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FondleMyPlumsPlease t1_j2btb0m wrote

Raves are to spite fascists?….Be realistic, it’s to avoid the costs involved of licensing an event.


Man_Bear_Beaver t1_j2c1mzc wrote

and for molly to run free without consequence, no hiding it, no man at the door.

Raves without drugs, are pretty lame imo.


redditissuss t1_j2c2ar1 wrote

Weird we have regulated raves with testing sites and crowd safety measures in place here.


HomeworkParty69 t1_j2ckjbp wrote

long ago I was at one in Brooklyn and bought some MDMA from a guy for my friend and I. two pills, one worked and the other didn't. poor friend just started drinking it was so sad.


FondleMyPlumsPlease t1_j2c34zc wrote

I don’t think I’ve ever been in a licensed venue that individuals struggled to find drugs.