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StarryEyedBeardog t1_j1wwugm wrote

Depends, there have been more than one plots/group of explosive material found as of today, one of them was targeting a fuel truck at the brasilia international airport


ThiagoBaisch t1_j1wx6k2 wrote

bolsonaro supporters have literally gone nutjob, here is them praying to a fucking tank:

This is already b10 levels beyond crazy


iStayedAtaHolidayInn t1_j1x3zao wrote

Something about being a born again evangelical Christian that breaks people’s brains


marcosdumay t1_j1xiq24 wrote

What, no video of them praying for a tire?

Back in the day people had to make calves out of gold to get people's attention.


marcosdumay t1_j1xih1j wrote

Not exactly "targeted", it would blow outside the airport, in an area full of cars dealerships (that take a lot of space, but don't have a lot of people, and outside of them).

But then, nobody has no idea what crazy people will think next.