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Varolyn t1_j26h8wq wrote

Hmm wouldn’t Iran be upset that Putin feels this way?


[deleted] t1_j26zrwh wrote



DeepSeaHobbit t1_j27cu4b wrote

>99% of people just want to go to work, live in peace, and see theirs kids fed, clothed and educated.

I really feel that it's not 99%. It's a majority, but not as overwhelming as that.

My evidence is the last few years.


backcountrydrifter t1_j27f1fl wrote

Every society is 3 missed meals away from chaos.

Vladimir Lenin (who Putin’s grandfather was the personal chef for)


JohanGrimm t1_j2878wd wrote

>100 years ago there were less than 2 billion people on the planet

This is always so crazy to me. In one person's theoretical life the population quadrupled.


MATELERE t1_j28i3ye wrote

I broadly agree with what you say. But my cynical take on it is that as soon as the 2000 "leaders" or top 1% or however else you'd like to refer to them are launched into space, the next 2000 take their place. Humans are inherently greedy and always want more. Even if you don't consider yourself somebody who would succumb to the greed and power, there are at least another nearly 8 billion people who would.


passcork t1_j28chph wrote

Problem is, with that 1%. You have to launch a new bunch of 2000 "leaders" into space 40 thousand times over...


be_a_duck t1_j281hfu wrote

> 99% of people just want to go to work, live in peace, and see theirs kids fed, clothed and educated.

Tell me you're living in a 1st world country and never been to the Middle East and elsewhere without telling me you are projecting.


Yelmel t1_j26jbzy wrote

Hopefully. I mean, it would be nice if this threesome had jealousy issues.


jamin_g t1_j28crpx wrote

Premiering 2023 wife swap, international


Tduhon t1_j28t2b8 wrote

For as much theater as Iran and Israel’s right wing display, they are both the boogeyman the other needs for legitimacy.

It’s no different with Hamas. That threat is what constitutes the very need for their existence.


Zucc_Boi_ t1_j28ygky wrote

Jews don't need an enemy to keep existing, but okay. That's like saying blacks need whites to keep existing, or vice versa.


Tduhon t1_j28zqzf wrote

I’m talking about the governments.

I think it would be hard to argue that foreign policy isn’t the wedge issue that keeps the Israeli right wing in power.


Zucc_Boi_ t1_j290cda wrote

It really isn't. In terms of foreign policy, Israel's center-left governments were consistently better performing, and that includes Iran as a threat. In case you're not following, Israel's right wing parties' PR is dominantly focused on internal security, with 2nd place being playing on the feelings of the poor.

Iran is a serious threat to Israel, not a boogeyman. Hence every party takes a strong stance vs it.