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loxzade t1_j2cmfho wrote

Why is the world not mandating people flying in from China (or any country with covid resurgance) to test negative before entering? It's kind of even surprising the US is waiting till Jan 5


green_flash t1_j2cydvc wrote

This is a good in-depth article on whether it makes sense to impose travel restrictions or not:

Lays out the arguments of both sides.


IPromiseIWont t1_j2cztzi wrote

Telegraph is UK's version of the New York Post.


green_flash t1_j2d1eti wrote

Daily Mail is the NY Post equivalent. The Torygraph has a right-wing bias, but isn't yellow press. It's more like the Wall Street Journal.


Ftsmv t1_j2dducp wrote

Not really. It is fairly right wing, but it’s a broadsheet so it still has some respect. Tabloids like the Daily Mail and the Express are the UK’s version of the NY Post.


sync-centre t1_j2d3tjo wrote

Easier to shut down any travel from China for a month to let covid burn through the populace to start believing their fake covid tests. Would you start believing their tests all of a sudden?


yace987 t1_j2cpq2q wrote

Why? To protect the world of a new variant? XBB is wreaking havoc in the US, should the world mandate that US travellers test negative? How about wearing a mask and staying up to date with vaccines ?

Edit : by the way I do agree China's stance on data is unacceptable and stats / virus sequencing must be shared to the world


AntiBox t1_j2d20um wrote

> should the world mandate that US travellers test negative?


What kind of argument was this? Did you really think this was some kind of gotcha moment?


yace987 t1_j2dtls2 wrote

I mean, when people fly, its often for vacations paid and planned a while in advance and being rejected last minute because they tested positive would ruin plans and cost a lot of money. If you want the economy to start again and tourism to be back to pre pandemic levels you're gonna have to move on eventually.


jeffcolvn t1_j2cr7g2 wrote

>National, provincial and private health-care authorities in China have provided nearly 1,000 genetic sequences from infected patients to GISAID in the past five days, said Chief Executive Officer Peter Bogner.


Xygnux t1_j2cvd5y wrote

Good that the international community actions had worked in pressuring them to share some information then. Let's make transparency a regular thing so that we can all be safe.


Xygnux t1_j2cr78f wrote

Because while we do have clear data in the US and what the US variant can do, we do not have clear data on what is happening in China right now. That's the difference. Ana that's all WHO is asking right now, more data so that the rest of the world can know whether to take extra precautions or would that be unnecessary.

And until we have clear data it's reasonable for the rest of the world to assume the worse and try to protect itself. And maybe the collective action of the rest of the world in requiring travelers from China to have negative tests, can help in pressuring the Chinese government to make their data more transparent to avoid the international reactionary restrictions.

Wearing a mask is good practice but it's obviously not foolproof. We don't know whether the new vaccines will be helpful if we aren't even sure of what new variants there may be.


Katalopa t1_j2evcxe wrote

The new mandate by the CDC in the US doesn’t discriminate against one nationality. If you travel from China, you will need to test negative to get back into the US. Thus, even US citizens who travel to China need to test negative.


RonBourbondi t1_j2dlslm wrote

Wreaking havoc by what measure? Deaths are extremely low still.


yace987 t1_j2dt7rk wrote

Good point; i guess I was exaggerating. XBB is taking over and avoiding immunities quite well, but the consequences are not fully understood and you may be right that the actual impact is actually limited.


Chi_Chi_laRue t1_j2d2ygp wrote

Obviously the mask does nothing. I’m quite sure masks are being used virtually all the time by everyone in China when people go out in public (every time I see footage of a crowd the people are using masks) and yet they are seeing a million cases a day??? Or likely more. Really, the mask is utter nonsense because the average person does not wash their hands 12times a day, or replace their mask every few hours... touching your mask with dirty hands throughout the day just leads to contamination and spreading of the virus... I learnt this at a hospital when they hired me. They told us, if you don’t replace your mask several times a day, you may as well not wear it at all, it will actually increase chances of sickness


MukdenMan t1_j2d9wvy wrote

The hospital taught you wrong (unless they were just talking about pathogens in general). COVID is spread by air, not by hands or dirty masks. Masks do help but only so much. If 80% of people around you in a subway car have COVID, the mask is probably not going to be enough.