covid testing they do in China. In some cities they are testing everyone daily.

No Covid tests, no rise in Covid numbers. It’s that simple.


laineDdednaHdeR t1_iy2ls0k wrote

>No Covid tests, no rise in Covid numbers. It’s that simple.

Where have I heard that before..? 🤔


Parcoco t1_iy2lz82 wrote

Well almost the entire world is doing that now lol. Its an epidemic


WhichWitchIsWhitch t1_iy2mii7 wrote

It's definitionally a pandemic.


indiesoundz t1_iy2ovxd wrote

We’re closer to an endemic at this point. It’s just going to be something we have to live with.


UnlikelyRabbit4648 t1_iy2yr9d wrote

Oh yeah, I remember that time when tests per day kept rising exponentially and then cases detected per day were rising as well - who'd have guessed it 🤦‍♂️