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veristrong t1_j2e2txk wrote

What kind of party is that if I need more paperwork for it than for buying 15 houses? Licence for what? I bring my soundsystem and my amplifiers, shouldn't need any licence to use something that's mine.

Also if your property is in shambles and you haven't been using it in 50 years I might as well make it useful somehow.


SicilySummertime t1_j2e870q wrote

You need to advise public authorities: i.e. if in the same place there is another event and the two groups which may not like each other meet ( for example fans of rival teams) ...things will go bad. Or simply authorities have to alert medical cars to be on standby ( Look at any concert of any musical group) etc

You need to have license to hold the event, the place may no be' big enough or safety exit could be' missing ( huge crowds can create hundreds of death , see in south korea this year) .

Also, you are none to tell the owner of a property that he is "wasting" that building... so what? If another comes telling your music is garbage and there should be' another event, who win? Are you going to do a war about it? Simply your logic is not how private property law works anywhere in the world.

Last of things, pay royalties for the music. But I am not going to argue of this last point as it should be the support you give to the music you love and anyway is really the minus of all the priorities.


veristrong t1_j2ef0k0 wrote

I understand regarding "fighting crews" or whatever but I've never witnessed such a thing so can't say a lot about that. And I don't think it's common to have a couple of rave events in the same in the same exact spot. I can understand different areas (Tek area, dub area and so on) but different rave organizers organising a rave in the same place on the same day? Dunno.

Again, if 1000 people conclude that it's "safe" to go there, let them. Of course there are better raves and worse raves. Some have chill areas, food, first help ready to assist, ecc. And some don't. Some concerts get overstuffed with 50k people and might have less exit points than any rave, but are supposed to be safe since they are "regulated". And people pay hundreds of euros to go there. At least raves are cheaper. How can you say any place on earth is safe for 50k people to be overstuffed in it.

Regarding the ownership thing. If I am an owner of something, and I haven't been using it for my whole life, someone else might have as well be using it in the meanwhile, wouldn't make a difference for me right? Or I sell it since I'm not using it. The fact that on some paper is written that you are the owner of place doesn't mean shit to me if you don't do anything with it. The animals wandering around "your" abandoned place that you never use are more owners than you as far as I'm concerned.

The topic about not liking the music is very straightforward within the soundsystem community. Don't like the music? Build or get your own soundsystem, find a place to play and create your own scene, simple as that.

Royalties can be a good and bad thing. For sure I'm not going to pay a fee issued by an organization that didn't make the music in the first place. Of course I'm going to supports the artists when I can AND when I must, vinyls are a good (expensive) way, but give me peace of mind regarding the "support the artist" thing.