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Da_Vader t1_j1ra4i3 wrote

It's not vaccine. It's Paxlovid, an antiviral drug.

Actually, China did try to get Moderna's vaccine. But they wanted Moderna to make it in China - presumably to steal MRNA tech. Moderna smartly refused and potentially gave up on millions.

Edit included link


Stock_Rush2555 t1_j1rfs3c wrote

> presumably to steal mRNA tech

It's sad that this is such an obvious truth, as opposed to say, saving Chinese lives.

Dictators gonna dick, I guess


BrianC_ t1_j1tc7dv wrote

Alternatively, it would've been such an American/capitalist thing for Moderna to give the technology to China for profit when that technology was funded by American tax dollars.


whichwitch9 t1_j1ro52p wrote

Moderna is also a relatively small company that likely didn't have the means to ensure quality was met by their company standards. They even had a hard time getting going in the US, despite being US based. The covid vaccine is their first product to market

That's why they're so bullish on patents- this is the first time they've brought in actual profits after over a decade of investing into this technology


macross1984 t1_j1rdiak wrote

Thanks for the info. That answer some question as to why China did not distribute western vaccine sooner.

Though Moderna did lose millions I agree that it was good decision to not manufacture in China itself.