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AdmirableYouth4208 t1_ixkwpgn wrote

North Karen


obroz t1_ixlhm99 wrote

I have an idea. How about we just STOP reporting on whatever NK says. Who fucking cares


xxdotell t1_ixluuyc wrote

Someone should tell north karen that it is impossible for north korea to insult Anyone.


BinkyFlargle t1_ixl4k54 wrote

This reminds me of something I've been wondering for a while.

When these deluded, absolutely batshit regimes (Iran, North Korea, Russia) make these petulant "3rd-grade bully" type of statements that obviously have nothing to do with reality...

Why does everybody rush to slap it into a headline?

Yeah, we know Putin is deluded. I'm sure tomorrow he'll say Zelensky is Hitler's grandson and that Russia is days away from taking Kyiv. I'm sure the Kim regime will say they're ready to nuke the whole world if we don't declare them kings of the world. Who fucking cares?

They say some new insane thing every. single. day. And none of it is remotely interesting or useful. So straight to the front page with them! Shit like this is how Trump won a general election.


yobymmij2 t1_ixlnye1 wrote

While I have emotional sympathy with your viewpoint, these people hold enormous power over many millions of people, and exposure is a good thing. Silence and erasure would feel weird.


Majkajla t1_ixnut8i wrote

I know this and why they do it but I still click every time I see it just can't help it.


roj2323 t1_ixkvwv4 wrote

Serious question; Why should I care?


ExpensiveClick7831 t1_ixky7c4 wrote

I would pay to see a parody style North Korea version of Succession

Would be fucking hilariousssss. And Hollywood could cast all South Korean actors lolol


bstowers t1_ixl002w wrote

If PharmaBro Shkreli had a sex change, I couldn’t tell them apart.


crystalsaladsandwich t1_ixl23bd wrote

Thank you for making me remember that prick still exists.


bstowers t1_ixl2jax wrote

He may be out of prison now, but he’ll always be federal inmate number 87850-053 in my heart.


Appropriate-Buy3604 t1_ixl2qbe wrote

how are they so rich and yet still so ugly.


LordofWar2000 t1_ixl73db wrote

She looks like a younger, emaciated, female version of her father. That’s why


Slot_tech_3000 t1_ixkw92x wrote

My 3rd Cousin on my mom's side thinks she is ratchet AF.


Early-Size370 t1_ixl2vlv wrote

Why does she look like Gollum with better complexion and more hair?


Merluner t1_ixl4wq6 wrote

Translation: "Wait Wait, you're supposed to fear us!!!"


Da_Vader t1_ixl05hm wrote

Alabama of korea


BelAirGhetto t1_ixkye69 wrote

“I wonder what ‘sanctions’ the South Korean group, no more than a running wild dog gnawing on a bone given by the US, impudently impose on North Korea,” Kim Yo-jong said in a statement carried by state media. “What a spectacle sight!”

Wow, sounds just like Benedict Donald, Victor Orban, Duterte, DeSantis and the the billionaire cabal trying to rule the world!


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Long_PoolCool t1_ixl1pc0 wrote

I wonder if the Kim's would agree to "give up" North Korea to the south, if they get immunity and a few million on money, so that they and their children don't need to work. And get can an apartment in China or South Korea.

Must be shit for them to be born into that situation too


ResidentStudy3144 t1_ixl54lh wrote

It is unlikely to happen. They may want money, they surely prefer want power and control first ( currently they have control over 25 million of North Koreans and a large army ) They are unlikely to give away so much power to void even if each 1 of them gets 100 billion US$.


[deleted] t1_ixlcp37 wrote

Yeah, that'll never happen. One, China would never let that happen. Two, they still do have nukes with which they can practically threaten the world with. Three, they control an entire country, which is far far more power than they'll have if they give up.


ResidentStudy3144 t1_ixl4j1n wrote

She is a psychopath. That said, I have to steal her Donald Trump insults because Dotard sounds hilarious.


EnvironmentalCard838 t1_ixl97m4 wrote

How would she know i thought all communication outside of north Korea = death


Al_Jazzera t1_ixqgnme wrote

A South Korean made car can be a Kia or a Hyundai and that's not even the full list. A North Korean made car consists of a jackass and a cart. This bitch and her porky brother are idiots.