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Conveniently ignoring the other two cases of love jihad and to what extent these people are willing to go to.

Maybe if you read further into that article you will realise around 57 people have come out saying they were forcefully converted to islam. Let's just assume they are all lying.

I was giving an example as people are are boasting about mass conversions it won't be unusual for extremist to try and convert people by any means. I in no way insunuated that there are cases of mass conversions in India yet I found a few cases vy a simple Google search.

Indian government doesn't underreport crimes against women, it is a societal problem. Women are afraid or are forced by the society to think that they are less of human being if they get raped.

Underreporting of rape cases against women is not exclusive to India. Over 80% of the cases go unreported in the US the free world. Yes, two wrongs don't make it right. But is not a problem with democracy but society.