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squeakyvolcano t1_j1scqy5 wrote

SpaxceX is that an 'X' rated version of SpaceX?


Pirson t1_j1shcjd wrote

Today OP learned to always double check before you click post.


MrsJimmyJohn t1_j1smaps wrote

The ol' make-a-typo-to-trigger-the-grammer-nazis gambit.


prohbusiness t1_j1si0jb wrote

How many are active in the USA?


coreywindom t1_j1xu78h wrote

Dunno the exact amount but there are 3,200 Starlink Satellites in orbit


prohbusiness t1_j1zxbfv wrote

Ah so they turn them on to people who need them. I get that. Thanks I forgot the scale and scope of what they did.


GodsGardeners t1_j1sdysk wrote

Is SpaxceX his new offspring’s name?


deez_treez t1_j1se64t wrote

More Starlinks than Starbucks


Due-Mathematician261 t1_j1sqexr wrote

If GeoEngineering goes ahead, will this company or companies like it, be liable for damages when we get a winter storm like the one we've just had?


ClearlyCylindrical t1_j1vpddc wrote

you're going to need to explain that more. why would spacex have to pay for damages due to winter storms?


Due-Mathematician261 t1_j26vfe3 wrote

I just saying, people will start asking questions and pointing fingers. We know CO2 increases the risk of weather events; there have been court cases; so why not court cases against the use of weather modification technology? The biggest issue is another country, say one plunged into drought, might see weather modification as a weapon and decide to do a little of their own.


ClearlyCylindrical t1_j26vlsb wrote

What weather modification technology are you referring to?


Due-Mathematician261 t1_j2bm4dd wrote

The obvious one is simulating a volcanic eruption such as Mt. Pinatubo. There is also whiting of clouds with sea spray. There are probably others that I'm not aware off. There are big questions around the side effects of such technology. Main one, even if all goes well, we are left with the acidification of the oceans, and the resulting effects on all kinds of vulnerable larva as they try to form skeletal structures, be it eternal or external. The bottom line is some country will end up being a loser, as all that extra moister comes back down to earth. I've thought about it, and your right that companies will probably escape libel even if it can be proved, but that might not stop retaliation from a country at the end of it's rope.


ChemistryVirtual t1_j1sho83 wrote

I find this disturbing.


broadswordf22 t1_j1ssrqc wrote

Giving persecuted women access to information in the outside world would appear to be pretty damn important and If you disagree you'd better take it up with US govt. /Biden...he asked Elon to set this up.


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Enough-Crow20 t1_j1sr8ct wrote

Iran is a strict embargoed country for USA. The fact that spaceX can/is doing business in Iran is concerning...


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Enough-Crow20 t1_j1ssy97 wrote

The only reason would be that it would be going around law, but below someone said that they were given permission.


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Enough-Crow20 t1_j1tbgg0 wrote

Look, I already said I was mistaken. I thought that SpaceX was going against the law until somebody showed me that SpaceX had full govt approval to bypass an embargoed country in order to help dissidents' and free-folk have access to un-fettered internet access.