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patriot-1453 t1_j1n7c2h wrote

We need a rule based international order. we cannot discard rules simply because they are against our favor at this moment.


TROPtastic t1_j1nnn67 wrote

Yup, we can't say "the rules based order is fundamental" on one hand, and then say "we will stop the implementation of the rules based order because we are concerned."

In this case, appoint the judges to make the system function as intended, then look into reforms that are agreed by everyone.


blueberrywalrus t1_j1pgod6 wrote

Rule based order only works if the spirit of the rules is upheld.

The US is clearly violating that spirit here, but as a reaction to other countries doing the same.

As WTO rules are concencus based, there is no feasible way to change rules that are being abused, without forcing the issue. As the US is doing here.


Chad_is_admirable t1_j1odii0 wrote

Actually ignoring rules not in best interest of your nation is exactly what national sovereignty is about.


TechieTravis t1_j1o7dqv wrote

We need rules that are not violating national sovereignty.


jaa101 t1_j1onz7l wrote

Rules that have previously been formally agreed by all the sovereign governments controlled by those rules. If those governments no longer wish to be bound by the rules, there is a mechanism to leave.


blueberrywalrus t1_j1pfdmx wrote

The US is literally playing by the rules and using a mechanism built into them to resolve the larger dispute over how rules are created and interpreted.


blueberrywalrus t1_j1pg0i6 wrote

Rules change based on how their interpreted and the US is facing a long term disadvantage due to the contemporary interpretation of the rules.

Rather than abandoning the rules, the US has worked to establish new rules outside of WTO and is actively using the rules inherent to the WTO to force a renegotiation of the dispute resolution process.