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Riptide360 t1_j1uylci wrote

Sanctions only work on countries that want to trade. At this point resuming trade would be more disruptive to North Korea.


deez_treez t1_j1uwldj wrote

No more money. China is the major issue here. They'll never be taken seriously on the world stage if they can't even check a poor, isolated neighboring ally.

It's on China to pay Kim not to threaten the world with nukes. Refugees and fallout will litter their soil for decades to come if there's a mistake by Kim.


lordderplythethird t1_j1uzc15 wrote

DPRK is a blessing for China. Kim being a nuclear tyrant means ROK will exist where it is, and with its focus on DPRK. Should DPRK ever fall or reunify with ROK, China gets a US ally on its border, and a potential adversary that's no longer distracted by DPRK's antics. Same goes for Japan as well.


Oops_allthrowaways t1_j1v8zr0 wrote

If they keep fucking around there won’t be a North Korea anymore. It’ll either get bombed to dust or South Korea will reclaim its other half. It’s a win-win in my eyes.


der_titan t1_j1vc55u wrote

North Korea was a major regional threat before they developed nuclear weapons and started testing their longer range, advanced missiles.

With artillery and mortars alone, North Korea could easily inflict over a hundred thousand South Korean casualties and cause billions of dollars in damages - within hours.


TinyDickAndrewTate t1_j1wwrzp wrote

Dirty secret of ordnance: it goes bad.

That money for nuclear weapons research had to come from somewhere - I'm curious to see what state their vaunted artillery truly is in these days.

I'm guessing Potemkin.


Right-Fisherman-1234 t1_j1xibcu wrote

Yup. Steal $, build rocket, fire it. Steal more $, build rocket, fire it. Steal even more $, build rocket, fire it.


Merluner t1_j1uv624 wrote

They might be using the decomposition gasses to fuel the rockets so they really have no incentive to curb covid.


BPhiloSkinner t1_j1vtwm9 wrote

Dark, my friend, but it does follow from that odd headline.


DeMalgamnated t1_j1vf8ez wrote

it's funny that a lot of the world's bad countries share borders...just not good for the good countries that also share said borders.