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dougalm51 t1_j2cnxlt wrote

Yeah good luck with that, since they've been at the centre of this since the beginning, over 2 fucking years now,they don't share.


thrashgordon t1_j2cr9xo wrote

Over 3 years*


dougalm51 t1_j2cs3fa wrote

There you go, it's been such a shit show I've lost track of time. I hate when these headlines pop up. Why isn't anyone fighting for us any more.


Acrobatic_End6355 t1_j2fuhim wrote

Ehhh I’d say it’s about 3 years… as the first case was reported in late December.


silentorange813 t1_j2d6qf7 wrote

I don't think they are currently hiding the number of cases. The outbreak is completely out of control and testing is limited as the article suggests. The authorities simply lost track of the situation.


NeurodiverseTurtle t1_j2d9gk0 wrote

Tbh I think it’s the Chinese leadership just throwing a hissy fit because they didn’t get their way with ‘Zero Covid’ policies, primarily because they almost faced the first ever Chinese revolution, but also because they hate their own citizenry who they look down on like insects.

“You told us to stop our Zero Covid policy, so enjoy the over-packed hospitals, we’re not helping any more” -all Chinese politicians overlords


Areat t1_j2dxsoy wrote

> almost faced the first ever Chinese revolution

Just so you know, they already had one


WikiSummarizerBot t1_j2dxu7d wrote

1911 Revolution

>The 1911 Revolution, also known as the Xinhai Revolution or Hsinhai Revolution, ended China's last imperial dynasty, the Manchu-led Qing dynasty, and led to the establishment of the Republic of China. The revolution was the culmination of a decade of agitation, revolts, and uprisings. Its success marked the collapse of the Chinese monarchy, the end of 2,132 years of imperial rule in China and 276 years of the Qing dynasty, and the beginning of China's early republican era.

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MyAssIsNotYourToy t1_j2dbhuw wrote

They basically lied that they had the "world first" vaccine. If it worked how is it spreading so fast?


TrumpDesWillens t1_j2dlb8c wrote

Vaccines don't prevent people from catching diseases but it prevents deaths from diseases.


MyAssIsNotYourToy t1_j2dsgvv wrote

Vaccines reduce the likelihood of people passing the infection on to others.


Zombie_Harambe t1_j2fgu80 wrote

Chinese vaccine was probably eggplant, sewer oil, and rhino penis.


NeurodiverseTurtle t1_j2dcp6m wrote

I think what they actually implemented was a ‘close your eyes, cover your ears, and hope for the best’ policy. Yeah Russia and China just decided they want the world to hate them this year, apparently. So they’re both acting-out and lying to the point where they think they can just create their own reality.

Russia is quickly rediscovering reality again in the form of Ukrainian defiance, and China; from a pandemic that every other country on the planet has managed to get under control, except them.

I truly hope that this will be the century that kills authoritarianism for good.


blankarage t1_j2f2rq2 wrote

i mean if the west cant get rid of authoritarianism, in the heart of democracies (IE Trump/right winger in EU and UK), what hope do emerging countries have?


Kako0404 t1_j2eq1sl wrote

The interesting thing about the chinese vaccine sinovac is that it does absolutely nothing on infection prevention but has comparable death prevention rate to mRNA vaccine. This is from the Hong Kong data earlier in 2022. That said Apply that to 1.4B people they will probably still end up with millions of death esp when almost the entire country catching Covid within the span of 2 weeks.


LewisLightning t1_j2d0ldq wrote

Exactly, China isn't going to share information when it could potentially hurt other countries if they say nothing. And also they won't share anything that might implicate them in anything illegal or immoral will also not be shared.


JGCities t1_j2f484s wrote

That is because the government can't admit to being wrong.

Their government is a dictatorship who claims ruling authority by being right about everything. The second they admit that they are not right all the time it undermines their entire reason for existing.


green_flash t1_j2cx2h2 wrote

They're never gonna be 100% transparent, but they do share a bit more now when it comes to the most important data: genetic sequences

Financial Times: China steps up Covid variant monitoring as countries impose entry curbs - Genomic data-sharing on winter wave increases while fears mount over Beijing’s transparency


houstonyoureaproblem t1_j2ddhua wrote

They’re the opposite of transparent. They lie when they release data, and now they’ve entirely stopped updating case numbers and deaths.

They’re not interested in the truth or doing anything that helps the rest of the world.