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Nohface t1_j2byfsv wrote

Seems like that could be taken care of with entirely different, directed, legislation…


redditissuss t1_j2c0fai wrote

This is as direct as it gets


Nohface t1_j2cqy89 wrote

Hah, no. No it isn’t.

Maybe legislate safety laws for spaces and venues?.. That seems a bit more directed than dumb blanket banning a particular type of party


Megatanis t1_j2csiow wrote

It's rather simple really. When you want to organize a public event above a certain number of people you need to ask for an authorization from the local police or municipality. The authorization is given if certain measures, including safety, are respected. Non authorized raves are illegal and extremely dangerous. All sorts of drugs, no controls, there have been rapes and people lost their lives.


redditissuss t1_j2ctmqu wrote

Drugs aren't even the issue, as a firefighter it is the lack of egress. People die when they can't escape. Let these kids think they are oppressed and then we bring up these posts to explain why their frinds are dead.


Megatanis t1_j2cuis4 wrote

Yeah I mean widespread use of heavy drugs certainly won't help in case of an emergency. But I agree with you drugs are not the point, it's the general safety situation.


redditissuss t1_j2cvf0c wrote

And rapes are really rare at an open rave. House parties are where rapes happen. That is probably why that kid loves them.1


Metal-Scrunch t1_j2dvmyf wrote

clearly you have never been to such parties. (Clearly, nobody wants to invite you)

I can tell you that it's not more dangerous than any other party. And there's all the same drugs as in any legal party. People look out for each other, usually. no need to police, people are responsible. - and if anyone fucks around, quickly finds out.