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kataflokc t1_j2fimw7 wrote

Apparently China learned nothing from 2yrs of watching the rest of the world screw it up?

Even Groundhog Day only lasted through 42 iterations of doing the same thing and hoping for a different result


green_flash t1_j2fktlv wrote

"Come on, guys. Now's our last chance. Those infection surges and health care system collapses looked so much fun when the others had it. We cannot let that opportunity to fuck up our citizens' lives slip by."


bdc604 t1_j2fovnj wrote

china knows exactly what its doing


EastendDan t1_j2fgt18 wrote

countries should really be banning flights from Covid-China,


green_flash t1_j2flk4p wrote

Pointless unless you ban flights from everywhere. The virus is still circulating everywhere and a potential new variant with an evolutionary advantage will also be everywhere in no time unless everyone bans flights from China.

The virus variants circulating in China (BF.7 and BA.5.2) are actually not as problematic for us as the ones circulating in the US and Europe for example (BQ.1 and XXB) because we've all been exposed to them in summer already..


liangyiliang t1_j2fo5b8 wrote

Won't work since you'd also have to ban flights from Japan, Korea, Singapore, etc. Many Chinese passengers transit there.


EastendDan t1_j2fonxq wrote

I have a feeling the next 3-4 months are going to be the nastiest for Covid yet, even rivalling Spring 2020


Stilgar314 t1_j2fmt7t wrote

I don't get it. COVID is already everywhere, what are we trying to keep outside? a potential new mutation that might happen? South Africa warned the world about Omicron lightning fast, travel got restricted and, anyway, Omicron got worldwide. All of this is just politicians looking for a free minute on TV. If you're worried about COVID, just book a booster shot if you haven't already.


EternalPinkMist OP t1_j2fn90a wrote

So there's a flood in your village, water is everywhere, and you have a flood gate that someone forgot to close. All of a sudden the flood starts to surge, do you not close the gates just because it was initially forgotten?


green_flash t1_j2fnx91 wrote

Do you close all the gates or only one gate?


EternalPinkMist OP t1_j2fojdp wrote

If the flood is only coming from one area why close the flood gate on the other side?


Stilgar314 t1_j2fvgf5 wrote

Only thing this is not water, is a virus, and your metaphor doesn't accurately describe the situation. Once the virus is endemic, your "gates" are irrelevant, the only thing that can make any real difference is people's ability to swim.


sync-centre t1_j2fofli wrote

So the Chinese person will infect someone in another country and then they will travel here. Unless the world collectively bans all travel from China this will do nothing.


EternalPinkMist OP t1_j2foubr wrote

The spread of infection will happen regardless, there is no point in banning travel from all locations until that area is also extremely infected. Its not about stopping all infections, it's about stopping as many as possible.

Would Canada gain more infections directly from China, a country that gives us a huge percentage of tourists, exchange students, etc, or would it gain more infections from Chinese who visit another nation where its citizens rarely travel to Canada?


sync-centre t1_j2fp3dq wrote

Canada probably gets more travelers from the US and covid is still spreading there. They are not stopping travelers from the US crossing the border.


EternalPinkMist OP t1_j2fpk6z wrote

Covid is still spreading within Canada as well.

The difference between the US and China is Chinese spread is approx 66% of canadas population a day, as compared to American which is at about 0.001% of our contried population a day


XavierfromHtown t1_j2fghr0 wrote

But not from EU/UK…a half-measure. Smart.


Spector567 t1_j2fljxa wrote

Are half the people travelling from the EU and UK actively sick with Covid right now?


green_flash t1_j2fnlg4 wrote

Estimates are that about 10 percent of the UK population currently has COVID. There are of course a lot more flights between the UK and Canada than between China and Canada, since China still has a lot of restrictions in place, so the total number of infected arriving from the UK is likely higher than the total number of infected arriving from China. Also, the ones arriving from the UK are carrying a newer variant while the ones from China are carrying one of two older variants a lot of Canadians already have immunity for.


Spector567 t1_j2fp2s6 wrote

So what you are telling me is that the UKs Covid rates are much closer to our own and they are not in an active uncontrolled outbreak.

And that any variant they have we would already have due to the number of flights.

Also china has the same variants we do and virologists are concerned that with the number of cases and uncontrolled spread it will create new variants.


green_flash t1_j2fqvfx wrote

If a new variant emerges, it will find its way. Selective travel bans never had any effect. Not for the original strain, not for the Delta variant coming from India, not for the Alpha variant coming from the UK, not for the Omicron variant coming from South Africa.

Besides, new variants can emerge everywhere.

At the moment, it's more likely that immune-evasive variants emerge elsewhere than in China. If you don't understand why that is, read this:

> However, with the virus given relative free reign to spread in an immune naive population, the pressure for it to develop evasive qualities – the sort which could bypass our body’s protective defences – does not really exist.

> “A variant borne of high transmission in a naive population will not be immune evasive,” said Meaghan Kall, an epidemiologist at the UK Health Security Agency, on Twitter. “It does not need to be. It will not succeed in a population with lots of immunity of different flavours.

> She pointed out that an immune-evasive variant could realistically emerge over time from any country with high levels of transmission and the presence of immunosuppressed individuals, who are capable of maintaining an infection for months on end.



Bombs_Over_India t1_j2forw9 wrote

Will require?? will they actually fulfill the requirement?