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Startrail_wanderer t1_j2560q4 wrote

That's a really irresponsible decision which might have heavy paybacks to EU later


LosOmen t1_j26ilof wrote

Someone has to stand up for the Christmas markets /s


sanjsrik t1_j256128 wrote

As a society we deserve to die out. We're too stupid to live.


Gluca23 t1_j25ht1q wrote

For once i'm glad to be in Italy.


F5PPu6kGqj t1_j25mra4 wrote

What happens to the ones that test positive arriving in Italy?


Gluca23 t1_j25u141 wrote

For what i read on our news, they get isolated; but not said where and how. Obviously the first flight skipped the test, because in Italy burocracy make any decision to delay, sometimes of years.


gaukonigshofen t1_j25m9vb wrote

but if surrounding countries have no restrictions, Is Italy really okay? are there not open borders in EU?


Gluca23 t1_j25tada wrote

Yes, but will take some time to travel, and to spread the virus... I doubt they go to Germany for then come in Italy just for skip the test.

Edit: they tested and found the same variants we already have.


patriot-1453 t1_j26hrho wrote

Given how prevalent the virus has been in every country of EU, the number of arrivals from China is tiny compared to EU population currently infected, even though the proportion of infected from China is higher.


IGargleGarlic t1_j25odc6 wrote

Unfathomably stupid and irresponsible


Vistaer t1_j25rn15 wrote

“We don’t want to go backwards. Instead, let’s move forward by repeating what didn’t work”


gaukonigshofen t1_j25mo1p wrote

restrictions are really pointless without cooperation.


churrmander t1_j26c8d0 wrote

Sweet, sweet.

Hey, just checking, we're ending year 4 of this pandemic, correct? An entire debacle caused by slow, ineffective responses to COVID similar to the slow, ineffective response to a possible source of major reinfection of the population of the EU we are seeing now?

Cool, coolcoolcoolcoolcool no doubt, no doubt, no doubt.


natalies_porthole t1_j25pi7z wrote

Of course not, that would be far too logical for the UK


bergmoose t1_j27y85b wrote

As we don't restrict what infected people here do, what would we be trying to achieve? Also as seen last time, restricting entry from one country is utterly ineffective.


mjdntn01 t1_j26c7ac wrote

I don't see that ending well. I know people in China and neighboring countries that say things are pretty bad there.


Orange_comfort t1_j26wn1r wrote

It's because we want to act like the pandemic is over.

It's not just the governments at fault, it's the rest of us too. We're all idiots.


theonlyrexkwondo t1_j27dubr wrote

Great.. We couldn't possibly be wrong a second time and fuck up with covid again could we?


LOA503 t1_j282nui wrote

Not a chance we'd travel to any of these diseased countries.


Specialist_Alarm_831 t1_j259332 wrote

We get the leadership we deserve so dying out because 'money' is our own fault.


Kristalderp t1_j25q9jv wrote

IDK why people are acting as if this is a bad thing. We're all (mostly) vaccinated and this current variant has already spread in our own countries for the past few months. It's just China's turn with this very rapidly spreading variant.

We dealt with it. Now it's their turn.


Funky_Fly t1_j263c9h wrote

Some of us still have things like autoimmune comorbidities despite being fully vaccinated with boosters. Like my brother, who is still dealing with long covid from a September infection. The population as a whole can tolerate it, but not all of us.

I'd rather not have to go through 2020 part 2. We know what works and doesn't, plus Chinese New Year is right around the corner. It was already spreading, but that's what spread it so rapidly the first time.


PhysicalProtection69 t1_j268y1y wrote

COVID is still around, and no number of Chinese tourists will not change anything. Europe simply run out of susceptible population for any waves to rise.


perfectfate t1_j261zee wrote

Bad thing is when Covid spreads even more due to non testing to countries being visited.