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FarewellSovereignty t1_j20dukh wrote

I bet all the tankies will be really upset about this because they're constantly calling the west out on much more insignificant things.


Nukro77 t1_j21x9cd wrote

O they will justify it, don't you worry


xXTheGrapenatorXx t1_j23e68s wrote

The most virulent tankies are also the type most likely to decry “identity politics” distracting from class issues and suggest that the “leftist” thing to do is throw minorities to the wolves and court working class white men instead, while just kind of expecting everyone else to join in on a class-based solution that will definitely solve all their problems (since identity based barriers to quality of life are a neoliberal invention to divide the proletariat... or something like that).

Basically horseshoe theory exemplified; they’re often on par with LGBT+ issues with moderate conservatives, mostly tolerant but weakly accepting and not at all helpful. They might pretend they care about western homophobia but if they don’t intend to do anything about it does that count for anything?


Sporeboss t1_j20elnc wrote


notausernamesixty9 t1_j22d6i0 wrote

This is a great example of why its a bad idea for companies like Apple and Google to have access to your photos and filenames/hashes. If this picture is spread, the Russian government can "ask" them to apply their CSAM tech to iCloud accounts with the same filenames or checksums and report you for possessing subversive material.


Salamander3033 t1_j2c6857 wrote

Do you really think Apple would choose to play ball with them when Russia is such a toxic market with all the sanctions? Why wouldn't they tell Russia to fuck off? Same with other western tech giants.

Super valid point though outside of the politics of the situation, I appreciate your pointing it out.


HeartofTopaz t1_j21ac9r wrote

No wonder conservatives in the West all lean pro Russia. Russia is their model, a white autocratic, corporatist state steeped in superficial expression of Christianity to distract the peasants as the autocrat robs them blind.


lesshatemorenature t1_j21jdjr wrote

And we can see how wonderful a life that is for the people of Russia….

People always think they’re going to be the ones in charge like the oligarchs…. Nope. As ‘Carlin said “it’s a club…and you ain’t in it!”


Em_Adespoton t1_j20dx5m wrote

What would it take to classify the Russian Media Regulator’s site as LGBT?


CMDRskejeton t1_j22tsl3 wrote

From experience, it's anything that acknowledges the existence in a neutral or positive way


Doinwerklol t1_j21kx7e wrote

Clearly not fascists



Killieboy16 t1_j231z7s wrote

It's amazing how pathetic right wing politicians are. "We are losing a war. Quick, let's blame LGBT websites!"

Fucking pathetic.


vladko44 t1_j22db9m wrote

They do not have LGBT people in ruzzia...



YadaYadaYou t1_j22yac8 wrote

Hey Russia “methinks thou dost protest too much”.

We gonna find out in the future that Russia has been in the closet all this time?


ibarfedinthepool t1_j23p7s4 wrote

question to the reddit russian community: are there any LGBT Russians that support the regime? If just this community alone formed a resistance... it could change the tide


[deleted] t1_j20ezll wrote



PutlerDaFastest t1_j20hzey wrote

The EU and US aren't down with fascism. You can move to Russia for that. You and Putin belong together. Russia, North Korea, and Iran are your people. The US just voted against that kind of stupidity so it looks like you need to move somewhere where your evil fascist ideas are appreciated. The protection of marriage act was signed into law in the US. You're likely out of luck in most of Europe. They are no where near as hateful of their neighbors as the average American.


[deleted] t1_j20itvi wrote



PutlerDaFastest t1_j20lipi wrote

Is someone stopping you? GTFO. Put your money where your mouth is. Fascists, racists, and incels are welcomed there. You're an incredibly evil human being.

I'll leave a link to surrender below. Russia's getting its ass kicked in the most humiliating military failure in modern history. You're probably going to need this. Something tells me that you're not going to get in based on intelligence or skill. Time to mobik up and fight poorly for what you believe in like the dead racists, fascists, and incels who came before you.


TrustTheHuman t1_j20li2h wrote

Go find some friends...


Sin1st_er t1_j20otkz wrote

Can I ask what was the original comment about? The other guy replying sounds really pissed for some reason.


Argle t1_j20pp2x wrote

User in question wanted to move to a country where gay people are executed.