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GlibComplexity t1_j1uahuc wrote

Imagine being so pathetic you get your kicks blowing up innocent people just because of your political beliefs. How about you start acting like a fucking adult and deal with your issues in a non-violent way.


ThiagoBaisch t1_j1wky6b wrote

the idea it seems was to bomb an unocuppied government building, but you are right, its fucking ridiculous at this point. There are people camping at front of army bases for more than 2 months now and the army already said they don't wanna nothing with it lol


Batata_ackermann t1_j1zjk4n wrote

They keep coming up with new delusions so they don't have to accept the facts, it's ridiculous.

Now they're saying a revolution will take place on new year's eve, after the great revolution nonsense inevitably fails to materialize they'll just come up with more bullshite like "oh, it's actually going to happen on 30th of February".

This is starting to look sad, everyone who's relatively stable has moved on, I suspect the people who are still on this would benefit from some sort of mental health program, being away from your family on Christmas to camp in front of a military installation is sad, I know someone whose grandma is doing this and the family is suffering because of it, even the ones who were Bolsonarists are trying to make her see reason.


StarryEyedBeardog t1_j1wwugm wrote

Depends, there have been more than one plots/group of explosive material found as of today, one of them was targeting a fuel truck at the brasilia international airport


ThiagoBaisch t1_j1wx6k2 wrote

bolsonaro supporters have literally gone nutjob, here is them praying to a fucking tank:

This is already b10 levels beyond crazy


iStayedAtaHolidayInn t1_j1x3zao wrote

Something about being a born again evangelical Christian that breaks people’s brains


marcosdumay t1_j1xiq24 wrote

What, no video of them praying for a tire?

Back in the day people had to make calves out of gold to get people's attention.


marcosdumay t1_j1xih1j wrote

Not exactly "targeted", it would blow outside the airport, in an area full of cars dealerships (that take a lot of space, but don't have a lot of people, and outside of them).

But then, nobody has no idea what crazy people will think next.


FPSGamer48 t1_j1vexdb wrote

There’s a reason he was called Brazilian Trump. Lost an election, and his supporters turn to domestic terrorism rather than face the reality that their Neo-Fascist ideology isn’t as popular as they want it to be.


DukeDamage t1_j1ua04p wrote

This dude is going to get himself thrown in jail


Le_Mug t1_j1wy2pk wrote

He is traveling to the US tomorrow. If he thinks he is at risk of being arrested, there is a chance that he will never come back.


vespina57 t1_j1utf5s wrote

Trump 2.0


Cheap-and-cheerful t1_j1vh43s wrote

Didn’t even get close to what Cheeto did. The Brazilian institutions took no shit. The US is still dealing with their fallout and will for years to come


spacepoo77 t1_j1z2z7u wrote

CNTS stick together like flies on sht


[deleted] t1_j1wmoc2 wrote



The_GASK t1_j1ww341 wrote

Nice. Let's see Paul Allen's false flag of the left.


D4RKNESSAW1LD t1_j1v7cqs wrote

This headline gives me brain aids


Le_Mug t1_j1wyomr wrote

Police found a bomb in a truck this week, then a lot more of weapons and explosives were found when they arrested the responsible. Teh headline says that Bozo's constant speechs incentivizing violence helped to convince the guy to do this.


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bigomon t1_j1wi41c wrote

Those lines are from the accused, not the president.


kuopa t1_j1vzqvy wrote

Bolsonaro was silent, it seems you're the one that doesn't know how to read and understand context.


ItsEntirelyPosssible t1_j1w35gr wrote

He encouraged a massive buildup of arms for his supporters and then cast constant doubts of the election results despite international election verification groups finding no evidence to support his claims. He has said on numerous occasions that his followers are the only true patriots and must fight communists. His son has made literal call to arms. He has done nothing to quash the growing dissent that he as sewn.

He hasn't out right called for his supporters to overthrow the government but he damn sure has encouraged them to take up arms after casting doubts on what appears to be a legitimate election system. He also seems to be going for a chill at mar a Lago. Birds of a feather and whatnot.


kuopa t1_j1xjply wrote

I would like to know more about those "international election verification groups"


ItsEntirelyPosssible t1_j1y1med wrote

This article has a list of the numerous international election observers that participated. These group do this all over the world. Yes I'm sure you will say they are all in on the big conspiracy.


kuopa t1_j1yqnqt wrote

Actually no, they aren't in "the big conspiracy", but reading the reports none of them could look into the coding of the machines, they didn't run audits, they observed if the voting process and how it was handled by the people working there was done correctly. Our main problem is the lack of transparency, TSE refuses to do a public audit, show the coding and their system that "can't be broken into".


ItsEntirelyPosssible t1_j1zhchg wrote

Oh yeah give the coding from secure election machines to the general population. No way that could end badly. People released the coding in the US and are heading to prison for it. Guess what it showed? That it was secure election machine coding. This dude was trying to overthrow the government via military coup. Enjoy the dictatorship.


kuopa t1_j20m3tv wrote

Enlighten me then, you have a media coverage link on that leak?


IBeatMyLamp t1_j1w4lkq wrote

I ripped ass pretty loud a few minutes ago. Just because you didn't hear it, doesn't mean it was silent.


bigomon t1_j1wii9a wrote

Every defeated candidate concedes the defeat. He didnt, and it's clear why.

The terrorist, om the other hand, is clearly anti-Lula, and quoting far-right local newspapers saying otherwise only fools the "patriots".