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autotldr t1_j2bv8av wrote

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> Italy's lower house of parliament has given its final approval to a government decree cracking down on unlicensed rave parties, laying out jail terms and fines for the organisers.

> Cabinet passed the decree late in October just days after the new right-wing administration of Giorgia Meloni was sworn in, immediately signalling a tougher approach on public order following complaints over a Halloween party in northern Italy.

> Former mayor of Turin Chiara Appendino, a 5-Star deputy, has called the decree an "Abomination" which in reality "Has little or nothing to do with rave parties".

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Disco_Dreamz t1_j2egi3n wrote

Literally passed within days of the right wing taking power. Because clearly, with all of the problems facing Italy, this is high priority for them.

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