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Ceratisa t1_j1vqp0z wrote

Yes, this will surely convince Taiwan they shouldn't continue to improve their... defenses? Wait..


monkeywithgun t1_j1vt0i3 wrote

Unfortunately for those green pilots, what Chinas provocative drills don't tell them, is that in a live fire exchange, the majority of those planes won't reach their targets and an even greater majority will not return to base. Got to love these 'leaders' who love to play games with their peoples lives to bolster their own fragile egos, eh Pooh Bear?...


MinorFragile t1_j200lhc wrote

Are there not missiles that can seek targets over horizon that can be fired from here?

I’m unsure of the name of the YouTube channel but it’s like a mapped battle sim and information is put in with weapon types/ranges/functionality and many of the fights turn real and raw real quick when the deaths mount. It goes in depth of jets diving and averting missiles and accounts for missiles that have better acquisition measures.


monkeywithgun t1_j20dtbo wrote

Nothing prepares you for the death of your wingmen and the adrenaline of avoiding your own death under fire. There is no accurate way to predict how pilots who have never seen combat will react when their planes start falling from the sky, especially when 'all' your pilots are green. You can game it out all you want, that's just not reality.


Flightlessboar t1_j1vvph3 wrote

They flew more than 300 sorties over the median line in a single month (September 2022) so just more of the same at this point


Icy-Morning-4896 t1_j1wfe16 wrote

It's over for Xi. COVID is a disaster and he's about to unleash new COVID variants on the world once he opens travel. He's still committing Genocide.

When he invades Taiwan, China will be crushed both economically and militarily.


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MiloIsTheBest t1_j1xr172 wrote

Good thing Xi's a US President then. He'll be fine. 👍


ILoveZeolites t1_j1xxf2l wrote

Hilarious how people keep comparing the Chinese army to the US. Let me know when they get their rifles to shoot straight.

I'm sure China would perform an amphibious attack on a heavily fortified island without any problems.


FormulaNewt t1_j1wha95 wrote

When a dictator repeatedly acts like he's going to invade and it would be a bad idea for him to do so, there's still a pretty good chance that he's going to do it anyway.


treadmarks t1_j1vxwia wrote

Holy fuck they are so obnoxious. I am so glad their economy is going down the toilet. Can we clamp down on visas next please?


ShareYourIdeaWithMe t1_j1ygefj wrote

Letting freedom and democracy loving Chinese leave China is actually a geostrategically advantageous move.

It's good ideologically - as it exposes Chinese to universal values, rule of law, democracy, freedom of speech, free media.

It's good economically - as these hard working and well educated Chinese move abroad they contribute their labour and innovation to the host countries economies. While sapping the Chinese economy - a phenomena called brain drain.

And its helpful demographically - young people leaving China further exacerbates their demographic problem (aging population).


GPopovich t1_j1y9csu wrote

Don't confuse Chinese citizens with the brass in charge. The protests prove they aren't aligned with what xi does. I don't see an issue with allowing covid free citizens visa opportunities to the US... Unless you have some other unsavory reasons perhaps?


DionysiusRedivivus t1_j1zi2iq wrote

Well, whether it is reflective of domestic indoctrination or the perpetrators are professional provocateurs, China and Chinese exchange students have created a minefield for academic and speech freedom in many American universities. As American education institutions and media have grown increasingly accustomed to Chinese funding or market share. Academics have been the subject of harassment campaigns for bringing up human rights and other issues regarding China. Media corporations edit material to meet Chinese government demands. The latter is markers and the almighty dollar. The former is more concerning. Basically backfiring any pretext that exposure to Western culture will automatically promote freedom in China.


YourOldCellphone t1_j1xhw8f wrote

Winnie the Pooh really has an ego issue he needs to work on… little man syndrome leading a failing economy.


joey456574 t1_j1wejxa wrote

Fuck off China, go join Russia on the naughty step


Avenflame t1_j1x71qa wrote

Meanwhile, back in the motherland, covid is ravaging through the population. 80% of my Chinese counterparts are sick with covid (& their parents as well) and they are worried because the elderly do not believe in the vaccine (no thanks to government propaganda)

With Chinese New Year on the horizon, the biggest human migration will happen in a month’s time, guaranteeing a huge spike in covid cases and drowning the already-struggling healthcare system.

But instead of focusing resources and all attention to affairs at home, Xi has to go around swinging his **** and doing all sort of nonsense war posturing.

He and Putin deserves each other, in the worst place in hell.


Accomplished-Rest-89 t1_j1wm26y wrote

If we collectively don't buy Chinese made products then China would not have enough money for their military drills and expansion tactics


Mellevalaconcha t1_j1wv7xl wrote

Tell that to the rest of the world, they talk shit about China, but i don't see anyone trying to ban cheap Chinese labor.


FrankLeeCandid t1_j1y3kip wrote

Yeah, but like the other guy said, what if we all said fuck it we’re going to stop buying Chinese shit?


plugster22 t1_j1vww9g wrote

Time to shoot a few down and let China know, their games are over. When all the countries get involved China will end up like Russia.


epic-robloxgamer t1_j1w3vd2 wrote

Is there something wrong in your brain? Do you understand the implications of a nation shooting down chinese planes and citizens? That’s just asking for a war


Bukseben t1_j1w7h3b wrote

no no. An unprovoked act of war against China is the best way to calm them down, surely.


Robw1970 t1_j1xaq12 wrote

Exactly, China can only relate to unprovoked acts.


Leon-the-Doggo t1_j1wl0q0 wrote

The Indonesians blew up one Chinese boat for illegal fishing. China did nothing.


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fronthandlebar t1_j1y73ud wrote

Since when has the US been worried about Taiwan? The US supported the KMT in China, the US supported the KMT when they fled to Taiwan, the US supported the KMT when they brutally ruled on the island resulting in the deaths of tens of thousands of Taiwanese, even going so far as to call Taiwan ‘Free China’. The reason the US supported the KMT was because the KMT believed they would re-enter China in some ruling capacity and the US assumed they would too, and wanted the influence to shape China events that went with that. Was only after realizing the KMT wasn’t going to return as they hoped that the US dug into their armory and found the democracy and human rights flags and knowing it would irk China, started waving them furiously hoping to start a conflict with a still then much weaker China. That never happened and now plan C has seemingly commenced with the US increasingly selling Taiwan easily replaced weapons as well as encouraging them to export their technological prowess. Europe also catching on and wanting a piece of the pie. The US has a lot to answer for to the Taiwanese people. And if a conflict started and China was weakened, REGARDLESS of whether Taiwan was decimated or not, American troops would return home heros. Taiwanese welfare is not Americas priority, and never has been. Weakening China, their perceived geopolitical enemy, is, and always has been, Americas priority which is also why the US demonizes China at every possible opportunity, regardless of what China does.


Macasumba t1_j1ztlzb wrote

Formosa was not topic in 1960 Kennedy/Nixon debates. So I would say since 1947 at least.


MojoDr619 t1_j1wwgok wrote

So does everyone just sit around until they invade? It is getting tiring that those advocating for a countrys independence always has to sit down and wait for the aggressor to make their move


Cheesenugg t1_j1x5ab3 wrote

Quit being a warhawk!


MojoDr619 t1_j1x7hh6 wrote

I hate war. But these assholes keep being aggressors.. I'm against anyone who initiates a conflict.. but in this case China is clearly initiating it.. is anyone else flying their fighter jets over china?

It's like getting mad at Ukraine for defending themselves when Russia just has to stop attacking them. China went crazy just because fucking Pelosi went to Taiwain to talk w their leader. If the only way they can claim Taiwain is through violence then they are in the wrong and that is all they have here


Cheesenugg t1_j1x9ler wrote

Violence doesn't solve Violence. The USG has done very similar things to what the CCC is hoping to pull off with Taiwan. Yet the USG has been allowed to exist. Where's the calls for the dismantling of the CIA?

Of course the Chinese government is tyrannical and evil and should be dismantled, BUT start paying attention to the fact that you're wound up, loaded, and shot like a gun at any problem like its cut and dry, good vs evil. The world is varying shades of gray. The innocent people of Ukraine and Taiwan are just caught in the middle of a new avenue of profit for the world elites.


MojoDr619 t1_j1xdoo1 wrote

I'm actually against US and all its wars of aggression as well


[deleted] t1_j1x9xp4 wrote



MojoDr619 t1_j1xe56c wrote

So you don't think China is practicing and testing what they can get away with for an invasion of Taiwain? Especially after what they did after Pelosi visited and all their threats?

That's all just going by the book?


Robw1970 t1_j1xaxeq wrote

No ones is waiting, they are preparing and building militarily and economically. This takes time to build and train for war and unplug from from a prior large trading partner.


humptydumpty369 t1_j1wwx4b wrote

War is obviously awful for everyone involved. But it's another type of stressful to hear week after week, "so and so may invade so and so because of such and such reasons." Crap or get off the pot already.


YuanBaoTW t1_j1xnhrm wrote

> Crap or get off the pot already.

Problem is they don't always use pots. Still a lot of squat toilets in China.


cyrixlord t1_j1wgpne wrote

"im not touching you... i'm not touching you..."


Macasumba t1_j1zsyns wrote

All aircraft destroyed. Nuclear bomb destroys Beijing. Taiwan now rules mainland China. China finally leaves Tibet.


zyx1989 t1_j1xxpdx wrote

You know how some people say dictators use war as a distraction? Given how things have gone for China this year and predictable economic troubles next year, the chance for the ccp starting a war next year has certainly gone up


NotAnUncle t1_j1yc399 wrote

Please, all I ask is for one year to be peaceful. Why does every year need to have a point to talk about and write about in human history. Everyday it’s just worrying why there’s just this willingness to go to battle or invade over everything.


hibernating-hobo t1_j1yl2sc wrote

A country having “strike drills” should be considered as an act of war.


Elipses_ t1_j20dfo7 wrote

Anything to distract their populace from the fact that Covid is running rampant, right?


markedbeamazed t1_j1wl040 wrote

Another dumb move by the Chinese government to try to deflect attention away from it's failures at home. China's failed covid policy didn't work now they are trying to flex it's non-existent muscle. China's failing economy needs the proper attention first.


bigpook t1_j1wrisz wrote

Nice, yes, thank you for demonstrating your 'strike drill'. I imagine military analysts are already coming up with solutions to counter that and other vectors of attacks.

Keep rattling the sword my friend. Keep rattling the sword.


ketimmer t1_j1vykez wrote

Is this not an act of war?


rTpure t1_j1wb1xe wrote

>Is this not an act of war?

No because these planes are flying in international airspace


Solid_Shape2055 t1_j1w9cpr wrote

Why wouldn't Taiwan do the same thing 🤔


--Arete t1_j1w3rqw wrote

Phase 1: The Chinese strategy is to slowly encapsulate Taiwan and push limits on how much they can intude Taiwanese territory.

Phase 2: CCP will launch a false flag operation in order to encourage the fighting will of the Chinese people, spreading propaganda and hate.

Phase 3: The CCP will try to send warships to blockade Taiwan.

Phase 4: Taiwan will be forced to accept demands from the CCP or fight the entirety of the Chinese army.

Phase 5: Taiwan will give in because no other country will risk going to war China, leaving Taiwan to fight China alone.


Euclid_Interloper t1_j1x2np3 wrote

This is so painfully unrealistic. Neither the US nor Japan would accept a Chinese blockade of Taiwan, it would be a strategic disaster. Both would send ships and aircraft to resupply the country, thereby calling China’s bluff. China would then have a choice, either get out the way of allied ships or fire on them and start WWIII.


--Arete t1_j1y51gm wrote

I don't think you are very well informed. China already has an equal strength navy compared to the US. The US won't have much of a choice than to stand down. Do you really think they are going to fight China over Taiwan?


sg3niner t1_j1y5nno wrote

China's navy isn't anywhere CLOSE to being as capable as the US Navy. You're either a CCP troll, or just ridiculously ignorant.


--Arete t1_j1y7u4u wrote

Why is that? (What makes the US navy better)


passtheGUAK t1_j1yfex8 wrote

Air craft carrier diff is huge China has a ton of small ships and civilian ships they can repurpose. Really good on defense, on offense not so much. I don’t think either side could win this war tbh, I think the reason why the status quo is what it is is largely because any fighting wouldn’t change the status quo. It’s hard to blockade an island when your opponent has so many damn aircraft carriers, hard to pressure the mainland when you don’t have the ammunition to fight all those ships

What do I know tho


TrueMrSkeltal t1_j1w8o3f wrote

An invasion of Taiwan would be a catalyst for a world war. Not because of morals but because of the massive impact that would have on the semiconductor market, which in turn affects pretty much everything in our world.


auxerre1990 t1_j1whnoh wrote

And also, what neighboring Asian country is going to let China expand their Maritime Exclusive Economic Area????? Fuck no!!!!!!!!!! That lets China have westward towards south china sea and Vietnam .. /eastward access to the pacific.... and the south...


Blitzares t1_j1wff3s wrote

You are insane if you don't think the US will step in to defend Taiwan.


--Arete t1_j1y53xe wrote

I hope you are right but I doubt it.


Blitzares t1_j1y6d3e wrote

You don't have to hope or doubt. They will. The geopolitical ramifications that will occur if they don't are far FAR too great for them not to.


No_Match1529 t1_j1w13s0 wrote

china must invade Taiwan and annex it so that doesn't impose as a threat on it later on and to protect its sovereignty


intelligentx5 t1_j1xgnae wrote

Ah fuck off. Taiwan is it’s own country. You don’t just invade a neighbor because they have cool shit.

China is shit and Taiwan wants none of that oppressive genocidal bullshit.


lordofedging81 t1_j1xvanu wrote

Substitute "Russia" and "Ukraine" and that's the same shit Putin is doing right now.

Do you support Russia, or Ukraine, in that conflict?