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acebandaged t1_j250wk7 wrote

Because the goal isn't only to demilitarize and absorb Ukraine, it's also to remove ethnic Ukranians and replace them with Russians. The genocide is the primary goal, the military action is just a part of that plan.


MGMAX t1_j2525h2 wrote

Which is stupid in it's own right, it's like if China killed every single Taiwanese and annexed the island. Yeah, you got the land, but it's absolutely worthless now without people who lived there and everyone hates you.


sold_snek t1_j255tp9 wrote

But the next generation will hate less. The one after even less so. For an entire country, it's a long-term win.


Shuber-Fuber t1_j26zqwt wrote

Assuming your country survives the generation and didn't break apart like the Soviet Union.