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autotldr t1_iycagzo wrote

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 62%. (I'm a bot)

> South Korea said it has scrambled fighter jets after detecting two Chinese and six Russian warplanes in its air defence zone.

> The two Chinese H-6 bombers repeatedly entered and left the Korea Air Defence Identification Zone off the southern and northeast coast at around 5:50am local time, the military said.

> Japan's Air Self Defence Force also scrambled fighter jets after the Chinese bombers flew from the East China Sea into the Sea of Japan, where they were joined by two Russian drones, Tokyo's defence ministry later said in a media release.

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Merluner t1_iyc8h63 wrote

I wonder if this is the modern day version of the Nazi Germany-USSR pact of WWII?


hau4300 t1_iycb1mt wrote

It is exactly like the Germany and Italy Nazi pack of steel.


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hau4300 t1_iycewoo wrote

Russia and China are now far right capitalist countries, not communist countries! They all practice dictatorial capitalism.


Classic_Perception22 t1_iycdxj4 wrote

Just what Russia needs, starting another war, and with a US mutual defence pact country, no less.


PapaRacoon t1_iych4ps wrote

The international political equivalent of going ‘not touching not touching not touching’ while being a prick


cencorshipisbad t1_iycwqyx wrote

Message is simple the Axis major powers are united in their support of the Axis minor ally NK. Whether SK see this or continue to naively think otherwise is yet to be seen.