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dougalm51 t1_j2cnxlt wrote

Yeah good luck with that, since they've been at the centre of this since the beginning, over 2 fucking years now,they don't share.


thrashgordon t1_j2cr9xo wrote

Over 3 years*


dougalm51 t1_j2cs3fa wrote

There you go, it's been such a shit show I've lost track of time. I hate when these headlines pop up. Why isn't anyone fighting for us any more.


Acrobatic_End6355 t1_j2fuhim wrote

Ehhh I’d say it’s about 3 years… as the first case was reported in late December.


silentorange813 t1_j2d6qf7 wrote

I don't think they are currently hiding the number of cases. The outbreak is completely out of control and testing is limited as the article suggests. The authorities simply lost track of the situation.


NeurodiverseTurtle t1_j2d9gk0 wrote

Tbh I think it’s the Chinese leadership just throwing a hissy fit because they didn’t get their way with ‘Zero Covid’ policies, primarily because they almost faced the first ever Chinese revolution, but also because they hate their own citizenry who they look down on like insects.

“You told us to stop our Zero Covid policy, so enjoy the over-packed hospitals, we’re not helping any more” -all Chinese politicians overlords


Areat t1_j2dxsoy wrote

> almost faced the first ever Chinese revolution

Just so you know, they already had one


WikiSummarizerBot t1_j2dxu7d wrote

1911 Revolution

>The 1911 Revolution, also known as the Xinhai Revolution or Hsinhai Revolution, ended China's last imperial dynasty, the Manchu-led Qing dynasty, and led to the establishment of the Republic of China. The revolution was the culmination of a decade of agitation, revolts, and uprisings. Its success marked the collapse of the Chinese monarchy, the end of 2,132 years of imperial rule in China and 276 years of the Qing dynasty, and the beginning of China's early republican era.

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MyAssIsNotYourToy t1_j2dbhuw wrote

They basically lied that they had the "world first" vaccine. If it worked how is it spreading so fast?


TrumpDesWillens t1_j2dlb8c wrote

Vaccines don't prevent people from catching diseases but it prevents deaths from diseases.


MyAssIsNotYourToy t1_j2dsgvv wrote

Vaccines reduce the likelihood of people passing the infection on to others.


Zombie_Harambe t1_j2fgu80 wrote

Chinese vaccine was probably eggplant, sewer oil, and rhino penis.


NeurodiverseTurtle t1_j2dcp6m wrote

I think what they actually implemented was a ‘close your eyes, cover your ears, and hope for the best’ policy. Yeah Russia and China just decided they want the world to hate them this year, apparently. So they’re both acting-out and lying to the point where they think they can just create their own reality.

Russia is quickly rediscovering reality again in the form of Ukrainian defiance, and China; from a pandemic that every other country on the planet has managed to get under control, except them.

I truly hope that this will be the century that kills authoritarianism for good.


blankarage t1_j2f2rq2 wrote

i mean if the west cant get rid of authoritarianism, in the heart of democracies (IE Trump/right winger in EU and UK), what hope do emerging countries have?


Kako0404 t1_j2eq1sl wrote

The interesting thing about the chinese vaccine sinovac is that it does absolutely nothing on infection prevention but has comparable death prevention rate to mRNA vaccine. This is from the Hong Kong data earlier in 2022. That said Apply that to 1.4B people they will probably still end up with millions of death esp when almost the entire country catching Covid within the span of 2 weeks.


LewisLightning t1_j2d0ldq wrote

Exactly, China isn't going to share information when it could potentially hurt other countries if they say nothing. And also they won't share anything that might implicate them in anything illegal or immoral will also not be shared.


JGCities t1_j2f484s wrote

That is because the government can't admit to being wrong.

Their government is a dictatorship who claims ruling authority by being right about everything. The second they admit that they are not right all the time it undermines their entire reason for existing.


green_flash t1_j2cx2h2 wrote

They're never gonna be 100% transparent, but they do share a bit more now when it comes to the most important data: genetic sequences

Financial Times: China steps up Covid variant monitoring as countries impose entry curbs - Genomic data-sharing on winter wave increases while fears mount over Beijing’s transparency


houstonyoureaproblem t1_j2ddhua wrote

They’re the opposite of transparent. They lie when they release data, and now they’ve entirely stopped updating case numbers and deaths.

They’re not interested in the truth or doing anything that helps the rest of the world.


MrSnow702 t1_j2d3j4v wrote

I swear these headlines remind me of the end of the 2019.


supercyberlurker t1_j2edr0l wrote

It is literally the same.. the claims of racism by checking travelers from China, the lack of transparency, the obvious lies like only one person died of covid in china the entire month?

I guess when the lie has a certain intent and purpose, it will keep being used for the same reasons and so we get the same lies again and again.


eveyohnny t1_j2cm96f wrote

They don't have covid, CCP told me so via tiktok.


green_flash t1_j2cxcok wrote

Last I heard the CCP said they estimate 80% of Beijing residents are infected and there are millions of new infections across the country every day. They don’t give any exact numbers because they've lost track and have given up on testing everyone.


fakeasagi t1_j2d03t2 wrote

I suppose they have to try, but asking the literal disinformation country for information is just funny


TheAxeOfSimplicity t1_j2f06fw wrote

Not as funny as you think... Which country has produced the most anti vaxx disinformation?


MGMAX t1_j2crgcg wrote

China respectfully wipes with WHO letter. Again.


ScopeLogic t1_j2d25mg wrote

CCP doesnt share.... it takes.


loxzade t1_j2cmfho wrote

Why is the world not mandating people flying in from China (or any country with covid resurgance) to test negative before entering? It's kind of even surprising the US is waiting till Jan 5


green_flash t1_j2cydvc wrote

This is a good in-depth article on whether it makes sense to impose travel restrictions or not:

Lays out the arguments of both sides.


IPromiseIWont t1_j2cztzi wrote

Telegraph is UK's version of the New York Post.


green_flash t1_j2d1eti wrote

Daily Mail is the NY Post equivalent. The Torygraph has a right-wing bias, but isn't yellow press. It's more like the Wall Street Journal.


Ftsmv t1_j2dducp wrote

Not really. It is fairly right wing, but it’s a broadsheet so it still has some respect. Tabloids like the Daily Mail and the Express are the UK’s version of the NY Post.


sync-centre t1_j2d3tjo wrote

Easier to shut down any travel from China for a month to let covid burn through the populace to start believing their fake covid tests. Would you start believing their tests all of a sudden?


yace987 t1_j2cpq2q wrote

Why? To protect the world of a new variant? XBB is wreaking havoc in the US, should the world mandate that US travellers test negative? How about wearing a mask and staying up to date with vaccines ?

Edit : by the way I do agree China's stance on data is unacceptable and stats / virus sequencing must be shared to the world


AntiBox t1_j2d20um wrote

> should the world mandate that US travellers test negative?


What kind of argument was this? Did you really think this was some kind of gotcha moment?


yace987 t1_j2dtls2 wrote

I mean, when people fly, its often for vacations paid and planned a while in advance and being rejected last minute because they tested positive would ruin plans and cost a lot of money. If you want the economy to start again and tourism to be back to pre pandemic levels you're gonna have to move on eventually.


jeffcolvn t1_j2cr7g2 wrote

>National, provincial and private health-care authorities in China have provided nearly 1,000 genetic sequences from infected patients to GISAID in the past five days, said Chief Executive Officer Peter Bogner.


Xygnux t1_j2cvd5y wrote

Good that the international community actions had worked in pressuring them to share some information then. Let's make transparency a regular thing so that we can all be safe.


Xygnux t1_j2cr78f wrote

Because while we do have clear data in the US and what the US variant can do, we do not have clear data on what is happening in China right now. That's the difference. Ana that's all WHO is asking right now, more data so that the rest of the world can know whether to take extra precautions or would that be unnecessary.

And until we have clear data it's reasonable for the rest of the world to assume the worse and try to protect itself. And maybe the collective action of the rest of the world in requiring travelers from China to have negative tests, can help in pressuring the Chinese government to make their data more transparent to avoid the international reactionary restrictions.

Wearing a mask is good practice but it's obviously not foolproof. We don't know whether the new vaccines will be helpful if we aren't even sure of what new variants there may be.


Katalopa t1_j2evcxe wrote

The new mandate by the CDC in the US doesn’t discriminate against one nationality. If you travel from China, you will need to test negative to get back into the US. Thus, even US citizens who travel to China need to test negative.


RonBourbondi t1_j2dlslm wrote

Wreaking havoc by what measure? Deaths are extremely low still.


yace987 t1_j2dt7rk wrote

Good point; i guess I was exaggerating. XBB is taking over and avoiding immunities quite well, but the consequences are not fully understood and you may be right that the actual impact is actually limited.


Chi_Chi_laRue t1_j2d2ygp wrote

Obviously the mask does nothing. I’m quite sure masks are being used virtually all the time by everyone in China when people go out in public (every time I see footage of a crowd the people are using masks) and yet they are seeing a million cases a day??? Or likely more. Really, the mask is utter nonsense because the average person does not wash their hands 12times a day, or replace their mask every few hours... touching your mask with dirty hands throughout the day just leads to contamination and spreading of the virus... I learnt this at a hospital when they hired me. They told us, if you don’t replace your mask several times a day, you may as well not wear it at all, it will actually increase chances of sickness


MukdenMan t1_j2d9wvy wrote

The hospital taught you wrong (unless they were just talking about pathogens in general). COVID is spread by air, not by hands or dirty masks. Masks do help but only so much. If 80% of people around you in a subway car have COVID, the mask is probably not going to be enough.


cencorshipisbad t1_j2d6bkz wrote

Same WHO that has been in Chinas pocket since the outset wants the CCP to stop hiding data on the new variant after all the shit we went through with covid? lol


Homies-Brownies t1_j2evucm wrote

Exactly. I'm not a conspiracy dude. I'm not Anti Vax. But it's been obvious since the beginning of this whole thing that WHO gargles ccp nutsacks.


demon13664674 t1_j2doa1k wrote

good luck finding honest report from the CCP


NotAnUncle t1_j2cpbdh wrote

Oh please no, I asked for a break from wars, didn’t ask for Covid back. I’m surprised so many nations refuse to mandate testing.


Pelicanliver t1_j2d34le wrote

And we laughed, and we laughed, and we laughed.


kuralizator t1_j2eeto0 wrote

Hey, WHO, how is Taiwan doing with Covid?

*interrupts the call*


ihler t1_j2d6xy4 wrote

Exactly, good luck on the collaboration with their very responsible leader, he is really showing leadership.


httperror429 t1_j2dutgp wrote

tbh chinese authorities doesn't have the "specific" data either. It's game-over.


green_flash t1_j2cw5xi wrote

> The agency has asked Chinese officials to share more genetic sequencing data, as well as data on hospitalizations, deaths and vaccinations.

They have stepped up when it comes to sharing of geneting sequencing data:

> National, provincial and private health-care authorities in China have provided nearly 1,000 genetic sequences from infected patients to GISAID in the past five days, said Chief Executive Officer Peter Bogner.

> China is also ramping up efforts to track mutations, with the recent upload of sequencing data comparing with just 25 samples submitted in the previous month, he said.



CartographerOne8375 t1_j2e34ly wrote

I'm sure the Bureau of Statistics will "work hard" for this.


Wiggen4 t1_j2fbst2 wrote

Am I the only one who reads these headlines as a question the first time through?


The_General_Li t1_j2dtmv5 wrote

Why? Does anyone have transmission/hospitalization/fatality rates for any strain of covid?


hamiwin t1_j2eo1go wrote

Not.gonna happen


crabcakesandbeer t1_j2f0s91 wrote

China has lied from the beginning; why expect any transparency now?


wulfhund70 t1_j2fb3l7 wrote

Urges? How, Tedros asking his boss pretty please then dropping the subject?


nariusone t1_j2dzkoi wrote

Or what? Use stronger words?


Pyjama_Llama_Karma t1_j2eg1ey wrote

China do something to help the human race?

Lol dream on


[deleted] t1_j2ehj7f wrote



ratudio t1_j2eutnp wrote

very highly unlikely to happened knowing the leader high pride.


mynotfakeaccount t1_j2ewxru wrote

China figured out a way to lie to the west to make it just believable enough to scare outside investors


ishtar_the_move t1_j2exdwh wrote

Lol. We literally have zero ideas how many new cases are there every where. The US numbers are a joke with one day in the thousands and the next day in hundreds of thousands.


[deleted] t1_j2cj83q wrote



Gluten_Tolerant_2 t1_j2cka9b wrote

Frankly the only way we will ever get a handle on the evolution and spread of Covid will be from everyone sharing data as openly and quickly as possible.

Frankly You're an Idiot.

Edit/ a brainwashed idiot who would willingly put the world at risk rather than embarrassing the crap handling of covid by the chinese.

Lets see what happens after the lunar new year 😁 🎉🎉🎉 Edit:

To spell this out in small sentences: The lunar new year is the largest mass migration in Human history... Every year because it gets bigger each time


tannieth t1_j2ckjd1 wrote

5 billion other people on the planet. Get your data from them.

Besides. There's more data out there on Covid now then scientists could possibly ever know what to do with.

WHO are freakin useless.


Gluten_Tolerant_2 t1_j2cknvp wrote

Let me guess you're a CCP member?


tannieth t1_j2ckzr0 wrote

Nope. Never been there and not interested. But no wonder they don't like us.
We need to mind our own damn business. Leave them alone. Unless its hunan rights violations or yes, invading other nations. We need to butt out of their business.

In fact? This world would be a whole lot better if everyone learned to mind their own business better.


LimeCrime48 t1_j2clx9c wrote

So covid control isn't a human rights issue?

How about genocide? Slave labor? Unsafe working conditions?


Gluten_Tolerant_2 t1_j2cmhob wrote

100% valid but this guy needs to be spoon fed the most basic shit, let's come back to that in a little bit.


Xygnux t1_j2cqcmu wrote

Ethics aside, Human rights violations inside their own country is arguably less important to the rest of the world, than potential new COVID variants that can spread to the rest of the world. These variant may be just like omicron, or it may be weaker, or even more dangerous, but we don't know that, because we don't have the data. This is why the COVID situation in any country anywhere, not just China, is everyone's damn business.


Xygnux t1_j2cneaf wrote

The world needs to know the specific types of mutations that had occurred in the outbreak in China, which obviously they can't get from the "five billion" other people "out there" in the rest of the world. And they need to know that because, when these mutations inevitably make their way outside of China, the rest of the world needs to know what may be the potential effects and how to prepare for it.

This isn't a request that is specific to China. This is expected from all other countries when a new variant potentially arises. No country should be allowed to keep their outbreak data secret for the safety of the world.


Comfortable_Sea756 t1_j2cjw4r wrote

Remember Chinese tourists are coming to their countries and so they are afraid.


tannieth t1_j2ck2wt wrote

Pfft. We all "opened up" and are flying all over the world again. Who cares anymore? This ridiculous carry on has been going on for 3 years. Enough is enough.


Xygnux t1_j2cnsey wrote

We all "opened up" because there's clear and transparent data on the dominant omicron strain, and we know what it is capable of, and that it's not necessary to control it.

We cannot say the same about the situation in China now because we do not know for sure whether there are new dangerous variants that are unreported.

This isn't asking for much, simply report your data like everyone else and let the world knows it's just the standard omicron variant, and let the world study the numerous new subtype that has been founded in China now so that we know they are not any more dangerous than the regular omicron. Then we can all be safe.

This isn't something strange to ask, this is what the rest of the world had been doing, and that's how we discovered variants like Beta, Delta, Omicron, etc.


Hirokage t1_j2clvuo wrote

China is (currently) the highest population country in the world. Unless they want to go full NK and be hermits to the planet, they should responsibly share their information with other countries, so they can get an idea about mutations, severity, spread rate, and so on.

They don't 'have' to share anything. Like a 3rd grader who refuses to share with a classmate. Or they could grow up, and get involved in helping solve Covid before it becomes the next flu.. that we can't get rid of with vaccines due to the sheer numbers of mutations, but is 10 times worse.

I guess to be even more clear, other countries can sure, mind their own business, once China agrees to cut off all incoming and outgoing flights and ships, cut off all trade and travel, and ensure their citizens will 100% not be interacting with the rest of humanity. Since that clearly isn't going to happen, they need to be involved.


IPromiseIWont t1_j2czybr wrote

China is now sharing their infected citizens with the rest of the world


LatterTarget7 t1_j2cpicj wrote

They should share whatever they have. Why? So the world can get prepared for another possible variant in January. Cause the people in China are poorly vaccinated. Over 35 million catch it everyday and over 9 thousand die everyday.

So if they have any information that could help the world brace for that shit show in January. They should share


Quirky-Country7251 t1_j2d15gy wrote

I agree. The world leaves China alone and stops all flights and blocks every Chinese person at passport checks. We should also ramp down importation of their products and utilization of their labor because then we might have an opinion on their handling of covid and that would be unfair. I agree they don’t have to share shit…but nobody else has to allow them entry either. They aren’t the ones with hand in this situation by any stretch of the imagination. But everything you said is true…it just means something you don’t want it to


Islandkid679 t1_j2d2fup wrote

Are you high? And risk repeating this same bullshit again?


NotAnUncle t1_j2cp9g0 wrote

Well then, I guess the Chinese shouldn’t be allowed to travel to these nations either?