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ItsEntirelyPosssible t1_j1y1med wrote

This article has a list of the numerous international election observers that participated. These group do this all over the world. Yes I'm sure you will say they are all in on the big conspiracy.


kuopa t1_j1yqnqt wrote

Actually no, they aren't in "the big conspiracy", but reading the reports none of them could look into the coding of the machines, they didn't run audits, they observed if the voting process and how it was handled by the people working there was done correctly. Our main problem is the lack of transparency, TSE refuses to do a public audit, show the coding and their system that "can't be broken into".


ItsEntirelyPosssible t1_j1zhchg wrote

Oh yeah give the coding from secure election machines to the general population. No way that could end badly. People released the coding in the US and are heading to prison for it. Guess what it showed? That it was secure election machine coding. This dude was trying to overthrow the government via military coup. Enjoy the dictatorship.


kuopa t1_j20m3tv wrote

Enlighten me then, you have a media coverage link on that leak?