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boomshiki t1_iy7yt15 wrote

I’m not just buying an arm band. I’m going to fuck a man. Take that, Qatar!


fartsoccermd t1_iy91eja wrote

Is he cute?


Presently42 t1_iy9anje wrote

Asking the important questions here


GenAnon t1_iyagzoe wrote

Can’t be fucking non-cute people in the name of social justice apparently. That would be going too far.


Grognaksson t1_iybfb6l wrote

Yeah, those non-cute people can get fucked.. oh wait.


Presently42 t1_iybg5mq wrote

Honestly, fuck everybody! - but only the cute ones....


brakiri t1_iy83nj1 wrote

that's actually useful. these thoughts and prayers armbands don't do much unless worn in Qatar.


streetad t1_iy8xtd0 wrote

Fucking a man would also need to be done in Qatar too, in that case.


Gamers2OcelotLUL t1_iyaq7y6 wrote

If they're worn in Quatar, then it's even worse, because to wear it in Quatar, you had to go to Quatar, give them thousands of $, and be a part of the crowds that will be recorded and used as a propaganda to present this shithole as a prime modern tourist destination for the years to come.

Like, seriously, I can understand people who just don't care. Who know they're pieces of shit, and don't give a fuck about it. But when you know how fucked up the whole situation is, how bad Quatar is... and you decide to anyway gift them money, be a part of their propaganda, do exactly what they want... and still you think you're somehow standing AGAINST them, because you also bought a fucking 5$ armband?

Dealing with evil is one thing. Dealing with this amount of stupidity and ignorance, is another, and a much harder one. Future really looks worse and worse with every new year.


brakiri t1_iycq2tl wrote

this is a really good point. the dollar votes. you nailed it.


dublem t1_iy9e9ff wrote

That's just you're solution to every problem, Sarah!