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KGBinUSA t1_j27178n wrote

Kyiv subways are usually warm in the winter and that's where most of the shelters are. But yeah, I get it; can't imagine living there under constant threat.

Sadly some people might take the warning lightly and not go to shelters. Zelensky even said in his Letterman interview that people are getting used to air raid sirens =/


Defiant-Peace-493 t1_j273p8d wrote

Huh. I knew the Moscow subway was built deep to double as a blast shelter. Kyiv's is 21 meters lower at its deepest, at 105 meters.


HolyFuckerony t1_j27hy7m wrote

Smart architects.


buttermbunz t1_j27isy3 wrote

That’s because the smartest and most qualified people in the USSR came from Ukraine.


Altruistic_Price7572 t1_j27nct8 wrote

Wasn’t that sub, the Moskova, built in Ukraine?


Nolsoth t1_j27vx22 wrote

Yes a long time ago, then the Russians stole it.


anshox t1_j28ubwi wrote

“Moskva” is “Slava” class cruiser and they were built in Mykolaiv. 2 of them are still in russian navy, just not in Black Sea fleet. There’s also unfinished cruiser which is in Mykolaiv port


Ornolfr t1_j27v3et wrote

Not some, but the vast majority. We just keep on living, being hit by a rocket is basically the same probability as being hit by car in an accident.


Iron_Seguin t1_j28ln55 wrote

God that’s just awful. They’ve been under attack and duress so long it doesn’t even phase them anymore.....


belugarooster t1_j28j9n3 wrote

Motherfucker is on borrowed-time. Still, it can't happen quick enough!


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TheseLipsSinkShips t1_j29oijs wrote

Americans should send millions of cans of Crisco in protest to Putin and the FSB... To make sure Russians know what the rest of the world expects Putin’s demise to look like.


TheJonnieP t1_j2a7u1x wrote

At this point I would skip the quick and painful section and jump straight ahead to the dying part.


SourMash8414 t1_j27tsdx wrote

>Putin can't die quickly or painfully enough.

don't you mean, slowly?


Graywulff t1_j27fc48 wrote

How do the Russians suddenly have so many missiles? Could the sanctions buster be getting around sanctions to get chips for the missiles?


HungryExternal9373 t1_j27yuo2 wrote

It could be that a lot of what we read is actually biased and alot of what Russians read is actually biased.


Graywulff t1_j283yl4 wrote

Truth. A Chinese guy went full ji ping on me the other month and I just let it wash over me and said to myself “hes been drinking their Kool aid since as soon as he could absorb propaganda and so have I and they are alternate programs” so I didn’t bother to debate him on it. I just didn’t hang out with him again.


lalalandcity1 t1_j285tvf wrote

This must have happened in Richmond, BC


AllModsAreL0sers t1_j28dbbe wrote

Are you open to the fact that you may also be biased? That's what the person you're replying to suggested


Graywulff t1_j296ql7 wrote

I admit it in my post. “He… absorbed propaganda… and so did I”

Yes I’m aware I even mention it.


IDwelve t1_j28864f wrote

Yes, he drank the Kool aid. Unlike you, who is immune to propaganda and is definitely hearing the truth.
Which is also why you're surprised by what is actually happening on the ground even though your informed, unbiased, non-kool-aid sources told you Russia has no more missiles...

fucking lol


TheNonViolentOne t1_j289wwr wrote

> so have I

You just can't read.

Fucking lol indeed. WHY ARE YOU SO ANGRY!


Lotus_Blossom_ t1_j28ab20 wrote

...Are you replying to the person who said

>“hes been drinking their Kool aid since as soon as he could absorb propaganda and so have I and they are alternate programs”

...? Because they're explicitly not claiming to be immune to propaganda.


Graywulff t1_j29219u wrote

I’m not immune to propaganda. I realize the pledge of allegiance from 6 on, Boy Scouts, a lot of history classes taught American exceptionalism.

Elementary school they told us America was the only free country in the world. My friend was English and she insisted it was a democracy and the teachers are like “oh no they aren’t free they have a monarchy”.

Also before the fall of the Berlin Wall the maps were all the wrong size. They showed the us Canada and Western Europe to be bigger than the Soviet Union… Soviet Union fell and we got regular maps and I wondered why they bothered to lie to us about the size of the country.

One map the continental us was bigger than russia.

So yeah I recognize he’s had his and I have had mine and we have counteracting programming, so I admit I have been programmed by America to be pro US and anti china basically and he’s anti America (despite living here, being poor in china, and rich here), and I knew not to bother.

Another guy wanted me to agree to all these Chinese state talking points (9 dash line, etc) and agree freedom of navigation should be illegal bc it says china on the South China Sea… it’s like I believe in freedom of navigation, international law, free hong kong, free Tibet. He stopped talking to me.


load_more_commments t1_j29yurr wrote

I'm fully aware of map projections and the Mercator issues but there is absolutely no real world map that shows the US bigger than the USSR or Russia. Perhaps you counted Canada and considered North America as a whole.


Graywulff t1_j2ab0e7 wrote

Or I last saw it in 1993 when I was like ten.


AllModsAreL0sers t1_j28dsyl wrote

It's not really clear, to be honest. They should focus on speaking clearly before consuming propaganda


celerywife t1_j28e8gq wrote

You're clearly looking for a reason to criticize and get fired up. Chill and read the text before you comment on it, you make yourself out to be a jerk. "fucking lol" really put it over the top.


Graywulff t1_j2927kq wrote

Maybe his electric maga hat stock is dropping like it’s hot but it’s not.


Graywulff t1_j297ic8 wrote

It’s also called a rhetorical question. Like if I have been getting this info than why do they still have a lot? I’m questioning the source in my question and I’m admitting to being programmed by American propaganda at the same time as the Chinese guy was so I realized it wasn’t worth debating.

I’m not sure if you understood what I said. Big words and all.


Graywulff t1_j2axg02 wrote

I said I got a different kind of kool aid in my post. I’m not sure why you’re angry, but perhaps work on reading comprehension or your adhd?

My supposition was that they were getting around sanctions more effectively recently, and I asked a rhetorical question based on that to elicit a response.

Is English not your first language?


IDwelve t1_j2bfjd2 wrote

Looks like I interpreted sth into your statement that wasn't there, my bad.
I was just going off of the general approach I always see in these Russia-related posts. English is my third language.


Graywulff t1_j2dtmhg wrote

Oh I hope they go bankrupt from the cost of the damage and the death they did in Ukraine and that they try all the war criminals and see them sentenced in The Hague, where they’re building a case right now. They have been forensically collecting data from everywhere liberate like a modern crime scene. Volunteers around the world have archived every tweet and telegram and other video posted by Russians media and Ukraine and has sorted it so there will be a big expensive trial. Until then they’ll keep ramping up sanctions and figuring out how the Russians manage to get stuff still.


AllModsAreL0sers t1_j28dhix wrote

No, but see. Everyone I disagree with is necessarily drinking the Kool Aid, and I'm the smartest and most unbiased person in the known universe. That's how this works, okay?



Sin1st_er t1_j285qk8 wrote

Uh Oh, you weren't supposed to bring this up in reddit.


HungryExternal9373 t1_j28ecjn wrote

It’s all good. A story as old as time. Literally!

Propaganda on both sides of a conflict goes way back!

Fog of war is very real


aaaaaaaarrrrrgh t1_j28arb1 wrote

I added up the numbers in the Ukrainian (!) claim about Russia's missile shortage and even ignoring the S-300 it added up to something like 1000 missiles (of different types).


HungryExternal9373 t1_j28e7f1 wrote

Ok and?


aaaaaaaarrrrrgh t1_j28hji4 wrote

It confirms that the often-repeated "they're running out of missiles" is questionable even based on Ukrainian data, as a specific example confirming what you said.


ConnorChandler t1_j27kl7z wrote

They're burning through their reserves yes, IIRC Russia is converting anti air missiles to surface ones, but yes there is no shortage of rogue nations/companies willing to overlook embargoes to keep delivering to Russia.


Lepojka1 t1_j281x7d wrote

Have been listening to this for a year now almost... They have been on reserves since may... Are we sure this intel is correct?


Graywulff t1_j28425j wrote

I’m wondering if they’re building them faster due to shenanigans with sanctions.


HungryExternal9373 t1_j28q8iz wrote

This is entirely my point. We as random internet ppl have no real idea. We can only see in real time that Russia is non stop bombing Ukraine with missiles


HauDyr t1_j28fyr1 wrote

Yes I was thinking "they must fire the last rocket soon", so something must have changed since may?


load_more_commments t1_j29z8w7 wrote

I recall so much Western experts saying Russia could only afford to have this army out for 2 weeks. Here we are almost a year later. I think it's safe to say we can't trust any source reliably right now.


not---a---bot t1_j27z1p9 wrote

They already had a massive stockpile and are probably producing more domestically.


daniel_22sss t1_j29dnu8 wrote

I think people just underestimated their stockpiles. Its A LOT. They did waste a good half of it, but another half still remains. And ukranian officials constantly assuring that "russians are about to run out of missiles" are not helping. I would rather believe, that they are about to run out of army itself, than missiles.


Graywulff t1_j29fr51 wrote

Yeah it seemed like they slowed down missile attacks for a time and focused on drones and then suddenly a ton of missiles again. Had there been a time with less missile strikes or am I remembering that wrong?


daniel_22sss t1_j2c7l9n wrote

Yes, there was


Graywulff t1_j2dsaui wrote

So what changed?


daniel_22sss t1_j2e40xw wrote

They got butthurt over succesful Ukranian attacks.


Graywulff t1_j2e869t wrote

Yeah they’re gonna be really hurting when we don’t drop the sanctions until they pay to repair the country and pay pensions for the killed and injured. I hope they never drop sanctions and let Russia turn into North Korea.

F em.


load_more_commments t1_j29yfam wrote

Firstly that are 100% getting around sanctions, not too the quantities they truly need but that definitely are. Secondly, Russia has stepped up production and is now able to produce missiles faster than they're using them.


Graywulff t1_j2aaunp wrote

How is this change possible and what can be done?


load_more_commments t1_j2ab2y5 wrote

Keep giving Ukraine weapons. Their missiles are low precision and don't really affect Ukraine's army that much. Therefore Russia is just wasting money at this point.


Graywulff t1_j2ab990 wrote

Yeah, the whole thing is a waste, and horrible.

I guess more Patriot missile systems are needed now?


AllModsAreL0sers t1_j28d8n6 wrote

The West has made a lot of enemies in the past century


Graywulff t1_j29av7x wrote

So has russia. We were both in Afghanistan and both did the satellite country espionage thing and had our intelligence services all over foreign democracies trying to get a fair shake.


D4RKNESSAW1LD t1_j27tl8l wrote

Fuck Russia. I think it’s time I volunteer to go fight. I’ve had enough of this shit. Russian boys I’m coming for you.

These poor people. I can no longer sit by and watch! Time to contact the NYC embassy..


[deleted] t1_j27v4ci wrote

If you don't have combat experience you're fucked.

Btw, you don't want that smoke...... Just something to think about.


D4RKNESSAW1LD t1_j27v86m wrote

Yeah I don’t want the winter. But I do want that smoke. I have combat experience. These people need help.. it hurts to sit by and watch that I can give my time and presence to help at least 1 person.


GracieMaeMacieMarie t1_j288shq wrote

Lmaaaaooo. You won’t do it.


D4RKNESSAW1LD t1_j288tnu wrote

Yeah app already filled out and submitted.


GracieMaeMacieMarie t1_j288va1 wrote

Post proof


D4RKNESSAW1LD t1_j288x0m wrote

I’ll respond to this when I get a response from my app. Problem is I have no passport.


GracieMaeMacieMarie t1_j288z60 wrote

Sorry brother but I’m calling bullshit on this one. 😜


WhoElseButQuagmire11 t1_j290b0l wrote

If you look at his history, he is clearly a veteran or atleast has put months and months of work into this and research. There is all kinds of people on reddit.. vets being one.

Edit: point is, it's not super unlikely he is telling the truth. Atleast about being a war veteran.


Dpontiff6671 t1_j29m47r wrote

The thing is why tf you bragging on Reddit about it, just fucking do it. The people who are the loudest about are often the ones that won’t do a single fucking thing. If they cared that much they’d be getting their passport in order getting gear and planning a flight not arguing on Reddit about it.


ztconut t1_j2an6z9 wrote

We should raise them up not try and call them out, that's bitch mentality.

Good on him and thank you for caring about the people of Ukraine.


WhoElseButQuagmire11 t1_j2b6mxy wrote

As with Putin and Ukraine. The default setting of people is to tear down and humiliate.


WhoElseButQuagmire11 t1_j2b6xu3 wrote

Maybe he is venting. He was hardly bragging about it. Just sounds like jealousy. Why does anyone post or say what they say on reddit. Seriously.


[deleted] t1_j28v2k2 wrote

With that being said, if you've been prior service infantry, best of luck brother!

If you haven't already, watch a few of those foreign legion interviews they got good info on the fighting, equipment and lack of leadership.



Irish_Daygo t1_j27whhg wrote

If you go they treat the foreign fighters as cannon fodder, just an FYI.


D4RKNESSAW1LD t1_j27wr1c wrote

Ah really? Maybe I’ll wait until it’s warm.


marcuschookt t1_j28vqv8 wrote

My man just acted like his bleeding heart called him into battle but then decided to go to war during better weather conditions


Ffusu t1_j286cvo wrote

After seeing the front combat videos, I just don’t understand what Russia hope to even archive. This is terrible but nothing to compare with real combat, Ukraine endured war and this is supposed to break them?


TheseLipsSinkShips t1_j29nlb9 wrote

How long will the world stand by and let Russia commit war crimes by targeting Ukrainian civilians?


TheseLipsSinkShips t1_j29p145 wrote

Ghadaffi was sodomized by his troops after his death.


Expensive-Ad-5084 t1_j28cc6j wrote

The Russians are going to live in infamy forever


RamieruThe5th t1_j28enmo wrote

I wonder why such events are still a thing to deserve its own news title. We have them pretty much every day, they've become routine part of life, but this is how media work, I suppose.


Infinite-Outcome-591 t1_j29k2de wrote

Jesus! Puto is still at it. He thinks he's going to live until 150? Not! I think he'll be toast in 2023


JerseyTom1958 t1_j2b3epz wrote

Fuck that scumbag putin and russia! 🇺🇦🌻❤


postsshortcomments t1_j28bb0u wrote

Friendly reminder as to what people like these do to working families the second they can turn brother on brother over private equity.


LordGoldenEagle t1_j28yc8i wrote

Sorry Kyiv, we are too scared to help you.


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n3gotiator t1_j2791ew wrote

I would like to say that everyone in your life you consider close will be happy when you’re gone, but the reality is most of them won’t even notice.


laineDdednaHdeR t1_j27drij wrote

They were supposed to win the first time they tried to attack Kyiv and got stuck in the mud. Not a single thing has gone to Russia's supposed plan, and Ukrainian winter just started.

It's like Putin hadn't learned anything from the Germans' attempted invasion of Stalingrad.


wildweaver32 t1_j27p45m wrote

Russia tried to take all of Ukraine and was defeated by Ukraine.

So to save face Russia then tried to target the main cities in Ukraine forming long convoy lines that got totally destroyed and forced Russia to retreat again.

To save Face Russia said they only want a region at their borders as they invaded. Ukraine is currently making more and more gains, liberating more and more cities. And even got major ones.

Now Russia is throwing a tantrum and bombing civilians because they realized they don't have the military capabilities to take any Ukraine land, or even defend against Ukraine liberating the cities.

One thing is certain. Ukraine will win. Every day Ukraine is getting stronger with better weapon systems. First it was Howitzers. Then HIMARS. Now they are getting the Patriot Missiles. What will they be getting next?

And Everyday Russia is getting weaker. And more Desperate. The only question is how many more Russian lives with Putin send to their deaths before finally giving up.

Well the real question is will Putin give back Ukrainian land peacefully to ease up some of the sanctions. Or will he hold out until Ukraine forces them completely out and then Russia will be sanctioned for the foreseeable future like Cuba was.

Either way Russia has lost by any count.


AntiBox t1_j27p859 wrote

The west hasn't even arrived yet lol


nola_throwaway53826 t1_j27ehe1 wrote

Didn't Russia sue for peace after the fall of Sevestapol and lose the Crimean War?


Ithrazel t1_j27ry6o wrote

Example makes no sense, considering Russia lost the Crimean War.