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Varolyn t1_j26h8wq wrote

Hmm wouldn’t Iran be upset that Putin feels this way?


[deleted] t1_j26zrwh wrote



DeepSeaHobbit t1_j27cu4b wrote

>99% of people just want to go to work, live in peace, and see theirs kids fed, clothed and educated.

I really feel that it's not 99%. It's a majority, but not as overwhelming as that.

My evidence is the last few years.


backcountrydrifter t1_j27f1fl wrote

Every society is 3 missed meals away from chaos.

Vladimir Lenin (who Putin’s grandfather was the personal chef for)


JohanGrimm t1_j2878wd wrote

>100 years ago there were less than 2 billion people on the planet

This is always so crazy to me. In one person's theoretical life the population quadrupled.


MATELERE t1_j28i3ye wrote

I broadly agree with what you say. But my cynical take on it is that as soon as the 2000 "leaders" or top 1% or however else you'd like to refer to them are launched into space, the next 2000 take their place. Humans are inherently greedy and always want more. Even if you don't consider yourself somebody who would succumb to the greed and power, there are at least another nearly 8 billion people who would.


passcork t1_j28chph wrote

Problem is, with that 1%. You have to launch a new bunch of 2000 "leaders" into space 40 thousand times over...


be_a_duck t1_j281hfu wrote

> 99% of people just want to go to work, live in peace, and see theirs kids fed, clothed and educated.

Tell me you're living in a 1st world country and never been to the Middle East and elsewhere without telling me you are projecting.


Yelmel t1_j26jbzy wrote

Hopefully. I mean, it would be nice if this threesome had jealousy issues.


jamin_g t1_j28crpx wrote

Premiering 2023 wife swap, international


Tduhon t1_j28t2b8 wrote

For as much theater as Iran and Israel’s right wing display, they are both the boogeyman the other needs for legitimacy.

It’s no different with Hamas. That threat is what constitutes the very need for their existence.


Zucc_Boi_ t1_j28ygky wrote

Jews don't need an enemy to keep existing, but okay. That's like saying blacks need whites to keep existing, or vice versa.


Tduhon t1_j28zqzf wrote

I’m talking about the governments.

I think it would be hard to argue that foreign policy isn’t the wedge issue that keeps the Israeli right wing in power.


Zucc_Boi_ t1_j290cda wrote

It really isn't. In terms of foreign policy, Israel's center-left governments were consistently better performing, and that includes Iran as a threat. In case you're not following, Israel's right wing parties' PR is dominantly focused on internal security, with 2nd place being playing on the feelings of the poor.

Iran is a serious threat to Israel, not a boogeyman. Hence every party takes a strong stance vs it.


InterPunct t1_j26j0wa wrote

If the enemy of my enemy is my friend, what does that make the friend of my enemy?


hypnos_surf t1_j2824ep wrote

Weird Eastern European/Asian diplomatic relationships.

“Let’s be friends solely based on our hatred for the US and west with no other form of logic or trust bonding us.”


Taolan13 t1_j28eyd2 wrote

The enemy of my enemy is my enemys enemy. No more, no less.

Maxim 29.


VannaTLC t1_j293k03 wrote

Fuck I love finding other Schlock fans in the wild.


Taolan13 t1_j29jqcd wrote

I find with a little extrapolation many of the maxims are universally applicable.

Maxim 1, for example. Pillage, then burn. If you wave away the violent language as a metaphor, you have a powerful statement about the importance of doing things in the proper order. If you burn before you pillage there's not as much loot.


Zucc_Boi_ t1_j28y60r wrote

Israel and Russia are not friends, more like "we're enemies, but we have other things to focus on". Unlike Europe-Russia dynamics, there are many factors at play that decide how Israel-Russia relations progress. For both, it's impossible to just shut everything off and say "we're done talking". Europe can certainly afford such an approach.

Russia's and Iran's mutual arms deals plus Israel's aid to Ukraine are definitely putting a strain on Israeli-Russian relations, but it would take a lot more than that to sever their ties.

Think of it as a more complex version of US-China relations. Both are actively taking military actions against one another, but trade continues.


deco-nouveau t1_j290b6g wrote

>Think of it as a more complex version of US-China relations. Both are actively taking military actions against one another, but trade continues.

This is the exact dynamic to keep in mind for Israel-Russia relations. They're too deeply died on security issues to cut all ties, but they do not like one another.


ScienceFactsNumbers t1_j26tmcn wrote

Putin is just desperate for anyone to be his friend after the whole world suddenly realized how dumb and weak he is.


Couple_Overall t1_j28fq20 wrote

Netanyahu has always had good relations with Putin.


Panzerx t1_j28upvt wrote

Putin probably helps him get elected


themightycatp00 t1_j291f8q wrote

Netanyahu had a huge election poster of him and putin hugging hung during elections


Pit_of_Death t1_j29tu3r wrote

Fascists do tend to stick together generally speaking.


Zucc_Boi_ t1_j28ykzd wrote

Well he's not getting it from Israel. Israel was never Russia's friend, and after going through several wars with one another, their relations are a simple "don't bother me, I won't bother you".


macross1984 t1_j26mjj9 wrote

Wonderful. Putin praising Iran's mortal enemy. I wonder if he will get more drones after this.


Law-of-Poe t1_j276gpu wrote

Was he praising him or just congratulating. I remember he congratulated Biden on his win too and there is no love between those two


Alkdmani t1_j26o20x wrote

Iran's mortal enemy is Saudi Arabia, they have been having proxy war with each other for decades now, funding and aiding militias on opposite sides in Syria, Yemen and Iraq. So it is like the cold-war but slightly warmer.

So it kinda weird how Israel like to project itself as fighting against Iran, yet they have done nothing to prove that, aside from empty threats.


AyeeHayche t1_j26q3jl wrote

Israel has struck:

Iranian targets in Syria,dropping 2000 Bombs in 2018 alone

Iranian targets in Iraq

Iranian nuclear sites and scientists

Syrian government (Iranian proxy)

Hezbollah (Iranian Proxy)

Hamas (Iranian Proxy)

PMF (Iranian Proxy)

Don’t act like they are not heavily involved in their conflict against Iran


racedownhill t1_j26q1hp wrote

The current Iranian government’s mortal enemy is the concept of democracy. They need to be able to paint Israel as an existential threat and unify / repress the ordinary citizens of Iran according to the whims / desires of the elites. The average Iranian citizen wants nothing to do with this.

Netanyahu will play the corresponding role on the Israeli side. How he managed to become prime minister again, with his track record and all the corruption charges… I’ll never know.

Netanyahu in charge of Israel strengthens the Iranian regime, and therefore, Putin’s hand as well.


pantie_fa t1_j274uup wrote

> How he managed to become prime minister again, with his track record and all the corruption charges… I’ll never know.

Of course you know. We all fucking know. He takes care of his lieutenants, and they wanted him back. They wanted their money train to get back on the tracks and moving.


slashtom t1_j2835y6 wrote

Uhh Netanyahu has no issues killing Iranian scientists and bombing their nuclear sites. He has done it before.


Reddvox t1_j27td3i wrote

More the concept of humanity...basic human rights, decency is the enemy of all those dictators across the globe.


Feisty-Juan t1_j26zjn4 wrote

Who do you think is killing nuclear scientists in Iran? Here’s a hint. It ain’t America!


Lucky__Mike t1_j2765fv wrote

Are you trying to tell me they aren't all unfortunate accidents?? I am shocked and appalled. I am also shocked and awed.


Alkdmani t1_j28745z wrote

This is a weird thing to be prideful of, considering Israel obtained Nukes in secret and for decades kept denying existence of their nuke heads.

But yeah lets take pride in a nation violating sovereignty of another, instead of Idk diplomacy? which has worked under Obama and showed Iran was willing to work with international communities in-regards to their program.

Edit: And seeing how Israel for decades have been claiming Iran are 2-3 years away from nukes, and under last deal with Iran, it was shown they were no where near that.... It does cast huge shadow of a doubt on what Israel has been claiming.


Feisty-Juan t1_j29bzn7 wrote

Fuck irans sovereignty! They’re a fascist/ religious zealot government that openly kills its own people and publicly executes them so they can instill fear into them! Love Oboma but he made mistakes. He didn’t stand up to Russia when they invaded Ukraine and made a deal with Iran that couldn’t be verified because Iran didn’t allow proper inspections of their nuclear facilities. They’re not trying to build nuclear power plants! If you believe that then you’re an F-ing infant! Look how well all tha diplomacy worked in Russia! And China! I’m not being prideful about Israel handling there business! I’m just glad for once a country that has a problem is taking care of it and not involving the U.S. in it! Anyone who side’s with the Iranian government is someone who’s opinions are a complete waste of time! Your POV is ignorant and a sad example of claiming to grasp a difficult situation in the real world! Go pound sand!


Zucc_Boi_ t1_j28yrc9 wrote

Israel is doing the heavy lifting, carrying out pretty much all kinetic operations on its own. In terms of contribution, the US comes second. Saudi Arabia isn't even in the top 10 list.


Lucia_LA t1_j26hiic wrote

Why is Putin still acting like a big leader? He's a meme, no state on this planet still takes him serious and is only nice to him to abuse him for cheap gas and oil. Hes a bigger clown than Trump.


Voxunpopuli t1_j26me3x wrote

Short answer, nukes.


Shogouki t1_j26pdr8 wrote

And, despite Russia going to hell in a hand basket, still maintaining enough loyalists and/or influence that he's not been assassinated yet.


Voxunpopuli t1_j29u5v5 wrote

True. Plus people conveniently keep falling out of windows.


pickleer t1_j26q7r5 wrote

Why is trump? Same as Kim's incessant saber rattling. It's all about ego and limp little noodles. Though I'm sure there's an international kompromat trading circle with these guys...


bualing t1_j26lyic wrote

With "no state on this planet" u mean 10% of the world population aka the west?


Lazorgunz t1_j271vfp wrote

so like all but 1 major economies, all tech leaders, scientific powerhouses and democracies, 80% of military power.. the overwhelming source of international aid, then yes, THAT 10% of the population

if push comes to shove and secondary sanctions are on the table, its quite clear what direction most countries will choose to go. although that is unlikely given how hard russia is getting its shit pushed in already with the west and allies throwing reserve tech and chump change around


Sin1st_er t1_j286cge wrote

TIL there are no major economies, tech leaders, democracies and Military power outside the west.


Shogouki t1_j26pr82 wrote

Russia only has a population of about 143 million people which isn't remotely 10% of the world's population.


pickleer t1_j26q2x9 wrote

I'm no bibi fan but damn, that's the kinda press you don't need!


RowdyRoddyRosenstein t1_j26t2w9 wrote

I'm struck by the distance between Russian-aligned media (which leans strongly pro-Palestinian) and actual Russia/Israel relations.


dissentrix t1_j28i8fq wrote

This is because Israel can't really just be resumed, on a geopolitical level, to the Palestinian conflict - like most countries, it's a complex country with a multi-faceted society, and complicated relations with the other (also complex) countries surrounding them; and in Israel's case specifically, those relations tend to be even more complicated than the average, due to their unique history in the region.

Also, it's not like Russian fascists genuinely care that much about the Palestinian cause; they're doing it mostly out of opportunism. It's like whenever they bring up the rights of Palestinians (or any other oppressed population, like Black people in America) as whataboutism, and to dunk on "the West". These groups of people are just pawns in their geopolitical rhetoric and strategy.


cassert24 t1_j28843y wrote

Fascist supporting another fascist.


External-Platform-18 t1_j28a2d3 wrote

He has congratulated the victory of almost every world leader in 20 years.

Zelenskyy is pretty much the only leader he didn’t congratulate.

Speaking of Zelenskyy, he also sent congratulations.


Cowkonaut t1_j28vbl4 wrote

Yeah, it’s pretty basic diplomacy to congratulate the incoming government of a country and wish to have good cooperation with them.


CrazyGayUncle t1_j26k033 wrote

Which says plenty about the character of Prime Minister Netanyahu.


IrishPigskin t1_j26sb7i wrote

You could write this exact same headline with Obama, Trump, or Biden and show a picture of them sitting down and talking with Putin.

Note that Zelensky also congratulated Netanyahu, so now you’re just all tied up and conflicted aren’t you?


dlev_ t1_j27q6fj wrote

This “cooperation between nations” is boiler plate diplomatic spiel - wouldn’t be surprised if he said it if all, and all said it back to him.

However, of the above you mention, only Trump rode Putin’s dick hard enough to get blisters.


IrishPigskin t1_j288umv wrote

And yet, of the three, he’s the only one that Putin didn’t invade and seize territory during his administration.


Ideon_ t1_j27u4lx wrote

that's not the compliment he thinks it is.


johnn48 t1_j2830lz wrote

Nothing confirms your Authoritarian bona fides like congratulations from Vladimir.


Couple_Overall t1_j28ftsx wrote

Why's that news? World leaders always congratulate whoever wins elections in other countries, it's standard procedure.


Jerthy t1_j26tlok wrote

Well now it got interesting, wonder what Iran has to say about that xD


Asshole_Physicst t1_j281dch wrote

How does that align with Putin hosting the Palestinian leaders two months ago?


Fuzzy_Logic_4_Life t1_j28uye8 wrote

“Russia’s Putin” - do they get paid by the word? I mean what other Putins make world news?


fjmj1980 t1_j290u1j wrote

Russia leverages Jewish emigration to ensure Israel does not give weapons to Ukraine.


ncc74656m t1_j29int9 wrote

As a Jew I would be aghast and know my life had gone seriously off the rails if someone like Putin were to be excited over my election. Shows you that there's some bad vibes in the universe when Yoni dies heroically and his shitty brother rides that wave into fanatical right wing expansionism.


pfcsock t1_j29sc8f wrote

One monster knows another


TheseLipsSinkShips t1_j29u0xy wrote

Isreal, I will say this once… you’re turning into the monster you hated and which provided the motivation for the birth of your nation. US aid can not be used to support a fascist agenda.


gordo65 t1_j28blxv wrote

He’s always been the anti-Semites’ favorite Israeli prime minister.


baka___shinji t1_j28r0qf wrote

Lol just when one thought Israel couldn’t get any more right wing!


oldcreaker t1_j28wtre wrote

From one fascist to another.


sideofirish t1_j29pwj3 wrote

Weird how fascist dictators love each other…


KptKreampie t1_j2aak3u wrote

Now they are just missing Trump and the "patriot" right will have their Holy Trinity.


Thatguyxlii t1_j2anj9s wrote

A totalitarian prick liking another totalitarian prick. Unprecedented.


pantie_fa t1_j2748ye wrote

Mobsters of a feather. . .


Feisty-Juan t1_j26z16l wrote

And Putin pawn! Putin’s missin sum Trump ignorance right now!


Electrical-Can-7982 t1_j26ucmp wrote

thats a bad sign.. Putin never called upon Biden when he won.. is Netanyahu another Trump wannabe puppet??


pantie_fa t1_j2753ny wrote

Trump is definitely a Netanyahu wannabe.


Used-Lie-5150 t1_j27xkhc wrote

Netanyahu told Putin that Israel is bombing in Syria, and that if Russia tries to stop they'll bomb Russian air defence. So they put together a mechanism to not get in each others way.


needle-roulette t1_j26ybth wrote

two men with the same plans for their neighbors


Asshole_Physicst t1_j281r8n wrote

Seriously? Should I remind you that in all of its history, israel never once engaged in a war on its neighbors? In all of its wars, it was militarily attacked by the Palestinian and Arab countries. How does this even remotely similar to Russia? Also, did Ukraine tried to eliminate Russia in multiple occasions?


AYidInMokum t1_j28dy0w wrote

Six day war. Israel preemptively attacked.

I've no hatred of Israel, i have family there and would happily flee there if shit got bad for my people where i live, lets not distort history.

That said, this article is clickybait almost every world leader give congratulations to others for elections. My favorite will always been when Berlusconi congratulated America on electing a well sun tanned president.


needle-roulette t1_j2a2hj8 wrote

should i remind you israel and pushed people out of their homes then they build housing settlements with residents armed with assault rifles and private army's?


kevin7419 t1_j26w8ec wrote

One fuckhead tyrant congratulating another


Strange_Camp_9714 t1_j26sr39 wrote

man I wish Turkey, Israel, China, Hungary, North Korea, Russia, Elon and Andrew tatte would fuck off for 5 minutes so we can have some democracy


HiHoJufro t1_j28snkx wrote

... Israel is a democracy already, though?