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astanton1862 t1_iy8297u wrote

If these are officially licensed by FIFA then we are the dumbest people to ever occupy this planet.


FardoBaggins t1_iy84c52 wrote

“I hate Elvis” pins were sold by his merch team too.


Infantry1stLt t1_iy97l57 wrote

Did someone already trademark the MAGA red caps?


Navi_Here t1_iy97zie wrote

If it was Hillary Clinton that would have been hilarious.


SuperZapper_Recharge t1_iya5jww wrote

Here is the thing.

I am sorry it is harsh, but, when I boil it down, it is what it is.

FIFA accepted bribes to give its biggest set of games that are only played every 4 years to a desert country with outside temps so high that it threatened the lives of the soccer players if played during the traditional time.

That country then used slave labor to build new stadiums and a new city. Laborers' died, laborers couldn't go home- they are living in filth off the edges of the city.

That country then made Jewish Prayer - specificaly Jewish Prayer - illegal.

They have then gone out of there way to push all kinds of hate at anyone falling underneath the LGBTQ banner.

And I haven't even begun to look at the countries traditional treatment of women.

The soccer fans really only have to do one thing to show there displeasure and bring FIFA in line.

Make this the least watched series ever. If fans were just like, 'Holy shit no. That is a shit show fuck em.'. and pretended there were 8 years between world cups - it would work.

But fans can't be bothered.

'Oh I can enjoy the games, take in the advertising and still be repulsed by Qatar!'.


Sure you can.


puggiepuggie t1_iyc1d9o wrote

What annoys me about the entire situation is people could die building stadiums, the money could flow through extremist pockets, religions could be targeted for hate and Europe is like i sleep

But, ohoho banning an armband that does NOTHING real for lgbt people ?? That's where we draw the line. Call those barbarians over here , we are gonna have a problem >:c how am i supposed to virtue signal if my right to PR stunts is taken away??? Not on Europes watch.

I am embarrassed.


dublem t1_iy9e1kb wrote

What are you talking about? We just achieved world peace!


boomshiki t1_iy7yt15 wrote

I’m not just buying an arm band. I’m going to fuck a man. Take that, Qatar!


fartsoccermd t1_iy91eja wrote

Is he cute?


Presently42 t1_iy9anje wrote

Asking the important questions here


GenAnon t1_iyagzoe wrote

Can’t be fucking non-cute people in the name of social justice apparently. That would be going too far.


Grognaksson t1_iybfb6l wrote

Yeah, those non-cute people can get fucked.. oh wait.


Presently42 t1_iybg5mq wrote

Honestly, fuck everybody! - but only the cute ones....


brakiri t1_iy83nj1 wrote

that's actually useful. these thoughts and prayers armbands don't do much unless worn in Qatar.


streetad t1_iy8xtd0 wrote

Fucking a man would also need to be done in Qatar too, in that case.


Gamers2OcelotLUL t1_iyaq7y6 wrote

If they're worn in Quatar, then it's even worse, because to wear it in Quatar, you had to go to Quatar, give them thousands of $, and be a part of the crowds that will be recorded and used as a propaganda to present this shithole as a prime modern tourist destination for the years to come.

Like, seriously, I can understand people who just don't care. Who know they're pieces of shit, and don't give a fuck about it. But when you know how fucked up the whole situation is, how bad Quatar is... and you decide to anyway gift them money, be a part of their propaganda, do exactly what they want... and still you think you're somehow standing AGAINST them, because you also bought a fucking 5$ armband?

Dealing with evil is one thing. Dealing with this amount of stupidity and ignorance, is another, and a much harder one. Future really looks worse and worse with every new year.


brakiri t1_iycq2tl wrote

this is a really good point. the dollar votes. you nailed it.


dublem t1_iy9e9ff wrote

That's just you're solution to every problem, Sarah!


Pryamus t1_iy7n4fz wrote

A Scause for Applause (tm)


Spooly_Boy t1_iy87wtz wrote

"We got a counterculture you can buy off a shelf

If you're losing your identity try somebody else"


5uperAmerica t1_iy90e1r wrote

“We’re the target market of a corporate hoax

Our generation is a fucking joke”


rdicky58 t1_iy98ou3 wrote

Me joining in with a completely different song:

“In honour of the revolution, it’s half off at the Gap

Discount Etsy agitprop, Bugles’ take on race”


test_user_313 t1_iy8cwq5 wrote

Those are the wrong colours! Is nobody bothered by those not being the Pride colours?


KathrynTheGreat t1_iy9ekli wrote

They aren't supposed to be in the Pride colors because it's not just for Pride.

>The KNVB campaign opposes discrimination on the basis of race, skin colour, sexual orientation, culture, faith, nationality, gender, age and "all other forms of discrimination."


Uumm_wat t1_iy9txv8 wrote

Maybe.. as long as it’s not a rainbow they can sell it??


ohmygoditsdip t1_iy8lpfn wrote

Yep. It’s erasure. “One love” has an “all lives matter” ring to it.


fourpuns t1_iyaar6g wrote

The One Love campaign started in the Netherlands 3 years ago in response to a racist chant at a game. It was meant as a show of support to the team mate targeted but also to support all marginalized people.

I suppose you could argue its somehow going against black lives matter but I think that's a bit insane. You really need to look at the origins of all lives matter vs one love

Found an article if interested in reading.


databacon t1_iy7vqo5 wrote

Imagine visiting or watching this shit show and thinking that buying a fucking armband is gonna help anyone. Never mind the thousands of worker deaths to put on this show, we have armbands!


bertiebasit t1_iy81rkr wrote

How many deaths?


16bitnoob t1_iy82352 wrote

6500 migrant workers died building that stadium iirc


FardoBaggins t1_iy844ni wrote

That number is disputed but migrant construction workers and manual laborers get treated like slaves nonetheless.

Reform is on the way tho, since they had a system that took away passports removed. But that’s after the fact.


DirtyThi3f t1_iy8doqg wrote

So Qatar says it’s 400-500. Presuming they are being honest, is that ok then? What’s the acceptable death rate of workers for building stadiums for a game?


FardoBaggins t1_iyaomvp wrote

>ok then?

I never said or implied it was ok. but read into it however you like.

It’s for all migrant workers including non construction based work. So thats why the 6500 number is disputed.

They’re removing the so called kafala system bec of the optic the WC brought.


bertiebasit t1_iy84u6b wrote

Nonsense, that’s a straight up lie.

Edit: some fucking desperate people quite happy to spread disinformation. Pathetic.


joseph_joestar___ t1_iyah0ya wrote

Your real quick to saying it’s false information, yet I don’t see you disproving it’s either…show your “proof” then…


bertiebasit t1_iyaj47z wrote


The 6500 is a misleading number for the Guardian. That is all migrant workers in that period, not just World Cup related.

I’ll let the virtue signallers continue.


joseph_joestar___ t1_iyal0ld wrote

  1. Doesn’t make it better, the number should technically be irrelevant. even if it are just a few hundred it’s still terrible and should be avoided at all costs. Any project for that matter should avoid deaths, not just the World Cup. So saying “it’s from past projects” is not an excuse either.

  2. Qatar obviously is gonna downplay the number, it’s not like they gonna admit to being responsible for 6500 deaths. They obviously will say the numbers from the guardian are false/different.

  3. If they died from old age it would basically mean they would’ve hired elderly, wich would be inhumane too. natural causes would be possible but not to that extend.

  4. The word of embassies is way stronger than the word of Qatar on this one. Just because Qatar says it’s wrong doesn’t mean it actually is. as I said they will obviously downplay it. The whole event is one big attempt to whitewash themselves, so why not lie to make yourself look better. and ofcource the BBC is gonna write a article because that’s what they do, doesn’t bring more credibility for that matter.

Seral things are wrong with what Qatar is saying. Whatever the number is, workforces in Qatar are treated terrible and Qatar is and remains a corrupt county where woman, and LGBTQ are oppressed.


bertiebasit t1_iyamgrn wrote

I’ve been to Qatar, it’s a great place and I would happily go again.

The World Cup has been great too, been following it on the TV. Absolutely no evidence of any boycotts.

No country is perfect, especially our white western ones who went round the world robbing, raping, murdering and enslaving on an unimaginable industrial scale.

According to Pew research, women are happier in the Middle East than they are in the west.

They don’t care about LGBT issues, it’s contrary to their religion and value system. They are not about to throw their religion under the bus to placate some virtue signalling westerners hell bent on cultural colonialism.

It’s incredibly insulting to other countries around the world that we insist our values matter more than theirs. It’s arrogance based purely on our white privilege.


mmmsausages t1_iyaonoy wrote

That's literally straight from Qatars mouth if you read it. And I don't believe a word they say. They tried to say the 37 that died, died from accidents, natural causes or old age. Which is a straight up lie.


deez_treez t1_iy7n2eh wrote

They finally figured out how to move Pride merch. Have wildly-unpopular FIFA ban it.


YoMothaFlippin t1_iy7u9yv wrote

we did it boys, homophobia is no more


sloopslarp t1_iy8d8gt wrote

Just to be clear: Are you in opposition to people showing support for LGBTQ folks?

I am so weary of people who say, "raising awareness won't immediately solve everything, so no one should do it at all."

It's funny how this kind of cynicism always immediately pops up as a response to anything pride-related. It's like a sneaky attempt at downplaying social awareness, because you wish they'd just stay closeted.


RedditIsForSpam t1_iy9cne9 wrote

Do you think that buying rainbow merch from a corporation is "showing support"?

Do you think that owning a product somehow raises awarenenss?

Do you think that some people aren't aware of gay people and that it's awarenenss that needs to be raised?

Buddy it's far more effective to not wear your scause and have a conversation with people when you hear them express views that aren't rooted in thought.


Pearson_Realize t1_iyapx90 wrote

You guys find a way to be cynical about everything. People bought armbands to express the fact that they support for the LGBTQ community, and you guys are complaining about it. It must suck to be live life like that.


RedditIsForSpam t1_iybbj5t wrote

Performative gestures like this don't actually support gay people. They support the profit of the type of cynical people you're currently denouncing.

If spending money on a trinket makes you feel good about yourself, that's fine. But don't pretend you're doing anything other than letting yourself ignore real problems for the opiate of imaginary solutions.


Pearson_Realize t1_iybdnmn wrote

I’m sure you’re the most enthusiastic, hardworking activist for gay rights. I’d love to know what you’ve personally done to further equality on this planet that allows you to look down on everybody that publicly shows their support.

How’s this any different from hanging a pride flag outside of your house? It publicly shows that you value members of the LGBTQ, and in a lot of places that alone is a big deal. There are still parts of even western countries where being LGBTQ can put you at a huge risk, and so can supporting them.

And a lot of times, just the public support for these things can make all the difference. Imagine a gay person who feels alone because they were disowned by their family, or lost friends, or in a very unaccepting community seeing someone wearing these armbands. Do you think they’re going to think “they’re just supporting cynical capitalism” or are they going to feel welcomed and accepted?

There are so many interviews or clips of LGBTQ members explaining how it feels to see someone publicly supporting them, and how much it can lift them up when they feel like they don’t belong. But I guess some of us would rather pretend like that never happens, and that anything less than rioting and burning down buildings in the name of equality doesn’t accomplish anything.

Not only is the reality you live in a sad one, it’s also privileged. You’ve clearly never felt like you didn’t belong in a community that didn’t accept you before, because if you did, you’d understand the power of public statements like these.


RedditIsForSpam t1_iybfcfu wrote

>I’m sure you’re the most enthusiastic, hardworking activist for gay rights. I’d love to know what you’ve personally done to further equality on this planet that allows you to look down on everybody that publicly shows their support.

Getting into numerous fist fights over my life to defend queer people from attackers.

>How’s this any different from hanging a pride flag outside of your house?

That's also a meaningless platitude.

>There are so many interviews or clips of LGBTQ members explaining how it feels to see someone publicly supporting them

There are so many conversations I've had with gay people who express the opinion that meaningless platitudes don't help them at all.

>You’ve clearly never felt like you didn’t belong in a community that didn’t accept you before,

Lmao dude quit while you're ahead you have no fucking idea what you're talking about and you're making yourself look like a huge ass.

You know what's privileged? Putting up a decoration and thinking it's a bold stance. Bet you wouldn't be so keen on flying those flags if you lived someone it would make you and your home a target for violence.


Pearson_Realize t1_iybsob1 wrote

> There are so many conversations I’ve had with gay people who express the opinion that meaningless platitudes don’t help them at all.

Because the opinion of the few gay people that agree with you automatically means all gay people agree. I AM part of the LGBTQ community and seeing shit like that means something to me.

> You know what’s privileged? Putting up a decoration and thinking it’s a bold stance. Bet you wouldn’t be so keen on flying those flags if you lived someone it would make you and your home a target for violence

I don’t give a fuck what you think I’d do. Just like I don’t care how condescending you are about people who “don’t do enough.” You can sit and whine about whatever you want, that doesn’t change anything I’ve said. You ignored half my comment and acted like you made some sort of huge gotcha point against me, and your entire opinion is “publicly expressing support for a disadvantaged community is a meaningless gesture” which is genuinely insane.

> Getting into numerous fist fights over my life to defend queer people from attackers.

Not that I don’t believe you, but I don’t believe you.


ihopkid t1_iy9tqtg wrote

The KNVB isn’t really a corporation, it’s a football association.

And yeah, wearing that product out in public does raise awareness. How do you think you raise awareness?

And if you think it’s raising awareness of the existence of gay people, you clearly didn’t read any of the article or their actual statement

And you can’t seriously be suggesting having a conversation with every single bigoted person you meet instead.


RedditIsForSpam t1_iy9ub02 wrote

>football association

Famously averse to profiting at any moral cost Football associations....

>How do you think you raise awareness?

The point is that everyone is aware of this issue. The people being oppressive aren't doing it because tHeY jUsT DoNt UndERsTaNd. They hate queer people because they're hateful.

>And you can’t seriously be suggesting having a conversation with every single bigoted person you meet instead.

No I'm suggesting bullying and belittling them so they understand people won't tolerate their behaviour anymore.


YimmyGhey t1_iy9gd3q wrote

Idk, there are exceptions. For example, I'm not too thrilled people don't "think before you pink" and buy pink shit in October just because 0.0000001% will go towards "raising awareness" and not actually go towards research. Yes, we all know breast cancer is a thing, we're well aware. I'd rather my money go towards research than lining the Susan G Komen foundation's pockets.


YoMothaFlippin t1_iy8ea4d wrote

yes, i thought i could slide this hidden agenda through, but you slllllyyyy reddit detectives always one step ahead and always manage to unmask my true intentions

you cracked the code and the riddle, you've seen through me and have seen my naked anti-lgbtq agenda, and my plan to initiate the degayification of the world population through the usage of very powerful space lasers capable of degayifying the most gayest of gays

i thought this would be it. this comment, was just the beginning of the dominoes falling. i fought my own surpressed homoerotic fantasies and managed to degaymefy myself through the use of very powerful lasers, i had everything lined up, if only... this... single... comment had slide through... nothing could've stopped my plans... but... i just can't get past these thorough reddit detectives capable of seeing through the fabric of reality and time... capable of the most powerful manipulations of the matrix and, of course, capable of handling the most powerful potions of any potion seller in the world...

you won again. but next time my comment will be even more hidden, and my lasers even more powerful, you saw through me once, but you'll never do it again!

P.S.: If my blatant mockery of your overeaching conclusions that were made entirely based off of a joke comment is not clear enough, do tell me, and I will mock you even harder and even more obviously on my next reply.


dadefresh t1_iy8ls0x wrote

This whole comment just smacks of effort. As if.


YoMothaFlippin t1_iy8m1ad wrote

Thanks for the consideration and review, buddy, but just writing villainous-sounding nonsense doesn't take much effort, I literally just type away


Wompawompa1 t1_iy85tun wrote

You just know there will be repercussions for this against the local community once the cameras are all gone.

This grift has likely done more damage while someone filled their pockets.


amjhwk t1_iyag2o8 wrote

why would their be repercusisions for local qataris for arm bands sold outside of the country to foreigners? if qataris were wearing the arm bands then thats a different story


midisrage123 t1_iy7w13f wrote

Imagine the Qatari team rock up with them in their match against the Netherlands right before being eliminated from the tournament


bertiebasit t1_iy7zb93 wrote

No chance of that happening


L_Cranston_Shadow t1_iy8bx86 wrote

After Iran's threats to imprison and torture their team's families if the players stepped out of line, I think the Qatari players will be told to stay in line or the same thing will happen to theirs..


bertiebasit t1_iy8m9km wrote

What makes you thing that the Qatari players are remotely interested? They’re not.


userdeath t1_iycfv39 wrote


While Qatar is bad, it is nowhere near Iranian regime bad.


midisrage123 t1_iy7zpjh wrote

Never say never ;)


bertiebasit t1_iy80kin wrote

I don’t think you know what Islam means to them


red_sutter t1_iy85z4k wrote

Pretty high chance the Qatari team would get ’rocked up‘ after the match if they did that


o-rka t1_iy90iux wrote

What about anti modern slavery which was how the new stadiums were built


SirHebington t1_iy8asrf wrote

I love it how controversies about human rights lead to increased merchandise sales.

And with "I love it" I mean "I give up, just let me die already."


Mooseinadesert t1_iy9il4u wrote

Where's the anti slavery armband? They all seem perfectely fine literally sitting above the corpses of some slaves built into the foundations of stadiums. (6500+ slave deaths) Fuck most of the people attending, this performative stuff doesn't absolve you of the tacid approval you attending gives to murder of lgbtq people and slaves.

Wow, you paid $3 for an armband so you can post a picture of it on social media to virtue signal after providing thousands of dollars to the Quatari government to attend, what heroes.


Sharp-Character-906 t1_iya83ja wrote

Why is this only an issue when Qatar hosted the World Cup?

Do you realise how many sweatshops are producing western clothing?

Why is this a huge issue now and only for Qatar?


Mooseinadesert t1_iyaab6q wrote

Don't assume i'm in favor of previous FIFA locations, i don't watch sports.

And yeah, i agree western hypocrisy knows no limits, but that doesn't invalidate my statement on Qatar.


Sharp-Character-906 t1_iyc8gfa wrote

It doesn't invalidate your statement. But this bandwagon of hate against Qatar is fking ridiculous. The world would have been silent had another country hosted the event.

Did humans just discover corruption this month?


samkindwise t1_iycdcl6 wrote

What is the alternative? Do nothing, say nothing, pretend everything is fine?

Stop arguing just for the sake of arguing and being different.


OkStratMan t1_iy861jo wrote

Seinfeld literally did an episode on this.

Wear and care about the Ribbon or else you MUST hate...


Substantial_Term_468 t1_iyaugqk wrote

It’s like buying an indulgence from the Catholic church hundreds of years ago, that way you’re absolved and it’s ok to be watching the FIFA World Cup bought by Qatar and built on slave labor. 🙌


Far_Effective_8934 t1_iy7tge5 wrote

And... many of that sold bands were probably made in Yi Wu.


antihero12 t1_iy97v98 wrote

Am I the only one thinking FIFA and those armband sellers are in cahoots?


KathrynTheGreat t1_iy9f3d2 wrote

The bands are not new this year. They've been available for the last two years, but then being banned at the world cup has increased their popularity.


DarkDarkness t1_iy9xme5 wrote

Who is walking around wearing an armbard in day to day life? This isn't 1940s Germany it just isn't in style any more


Wompawompa1 t1_iy85hns wrote

But will the revenue from these be donated to the cause…. Certainly not


Nurgle_Marine_Sharts t1_iya8zjc wrote

Fucking the environment by buying merch isn't the activism we think it is.

Totally support the movement, but yeah, I don't agree with the method.


babybelly t1_iy83nt5 wrote

it is the "put guards up to protect the potatoes" trick


Hot_Hat_1225 t1_iy9n75f wrote

Bans always created bestsellers. Oldest Marketing Trick.


ArmsForPeace84 t1_iya5yh0 wrote

It's Obvious Joke Tuesday, so...

FIFA was selling out before it was cool.


ManiacMango33 t1_iyaaztn wrote

Are players and fans more concerned about an armband than 6500+ people dying in slavery to huod that stadium? Lmao.


YouCanTryAllYouLike t1_iyaqk4w wrote

seems like free money making this kind of shit

the audience for it is practically salivating to throw their money at this stuff lmao


1oneandlast t1_iybq44s wrote

Respect country’s rules!