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SonkyJ t1_iycofk9 wrote

Not enough


joho999 t1_iycqysb wrote

it's not about revenge, it's about grinding the russian war machine to a stand still.


TheTelegraph OP t1_iyckx6s wrote

From Telegraph Foreign Desk

A huge fire ripped through an oil depot in Russia's Bryansk region near the border with Ukraine on Wednesday following a suspected drone attack.
"Reservoirs with oil products are on fire in the Surazhsky district. Fire and rescue teams are at the scene," governor Alexander Bogomaz said on social media.
The governor did not say what caused the fire, but the pro-Kremlin Izvestia newspaper reported it was caused by an unidentified munition dropped from a drone.
Mr Bogomaz said the fire engulfed an area of 1,800 square metres and over 80 people were involved in putting it out. He added that there were no reports of casualties.
Kyiv has been accused of carrying out numerous attacks in Russian territory, with the fire in Bryansk suggesting it has increased its cross border strike capability.
In April, two fires raged at fuel facilities in the Bryansk. There was immediate speculation that they had been caused by Ukrainian missile strikes or sabotage teams.



Actual-Obligation728 t1_iycm3s4 wrote

Most probably their own partisans and saboteurs who are fed up with the terrorists regime.


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