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rigobueno t1_j2c818o wrote

Oh thank god the government is here to be our nanny and make sure we don’t hurt ourselves while [checks notes] having a dance party.


redditissuss t1_j2cxvvs wrote

I qm glad you are okay with killing people, I am not.


redditissuss t1_j2chomv wrote

You would be the same to complain if 20 of your friends died in said party. Would you just say "was a good time". Fucking idiot.


Metal-Scrunch t1_j2dxqz3 wrote

Nobody is dieing in those parties. At least not any more than any other event.

Take fucking football for example. Let's ban that too? Because of dumb fans fighting and rioting?

-edit- football is an extreme example in a sense that in parties nobody riots, there is no winners and loosers, no politics, and sound unites.