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Meme_Turtle t1_j24y4h6 wrote

I am not talking about funds outside of Russia. I believe the plan was to control and tax revenue streams of Russian energy resources as the form of reparations. Which is much better than selling country to Blackrock.


der_titan t1_j255srf wrote

The US paid nothing to Iraq or Vietnam. Neither Russia nor the US paid anything to Afghanistan.

The only time I can think an aggressor country was forced to pay reparations - post WW2 - was Iraq paying compensation to Kuwait. Given that was the result of a UN Security Council Resolution, I wouldn't count on Russia paying Ukraine a single ruble.


Stoic_Vagabond t1_j276zxr wrote

Can you explain how Blackrock will "own" ukraine? Genuine question. I see many Americans comment with this talking point hard for me to comprehend how that would occur