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wakomorny t1_j1ofn10 wrote

If anyone thinks congress is gonna win in the near term they delusional. The BJP depends on them because they are easy to beat by mocking a single party. What the BJP is scared of is a bunch of smaller regional parties that would win and unite with a common interest. They can bear one big guy but it's a lot harder to beat do many parties better in line with the locals interests


multimeterreaction t1_j1os7jk wrote

As long as Rahul Gandhi is in charge, they ARE NOT FUCKING WINNING. That guy is an absolute sitting meme material, no matter how serious he is on his stance


h0rnypanda t1_j1paouv wrote

His messaging is HORRENDOUS, ATROCIOUS. Its gonna fall flat, so bad. His team should be fired.

"spread love, not hate" what kind of shit messaging is that ? The thumping electoral victories of BJP are not making it clear to him that such shit messaging is not gonna work.

People care about their incomes and livelihood, not such idealistic messaging.

Rahul Gandhi is BJP's biggest star campaigner. As long as he is active in politics, BJP cant lose.


Logicalfighter t1_j1pah4l wrote

Rahul Gandhi himself will lose his lok sabha seat. Congress will hardly get 4-5% votes


Regular-Habit-1206 t1_j1o82vc wrote

Party of looters and thieves, I'm enjoying watching them fade into irrelevance


thewayupisdown t1_j1ql56b wrote

And you don't have a problem with the BJP's expulsion and undermining of NGOs or their policies that undermine religious freedom and lead to the persecution of Muslims and the persecution and marginalization of Christians?


Regular-Habit-1206 t1_j1qlx74 wrote

Nope, I'm much more concerned about the economy and seeing that the everyday life of the average person is better than some NGO.


Spiritual-Fan5642 t1_j1voxo0 wrote

As if those NGOs weren't actively performing against the best interests of India's democracy.... /s


thewayupisdown t1_j1wfvo1 wrote

डाउनवोट्स के लिए धन्यवाद!


bebop_eh t1_j1oe2hm wrote

And BJP turning people into extremists. Every party in India is bad hope we can find a middle ground.


No-Philosopher-8212 t1_j1p4e9j wrote

why the downvotes? You are right. We need a different party (Not AAP please) that has some fucking sense in the leaders.


based_opinions_only t1_j1p5ahz wrote

Because this sub is filled with BJP fanclub. Not a fan of Congress or any political party in India myself, but the bias towards BJP in this sub is clear as day.

Edit: I was wondering why I wasn't being downvoted for so long. Turns out the post was brigaded a little late. More downvotes please.


Long-Marketing-5895 t1_j1p6boo wrote

If we see a country as a whole BJP has a very high approval rating.I don't think it's the sub,i think it's the country.


based_opinions_only t1_j1pecds wrote

You're right.. On an average, there are more BJP fans than any other party in India atm. So makes sense that the bias has mirrored on Reddit as well.


No-Philosopher-8212 t1_j1pjsr4 wrote

Which is a huge problem for democracy


Train-Robbery t1_j1px2sj wrote

Why? Government does a bad job, but before them what previous governments used to do was by all standards way worse and those people without any change want to win again. It's painfully obvious why people support BJP


No-Philosopher-8212 t1_j1pzfby wrote

A democracy needs the major power challenged. if the same party stays in power for 15 years, it is not a sign of a truly democratic country,


DragonikOverlord t1_j1q956a wrote

Just see the options we have now:

  1. Congress who blantantly ignored development and was corrupt
  2. AAP which was amazing initially but now is really BAD and lacks the charisma to draw in voters
  3. Other corrupt UP parties (SP/ BSP)
  4. South parties which lack any ambition (DMK)
  5. Evil lady who was actually a hero but lived long and became the villain (Trinamool)

I don't really like BJP, in my state they literally took in local rowdies (saw it in news), very dependent on a corrupt old man for votes and somehow my state is in top 5 DESPITE incompetant parties. I really pity the fact that BJP is the best option we have RN

Also going by your logic, Congress ruled for 60 years with only 2 gaps in between - so we weren't democratic right?


No-Philosopher-8212 t1_j1taq6q wrote

I agree that BJP is the best option rn, and it is my honest opinion that we weren't that democratic during the congress rule, since there was no party to compete with. We were just democratic by name, that;s all.


DragonikOverlord t1_j1tj7or wrote

Actually, I don't like many of their policies - they implement stuff, face backlash and withdraw it after damage. They can't control their party workers' firebrand statements. There is corruption at lower level.
BUT it is the only government which is pushing for infrastructure, focusing on neglected states in northeast(Congress treated it as a buffer). UP was a 'bimaru' but now Yogi is actually doing splendid work. They revolutionised digital payments and their foreign policy is top notch.
The only reason many Indians support BJP is because they are putting in real work and we can see the development.
I still hope that we can see a honest opposition (not the likes of AAP/Cong) rise up and challenge BJP but until then I will continue to vote for BJP at national level.


anything411 t1_j1q9dty wrote

Remind me again how many years congress remained in power consecutively? Anything's better than fucking congress, their failed experiment with socialism till 1980s only degraded India's economy after independence.


Train-Robbery t1_j1pwy11 wrote

Congress supporters are indeed a rare species now. Won just 54 seats out of 550 last elections, BJP won 300+

Congress is going through it's last breaths, and Rahul Gandhi intends to keep it's ashes


MessiSahib t1_j1pn32o wrote

The article forget to mention that the leader of this unity march, is PM candidate and was president of his party, because his mommy, daddy uncle, grandma, great-grandpa, great-great-grandpa were president or PM or PM candidate of the party and country.

Vast majority of India's problem since independence like corruption, nepotism, persistent poverty, unemployment, terrible education system, poor infrastructure, awful manufacturing and industrial setup, religion/caste/regional divides are due to this family and their party.

They can only shout secularism, because raising any other issue will open them up for massive criticism. Foreign media and activists, easily fall for their pitch, and then wonders why this party keeps on getting rejected.


TorontoGiraffe t1_j1ql4v9 wrote

>They can only shout secularism, because raising any other issue will open them up for massive criticism.

Actually they can't even do that. Their version of secularism was "the government gets unnecessarily and invasively involved in all religions" and they continued to perpetuate colonial era divide-and-rule religious laws that are antithetical to the proper functioning of a modern democratic state.


Shillofnoone t1_j1pqv95 wrote

He ignored odisha, chattisgarh, andhra pradesh, entire NE , majority of UP and Bihar like his Pappy and all the pappies before him. Because he knows he can't answer the question why he and his party ignored these states so long despite his party being in power for so long.


BlueCyann t1_j1ps6cs wrote

Too bad the Congress Party is so hideously corrupt that “we’re not raging bigots” is the only thing they can be proud of.


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bechampions87 t1_j1o2k1u wrote

Good. I hope the opposition gets its act together in India and challenges the BJP in the next elections.


TomorrowWaste t1_j1o8ixs wrote

Lol, as long as Congress is the main opposition, nothing will change.

Congress didn't even try in gujarat(the home state of modi) despite how close they were the previous time, they just gave up, this guy didn't go through gujarat.


bechampions87 t1_j1o9fs3 wrote

I like the Aam Aadmi Party and their work in reducing corruption and providing basic services. They are growing but I doubt they will be a force nationally when the next elections come around.


RoyalSniper24 t1_j1p9t6s wrote

They'll give freebies to people till they bankrupt the state then ask centre for help.


False_Implement_5934 t1_j1rp76c wrote

No one gives freebies. Taxpayers pay for that. You think free ration to 80 crore people is freebie going out of politician's pockets?


No-Philosopher-8212 t1_j1p4li7 wrote

Aam admi party is just weird. Plain weird. That is the only way to describe it.


Train-Robbery t1_j1px70t wrote

Nah AAP is shit as well, need Congress to kick out Gandhi Parasite and give opportunity to an actually deserving candidate with great oratorship.


autotldr t1_j1novr3 wrote

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 87%. (I'm a bot)

> Joined by thousands of party workers and senior leaders, the march led by Rahul Gandhi, an opposition leader of the Congress party and scion of the influential Gandhi family, entered New Delhi after passing through eight states.

> Hindu nationalism has surged under Modi and his party, which have been criticized over rising hate speech and violence against Muslims in recent years.

> With a national election less than 16 months away, it could determine whether India's beleaguered opposition can put up a fight against the electoral juggernaut of Modi's party that won the majority in 2014 and 2019.

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Jackolantern668 t1_j1nkyvw wrote

India is my birth country. It is sad that it is now considered only "partly free" by Freedom House because of the actions of the current government in power.


LogicalError_007 t1_j1ocdgl wrote

Do you live here, I don't see how India is below many other countries.

Edit: Women doesn't even have right to their own body but US is above India, how? Must have been supplemented because of freedom to buy a gun and shoot at schools and public. What about people of colour being unfairly treated or killed?

Hmm, is it that only country that are 1st world developed giving funds to this organization are regarded as free. Every community votes in India, even at the remotest of the place, every non Hindu community got benefits here, poor people get food almost at no cost regardless of their caste or religion.

If US can be there after not allowing women to have rights on their body, I don't see why India also shouldn't be there.


Top-Bear3376 t1_j1qj4m0 wrote

> Every community votes in India, even at the remotest of the place

You're criticizing a report that you haven't read. The U.S. has a higher score overall, but India is rated slightly better when it comes to political rights.

>Women doesn't even have right to their own body

Attempts to restrict abortion are discussed in the U.S. report, but it didn't affect the score because being able to get the procedure was Constitutionally protected when the analysis was done.


godisanelectricolive t1_j1or9at wrote

They have released a report for 2022 but the link is for last year's scores going by the events covered in the breakdown. The US's ranking is based on the events of 2021, so the abortion decision hasn't been factored in yet.


LogicalError_007 t1_j1ov25j wrote

I still don't see US being categorised as partly free like India shouldn't be.

And if they aren't categorised as partly free, neither should India.


Top-Bear3376 t1_j1ox0h6 wrote

> Every community votes in India, even at the remotest of the place

You're criticizing a report that you haven't read. The U.S. has a higher score overall, but India is rated slightly better when it comes to political rights.

>Women doesn't even have right to their own body

Attempts to restrict abortion are discussed in the U.S. report, but it didn't affect the score because being able to get the procedure was Constitutionally protected when the analysis was done.

(Edit) The score is based on 2021.


LogicalError_007 t1_j1oy1dt wrote

Women are dying and have to move to other states and even countries. This is being constitutionally protected? What??


Top-Bear3376 t1_j1oy64c wrote

Read the whole sentence.

>Attempts to restrict abortion are discussed in the U.S. report, but it didn't affect the score because being able to get the procedure was Constitutionally protected when the analysis was done.


LogicalError_007 t1_j1p41fr wrote

Okay, then in next report I'm sure US will be regarded as partly free. Right...... Right?

They they won't be, if they will I'll happily take my L. But if they won't, why should India be called partly free?


Top-Bear3376 t1_j299p2i wrote

The score will most likely go down. The status doesn't necessarily have to change because abortion isn't the only aspect of freedom, and a majority of women still have access to it.


Top-Bear3376 t1_j1xvrxs wrote

Read the whole sentence.

>Attempts to restrict abortion are discussed in the U.S. report, but it didn't affect the score because being able to get the procedure was Constitutionally protected when the analysis was done.


Loli_Boi t1_j1pbs92 wrote

The choice is determined by the state, don’t group all of the US together saying we all said “no rights”, just look at which states protected their rights and which didn’t


LogicalError_007 t1_j1pcm4o wrote

I guess US shouldn't be called a country but group of countries.


findMyNudesSomewhere t1_j1q5ktd wrote

US IS like EU, just with more central control. A lot of laws differ highly by state.


No-Philosopher-8212 t1_j1psb9g wrote

That is what it is called, United States of America (Union of States, not country)


LogicalError_007 t1_j1pu5mm wrote

Why is it termed as a country then?


No-Philosopher-8212 t1_j1putzb wrote

it is also a country. Iirc, right after the civil war, a group of smaller "countries" decided to become one big country, while holding some of its autonomy, they agreed to become a union of 'states', hence the name, United States of America.

My knowledge in American history is really poor though, there will be some nuances that I definitely am missing. But it is essentially a more tightly packed EU.

This topic is really interesting tbh.


LogicalError_007 t1_j1pvk14 wrote

Ah, didn't knew about that. I thought a country's constitution would be above a state's law. It's stupid af. Seems so backwards for a developed nation.

Why didn't they reform this? I'm sure most people will vote in favour of having one set of rules in a country.


Jackolantern668 t1_j1ohfq7 wrote

No. I currently live in the US. India may be below many countries in the Freedom House ranking but it is at the higher end of being "partly free". Pakistan is also rated "partly free" but it has a much lower number.


LogicalError_007 t1_j1oj9jz wrote

Pakistan shouldn't even be partly free, they have annihilated the people of other religion. Army and government controls itself without having anything to check each other. Army being able to trample the government. This is not what freedom is.


PM_ME_UR_LOVLY_SMILE t1_j1pt7as wrote

Pakistan's military dictatorship only survives to be a vassal of other powers. These days the US.


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CelebrationHonest788 t1_j1phina wrote

What rights do men have that women don't? Infact i would say women are favoured in India when it comes to judiciary or education (talking about the government not society)


[deleted] t1_j1pi2g8 wrote



CelebrationHonest788 t1_j1pimfc wrote

How is crime against women a democracy problem and not a societal problem? I mean the government is clearly working towards increasing security, providing education and overall working towards upliftment of women.


[deleted] t1_j1pjagg wrote



CelebrationHonest788 t1_j1pjpfj wrote

Lol you don't even what that law is. Love jihad laws are for forceful conversions of women which is a real problem. You are still allowed to marry whoever you want under special marriage act.


[deleted] t1_j1pkbg8 wrote



CelebrationHonest788 t1_j1pkkns wrote

Are you seriously saying Islam which is famous for forceful conversions is not doing it in India? Are you delusional my friend


[deleted] t1_j1pl3el wrote



CelebrationHonest788 t1_j1pliqe wrote

Well there are 100s of speeches by extremists boasting about converting 1000s of Hindus forcefully,

Also even if you think it is a conspiracy theory, still it's not undemocratic since it only affects people who will comitte forceful conversions which is infact wrong and should be punishable


[deleted] t1_j1pm3gf wrote



CelebrationHonest788 t1_j1pn3nr wrote

Just answer this, should forced conversion be legal or illegal


[deleted] t1_j1pnnvk wrote



CelebrationHonest788 t1_j1po09g wrote

Let me ask you this, is love jihad law for individual cases of mass forced conversions?

Even if there is 1 person being converted should they not have any rights?


[deleted] t1_j1po4ck wrote



[deleted] t1_j1prg4j wrote



CelebrationHonest788 t1_j1ps6hw wrote

Conveniently ignoring the other two cases of love jihad and to what extent these people are willing to go to.

Maybe if you read further into that article you will realise around 57 people have come out saying they were forcefully converted to islam. Let's just assume they are all lying.

I was giving an example as people are are boasting about mass conversions it won't be unusual for extremist to try and convert people by any means. I in no way insunuated that there are cases of mass conversions in India yet I found a few cases vy a simple Google search.

Indian government doesn't underreport crimes against women, it is a societal problem. Women are afraid or are forced by the society to think that they are less of human being if they get raped.

Underreporting of rape cases against women is not exclusive to India. Over 80% of the cases go unreported in the US the free world. Yes, two wrongs don't make it right. But is not a problem with democracy but society.


SouthernSample t1_j1r0qlx wrote

TBH, nobody in India gives a $hit about what some dumb org claims. Indians are highly favorable of the current govt and brought them back to power with the highest majority in the last 3 or more decades.


Spiritual-Fan5642 t1_j1vpfok wrote

Just naming yourself Fredom House doesn't mean you are objective about your in-house claims.

I bet they would develop different views if they ACTUALLY considered the country asca while as opposed to EVERY LAST ONE OF 1.35 BILLION PEOPLE.


spk2396 t1_j1noc8h wrote

What's the credibility of the source which considers Indian Kashmir different than India and not integrated part of India? If you are considering it diferrent why not consider Pakistan occupied Kashmir a different county? Because as per UN first Pakistan should remove the military from that part and then India should do it in that order and referendum should take place. You can clearly see some sort of propoganda with this kind of ranking. If it's partly free, why there are several media outlets like quint, the wire, fact check, ndtv, news laundry, etc which freely reports everything against government and not impacted by government in any way. If India is partly free why bjp lost several states election in recent elections. Note that I'm against many things bjp does and not in anyway supporter it but saying India is partly free because of recent government is baseless and plainly false. I'd say change your source and rely on Indian media like "the print" which does pretty fair journalism without any propoganda.


thewayupisdown t1_j1qkerv wrote

I'm pretty sure the fact they colored Kashmir grey - as in "not rated" - means they didn't include the civil liberties and human rights situation in Kashmir in their overall assessment of India. I can only assume they made that choice because the situation regarding "political rights" and "civil liberties" (the two main metrics in the FreedomHouse ranking) is for obvious reasons significantly worse in Tammu and Kashmir than in the rest of India - due to years of pro-independence insurgency, martial law and other tough countermeasures, like the 2019-2021 Kashmir lockdown, so including the particular situation in Indian-controlled Kashmir in the national assessment would negatively skew the result for the whole of India.

As for the rest of your argument: Putin's "United Russia" party also lost some seats in the 2021 election and until recently, some opposition newspapers and radio stations remained in Russia. It seems Putin was in no rush to get rid of this meak remainder of opposition in his country, as long as his grip on power was never realistically in danger. It was probably a useful figleaf to be pointed to when foreign journalists would address the rapid descent towards authoritarianism and the almost total decline of press freedom in Russia.

But cases like Navalny showed that this tolerance of press freedom and opposition organizations in Russia would end immediately once an organization became dangerous to the regime. First they poisoned Navalny and when by a miracle he survived that, they convicted him on some pretense and sentenced him to years in prison.


WikiSummarizerBot t1_j1qkgh9 wrote

2019–2021 Jammu and Kashmir lockdown

>The 2019–2021 Jammu and Kashmir lockdown was an authoritarian lockdown and communications blackout that had been imposed throughout the Indian-administered Jammu and Kashmir following the revocation of Article 370 which lasted until February 2021, with the goal of preemptively curbing unrest, violence and protests. Thousands of civilians, mostly young men, had and have been detained in the crackdown. The Indian government had stated that the tough lockdown measures and substantially increased deployment of security forces had been aimed at curbing terrorism. The government did not want a repeat of the death and injuries seen during the 2016–2017 Kashmir unrest.

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Mammoth_Cut5134 t1_j289015 wrote

Congress also "hates" people, lol. Indira gandhi opened fire on the golden sikh temple in amritsar because a separatist douchebag was hiding there.