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Sniffy4 t1_j27wrx4 wrote

the military are the actual bad guys. she is guilty of being afraid they would throw a coup if she tried to criticize them, which turned out to be accurate.


DragonWarrior566 t1_j289ln9 wrote

She defended the military at the Hague.

Seems like a lot of angry Burmese downvoting since they are not happy with the truth.

Here’s a bit of truth:


ruby_1234567 t1_j28ha8y wrote

She had her hands tied behind her back figuratively.


DragonWarrior566 t1_j28hzb8 wrote

At The Hague? Didn’t seem like it. She also took issue when a Pakistani “Muslim” was interviewing her. There’s no way to revise the fact that she was complicit, and the Burmese who are now asking for help, were actively supporting the genocide.



VeganLordx t1_j28jpsu wrote

That's bad of course, but that doesn't mean she agreed with murdering people and mainly in some of the most heinous ways possible. On top of that, many who are asking for help were kids at that time of the genocide who were brainwashed, that's not exactly fair to say they supported genocide.


DragonWarrior566 t1_j28ka8d wrote

She’s a Bamar nationalist, who thought removing Rohingya was part of nation building. At no point did she show remorse nor say anything against the genocide. She was not silent. She openly supported the military and justified it by referring to fear of muslims taking over. Even as late as December 2020, she didn’t allow the Rohingya to vote in the national election.


Here is her saying there were fine people on both sides:

Here’s another:


WellHacktually t1_j2ag10o wrote

That's bad of course, but


DragonWarrior566 t1_j2f2z8r wrote

“You know she’s actually a really decent person, if we ignore that tiny genocide she supported. Also, there were fine people on both sides anyways, so case dismissed”, random redditors. 🤷‍♂️


AnalogCyborg t1_j27xlfc wrote

Being complicit to genocide is never the best choice in any situation.


Evening_Presence_927 t1_j2831pr wrote

I mean, she literally had no other choice. The only way she was going to turn it around was to form a government majority large enough to override the tatmadaw, which happened in 2020. They then overthrew her and seized power before she could do anything.


BezosCockRocket t1_j285jxx wrote

I never got the impression that was she calling the shots. Seemed more like a trapped puppet for the military until she was no longer convenient to them. Suppose won’t know the truth for a long time, if ever.


Thoughtlessattimes t1_j287vek wrote

I’m giving you award. Why? Because you get it.

Edit: awww man, I accidentally gave the award to the OP. I’m sorry baba. God-dammit. That was my first award too. Shit.