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Ceratisa t1_j2c3mr3 wrote

Germany has been dragging its feet quite a bit. The U.S. patriot system is being sent if you missed that news.


daniel_22sss t1_j2ca8tu wrote

Well, Germany already sent some IRIS-T and Gepards already. They are still one of the biggest military supporters of Ukraine.


TheCopyPasteLife t1_j2cr4s4 wrote

let's not pretend Germany is even close to the US and UKs aid. Germany has kept dropping the ball when it comes to

$70 billion vs. $1.5 billion this is from Oct 22 and doesn't include the additional $40B in aid


marv90 t1_j2cus8a wrote

Just curious where this graph would count the many ring trades Germany did.

The BMP from Greece which Germany paid? Do they count for Greece?

The M55S from Slowakia which Germany paid? The Leo 2 A4 for the Czech in exchange for the military equipment?


dumbo9 t1_j2d9aka wrote

AFAICT that graph does not include money donated via the EU and only concerns military donations.

Broadly the EU (including member states) seems to be spending ~51bn euros supporting Ukraine (refugees, finance, weapons) vs the US at ~48bn euros.

Note that 'military donations' is also somewhat of a hard thing to put a number on. Most countries are sending rather old/surplus hardware which is being quoted at the original purchase price. It's kindof fine, but ...


AEOlovesFascists t1_j2dgwof wrote

It's cute that you think outdated and selective data of larger economies proves your idiotic claim, but Germany is already the second largest donor past the US.


Lukensz t1_j2dd72e wrote

One claim does not make the other untrue, just like how a country can be in world top 10 spenders on their military but the US will still be more than the other 9 combined. Germany doesn't invest that much into their own military themselves (at least they finally started doing it now), so while it may not be a lot compared to what the USA or UK is doing, it's still a lot relatively.


FrankLeeCandid t1_j2cwws0 wrote

It’s hysterical how many Europeans are jaded to this. Completely ungrateful for what the US has and does provide to them. The US literally acts as their army on its own dime, while they sit back and criticize.


biictorinio t1_j2cyjq2 wrote

I'm increadibly thankfull that the US is helping ukraine, but somethimes I get the impression that people think the money goes straight to ukraine.

That's just not the case, the money is spent on weaponary so a lot of domestic companies profit from this.

Which in my opinion is fine, but I don't understand why we are not hearing much about it.


FrankLeeCandid t1_j2e4bmf wrote

What do you mean we don’t hear about it??? US government and military has always used private companies and it IS talked about, at least in the US. Think about Boeing, Northrop Grumman, even Space X.


antaran t1_j2cofhu wrote

Germany can't send a system which doesn't exist. They have to build it first. Besides, Ukraine already got one (the first one in existence) IRIS-T unit, right after it rolled out of the factory.


AEOlovesFascists t1_j2dhari wrote

How are 30 Gepard and an iris-t slm system already shooting down missiles, drones and aircraft worse than a single patriot battery that's just been announced?


URITooLong t1_j2dji1v wrote

Some people on reddit lack some brain matter to process information. People will keep repeating the anti german fake news for the next 500 years.