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ScotsDale213 t1_j2bznyx wrote

I mean, doesn’t seem like a terrible law. I sense there may have been more pressing issues that could have been addressed rather than… Rave parties.


Andaru t1_j2d78xh wrote

It was a 'flag' issue. The whole rave party fixation started because during lockdown, under the previous government, a rave party happened and the then opposition parties went apeshit against the government. Now they have to show that they are doing something and since a few months ago a new rave party was organized they went full tilt on that.

Now, since they had until the end of year to handle some deadlines they crammed a lot of different stuff into this 'emergency' decree, including readmitting no-vax doctors and dealing with the rave parties thing.


WakandaNowAndThen t1_j2c1vv4 wrote

6 years for having a few friends over? Get real


redditissuss t1_j2c2lsg wrote

1000 people in a wearhouse and a fire breaks out with limited exits, Get real. Free for all until it happens all good, then it will be why didn't anyone do anything. Make shit safe period.


veristrong t1_j2e3e0t wrote

I mean if for those 1000 people it's safe to be there than what's the problem?

Apart from the "private property invasion" thing I don't see any issue. And even then most of those place are abandoned so much and in shambles that it doesn't look like the owners care that much about the spot anyways. Might as well do something with it.


WakandaNowAndThen t1_j2c6ve0 wrote

You're probably right situations like that should be the ones getting the maximum, which 6 years sounds fine. I was LARPing as a defense attorney or something lol


redditissuss t1_j2cgale wrote

People at a house party aren't going to get six years. People here in the bay area in California threw a party and 36 people died because they said fuck the guy at the door. I hate regulation but when it comes to safety it is kinda implied because I don't trust someone throwing these parties.


g4zw t1_j2dqfz4 wrote

your comments are so batshit that i went to read what other stuff you post about... but your account has been suspended :D