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AlbertManus t1_j2bq1j4 wrote

Fascists just make parties held in spite of them more exciting, lol.


FondleMyPlumsPlease t1_j2btb0m wrote

Raves are to spite fascists?….Be realistic, it’s to avoid the costs involved of licensing an event.


Man_Bear_Beaver t1_j2c1mzc wrote

and for molly to run free without consequence, no hiding it, no man at the door.

Raves without drugs, are pretty lame imo.


redditissuss t1_j2c2ar1 wrote

Weird we have regulated raves with testing sites and crowd safety measures in place here.


HomeworkParty69 t1_j2ckjbp wrote

long ago I was at one in Brooklyn and bought some MDMA from a guy for my friend and I. two pills, one worked and the other didn't. poor friend just started drinking it was so sad.


FondleMyPlumsPlease t1_j2c34zc wrote

I don’t think I’ve ever been in a licensed venue that individuals struggled to find drugs.


[deleted] t1_j2bu4zb wrote



Nohface t1_j2byfsv wrote

Seems like that could be taken care of with entirely different, directed, legislation…


redditissuss t1_j2c0fai wrote

This is as direct as it gets


Nohface t1_j2cqy89 wrote

Hah, no. No it isn’t.

Maybe legislate safety laws for spaces and venues?.. That seems a bit more directed than dumb blanket banning a particular type of party


Megatanis t1_j2csiow wrote

It's rather simple really. When you want to organize a public event above a certain number of people you need to ask for an authorization from the local police or municipality. The authorization is given if certain measures, including safety, are respected. Non authorized raves are illegal and extremely dangerous. All sorts of drugs, no controls, there have been rapes and people lost their lives.


redditissuss t1_j2ctmqu wrote

Drugs aren't even the issue, as a firefighter it is the lack of egress. People die when they can't escape. Let these kids think they are oppressed and then we bring up these posts to explain why their frinds are dead.


Megatanis t1_j2cuis4 wrote

Yeah I mean widespread use of heavy drugs certainly won't help in case of an emergency. But I agree with you drugs are not the point, it's the general safety situation.


redditissuss t1_j2cvf0c wrote

And rapes are really rare at an open rave. House parties are where rapes happen. That is probably why that kid loves them.1


Metal-Scrunch t1_j2dvmyf wrote

clearly you have never been to such parties. (Clearly, nobody wants to invite you)

I can tell you that it's not more dangerous than any other party. And there's all the same drugs as in any legal party. People look out for each other, usually. no need to police, people are responsible. - and if anyone fucks around, quickly finds out.


autotldr t1_j2bv8av wrote

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 65%. (I'm a bot)

> Italy's lower house of parliament has given its final approval to a government decree cracking down on unlicensed rave parties, laying out jail terms and fines for the organisers.

> Cabinet passed the decree late in October just days after the new right-wing administration of Giorgia Meloni was sworn in, immediately signalling a tougher approach on public order following complaints over a Halloween party in northern Italy.

> Former mayor of Turin Chiara Appendino, a 5-Star deputy, has called the decree an "Abomination" which in reality "Has little or nothing to do with rave parties".

Extended Summary | FAQ | Feedback | Top keywords: decree^#1 party^#2 organise^#3 new^#4 over^#5


Disco_Dreamz t1_j2egi3n wrote

Literally passed within days of the right wing taking power. Because clearly, with all of the problems facing Italy, this is high priority for them.

Always vote against conservatives no matter what


InternetPeon t1_j2bqyhh wrote

Someone wasn‘t getting their kickback.


deez_treez t1_j2byqcw wrote

Fatboy Slim is fucking in heaven.


ScotsDale213 t1_j2bznyx wrote

I mean, doesn’t seem like a terrible law. I sense there may have been more pressing issues that could have been addressed rather than… Rave parties.


Andaru t1_j2d78xh wrote

It was a 'flag' issue. The whole rave party fixation started because during lockdown, under the previous government, a rave party happened and the then opposition parties went apeshit against the government. Now they have to show that they are doing something and since a few months ago a new rave party was organized they went full tilt on that.

Now, since they had until the end of year to handle some deadlines they crammed a lot of different stuff into this 'emergency' decree, including readmitting no-vax doctors and dealing with the rave parties thing.


WakandaNowAndThen t1_j2c1vv4 wrote

6 years for having a few friends over? Get real


redditissuss t1_j2c2lsg wrote

1000 people in a wearhouse and a fire breaks out with limited exits, Get real. Free for all until it happens all good, then it will be why didn't anyone do anything. Make shit safe period.


veristrong t1_j2e3e0t wrote

I mean if for those 1000 people it's safe to be there than what's the problem?

Apart from the "private property invasion" thing I don't see any issue. And even then most of those place are abandoned so much and in shambles that it doesn't look like the owners care that much about the spot anyways. Might as well do something with it.


WakandaNowAndThen t1_j2c6ve0 wrote

You're probably right situations like that should be the ones getting the maximum, which 6 years sounds fine. I was LARPing as a defense attorney or something lol


redditissuss t1_j2cgale wrote

People at a house party aren't going to get six years. People here in the bay area in California threw a party and 36 people died because they said fuck the guy at the door. I hate regulation but when it comes to safety it is kinda implied because I don't trust someone throwing these parties.


g4zw t1_j2dqfz4 wrote

your comments are so batshit that i went to read what other stuff you post about... but your account has been suspended :D


Geooogle t1_j2bpfdr wrote

Italy likes to poop at parties.


riavu t1_j2buw7l wrote

Old people of Italy****** like to poop at parties


deuceawesome t1_j2eqiqz wrote

As a former raver, best nights of my life, the only time I felt like I was in a "deathtrap" was in actual licensed nighclubs that were supposed to follow all the "rules"; overpacked sardine can type affairs.

The "illegal" ones were usually outdoors, or in massive spaces where exits were easy to find.

Other than that tragedy in Oakland, which has been pointed out, was more of a flophouse with extension cord wiring everywhere, I think most "nightlife tragedies" came from actual bars and nightclubs, with pyrotechniques being involved.


redditissuss t1_j2cwsno wrote


Disco_Dreamz t1_j2ehl5u wrote

That wasn’t so much of a rave warehouse, it was more of an underground arts studio and shelter for homeless and struggling artists that occasionally held performances. People lived there and had reported the poor fire safety several times. Kind of a strange example to use as it has more to do with unregulated homeless shelters and the need for access to safe, proper housing.


firthy t1_j2d5llz wrote

What about bunga-bunga parties?


Metal-Scrunch t1_j2dcudw wrote

It's not about safety. It's about stopping people to get together and have great time, without permission. the statement of free parties is - "we don't need your permissions, your 'safety', your rules etc. To have good time together with excellent sound." Or something along those lines. I've been to maybe 20 raves like that and I can tell you that people are usually very organized and mindful of what is going on, strangers all become friends and it creates feeling of beeing part of big family. - so everyone takes care of each other, leaving prejudice outside and have come together to enjoy the sound. i've seen an illegal rave, on private land somewhere in France, came around 1000 people, 2 stages with massive sound systems. For two days people were dancing to high quality bass music. The best part was that after 2 days, the music stopped and organizers asked attendants to please pick up the trash before leaving. After 2h you could not find single cigarette butt in the grass. Everyone took responsibility and did their part. Only damage that was done was stomped grass.

Edit: this you don't see in parties with entrance fee, because people automatically assume that they have paid to the cleaners, so they shit all they want. Where in free party, people understand that they are the organizers, only thing set up by someone, was wall of sound. The rest is up to the whole collective.

Fire hazards are super rare, usually warehouses have multiple exits. and drugs are being taken the same as in legal parties, like in clubs in the heart of the city. So in my opinion, this attack on free parties is only to stop people from getting together on their own free terms, and feeling united by sound and nothing else.


Ninja-Sneaky t1_j2dl8l3 wrote

Another detrimental law done as bait while nothing is done with the things that should have top priority in a serious government


felis_magnetus t1_j2e6wx9 wrote

More freedom from government interference, yeah, sure.


Moldy_Michael t1_j2cht8o wrote

Thanks, now I have -1 reasons to go to Italy.


SicilySummertime t1_j2dfssf wrote

Yes, we majority of italian people do not want you and friend to party in my private property and create a mess. If you want to make a public event you will have to get license ( about place safety plan, music license etc and permission of the property owner). It is democracy , respect it.


veristrong t1_j2e2txk wrote

What kind of party is that if I need more paperwork for it than for buying 15 houses? Licence for what? I bring my soundsystem and my amplifiers, shouldn't need any licence to use something that's mine.

Also if your property is in shambles and you haven't been using it in 50 years I might as well make it useful somehow.


SicilySummertime t1_j2e870q wrote

You need to advise public authorities: i.e. if in the same place there is another event and the two groups which may not like each other meet ( for example fans of rival teams) ...things will go bad. Or simply authorities have to alert medical cars to be on standby ( Look at any concert of any musical group) etc

You need to have license to hold the event, the place may no be' big enough or safety exit could be' missing ( huge crowds can create hundreds of death , see in south korea this year) .

Also, you are none to tell the owner of a property that he is "wasting" that building... so what? If another comes telling your music is garbage and there should be' another event, who win? Are you going to do a war about it? Simply your logic is not how private property law works anywhere in the world.

Last of things, pay royalties for the music. But I am not going to argue of this last point as it should be the support you give to the music you love and anyway is really the minus of all the priorities.


veristrong t1_j2ef0k0 wrote

I understand regarding "fighting crews" or whatever but I've never witnessed such a thing so can't say a lot about that. And I don't think it's common to have a couple of rave events in the same in the same exact spot. I can understand different areas (Tek area, dub area and so on) but different rave organizers organising a rave in the same place on the same day? Dunno.

Again, if 1000 people conclude that it's "safe" to go there, let them. Of course there are better raves and worse raves. Some have chill areas, food, first help ready to assist, ecc. And some don't. Some concerts get overstuffed with 50k people and might have less exit points than any rave, but are supposed to be safe since they are "regulated". And people pay hundreds of euros to go there. At least raves are cheaper. How can you say any place on earth is safe for 50k people to be overstuffed in it.

Regarding the ownership thing. If I am an owner of something, and I haven't been using it for my whole life, someone else might have as well be using it in the meanwhile, wouldn't make a difference for me right? Or I sell it since I'm not using it. The fact that on some paper is written that you are the owner of place doesn't mean shit to me if you don't do anything with it. The animals wandering around "your" abandoned place that you never use are more owners than you as far as I'm concerned.

The topic about not liking the music is very straightforward within the soundsystem community. Don't like the music? Build or get your own soundsystem, find a place to play and create your own scene, simple as that.

Royalties can be a good and bad thing. For sure I'm not going to pay a fee issued by an organization that didn't make the music in the first place. Of course I'm going to supports the artists when I can AND when I must, vinyls are a good (expensive) way, but give me peace of mind regarding the "support the artist" thing.


Moldy_Michael t1_j2dneg2 wrote

A good rave happens on a private property to begin with, respect the freedom to party till we drop. And screw your music license and event paperwork, we partyin'.


HomeworkParty69 t1_j2cktrw wrote

the food is always worth it. except the border all-u-can-eat sushi restaurants. so gross.


Moldy_Michael t1_j2cla7k wrote

I have an italian friend of whom I could steal recipes from ;) alreqdy got food covered.


redditissuss t1_j2cweym wrote

Been to Italy a lot and not impressed.


Gluca23 t1_j2cy0q7 wrote

By the food? If go cheap food is bad everywhere.


redditissuss t1_j2cy773 wrote

I was unimpressed by the people not the food


11nerd11 t1_j2e1rmi wrote

Then why respond to someone who is talking about food and then not mentioning what you're talking about?



Natural_Artifact t1_j2cts16 wrote

plz put this on top : fun stuff about this law : even someone of the right party did not voted for this law coz they included a last minute paragraph that Reammitted all the unvaccinated (against the law) No Vax Medics to work again in hospitals ( All while we are at one step from next pandemic wave -see people get tested coming from chinese airports- ) so the same party are active fighing covid testing people coming from china but put anti vax medics in hospital at the same time . nice


redditissuss t1_j2cuu9f wrote

Are you wearing your tinfoil hat? We are doing drugs not mental health issues here.


Grey___Goo_MH t1_j2d4n47 wrote

Italy the country that has just don’t create a public scandal incest laws

Is cracking down on raves



alstergee t1_j2d5adi wrote

Fuckin riot friends


Ceratisa t1_j2ca4bb wrote

Fight for the right to party?


Fylla t1_j2c37wq wrote

There's nothing more important than public health. I'm glad at least Italy recognizes that.


rigobueno t1_j2c818o wrote

Oh thank god the government is here to be our nanny and make sure we don’t hurt ourselves while [checks notes] having a dance party.


redditissuss t1_j2cxvvs wrote

I qm glad you are okay with killing people, I am not.


redditissuss t1_j2chomv wrote

You would be the same to complain if 20 of your friends died in said party. Would you just say "was a good time". Fucking idiot.


Metal-Scrunch t1_j2dxqz3 wrote

Nobody is dieing in those parties. At least not any more than any other event.

Take fucking football for example. Let's ban that too? Because of dumb fans fighting and rioting?

-edit- football is an extreme example in a sense that in parties nobody riots, there is no winners and loosers, no politics, and sound unites.