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oldspiceland t1_j1lyl95 wrote

Lmao did you actually finish reading what I said before you started replying?

Edit: anyone who thinks you can “fix” the Taliban is foolish. The options are to do nothing, or accept that real change is messy and costly and takes generations.


fungibletokens t1_j1lz8my wrote

Yes, you still sound stupid for thinking that regime change is the answer (again).

Even when we western chauvinists pull it off, it doesn't end well. See Iraq and Libya.


Sendstorepatter OP t1_j1m33v9 wrote

It went well until we pulled out.


Is_that_even_a_thing t1_j1mar6j wrote

20 years odd they were there. Not insignificant , and I think it was a case of leading the horse to water, trying to get it to drink and it wasn't that interested


Sendstorepatter OP t1_j1mb5ca wrote

That's not true.

As we can clearly see now there was a huge differrence in how it was under US and allied protection and now under Taliban.

Then girls and women could go to school and be educated. Get jobs and had a good or much better future.

Now it went to shit because the US pulled the rug under it.


Is_that_even_a_thing t1_j1mcfg2 wrote

The difference was huge, I agree. My point was, after 20 years of assistance and training for local forces, they weren't self sustaining. It was always going to need 'occupation' of a western force to maintain. Political willpower was not going to last forever, and there is a tide of resistance against the west for interfering in other countries policy - good and bad (mostly bad) that it reaches the point where they have to react to that.

In this case it was to pull out.

That is the unfortunate part. We can see all the great work unravelling before I eyes- it's a tragedy. I feel for the people of Afghanistan and all over the world that cannot live their best lives because of oppression.


Sendstorepatter OP t1_j1mdaxb wrote

Doesn't matter. It wasn't draining very many ressources from the US or its allies to maintain and let it grow.

Instead Trump decided to pull the plug without consultation without a plan and without considering how the Taliban would take over again. As we see it now.

I think he mainly did it in order to win the election. He knew a another candidate could not say the decision should be reversed.

Now several thousand US and allied troops died for not much to show for it because the American people suddenly thought they cared about an issue they hadn't for years.

Now their girls and women are bared from education and from jobs. They are again breeding machines with no future. Covered from head to toe. And Afghanistan goes into a period of dictatorship like we see in Iran.