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macross1984 t1_j26mjj9 wrote

Wonderful. Putin praising Iran's mortal enemy. I wonder if he will get more drones after this.


Law-of-Poe t1_j276gpu wrote

Was he praising him or just congratulating. I remember he congratulated Biden on his win too and there is no love between those two


Alkdmani t1_j26o20x wrote

Iran's mortal enemy is Saudi Arabia, they have been having proxy war with each other for decades now, funding and aiding militias on opposite sides in Syria, Yemen and Iraq. So it is like the cold-war but slightly warmer.

So it kinda weird how Israel like to project itself as fighting against Iran, yet they have done nothing to prove that, aside from empty threats.


AyeeHayche t1_j26q3jl wrote

Israel has struck:

Iranian targets in Syria,dropping 2000 Bombs in 2018 alone

Iranian targets in Iraq

Iranian nuclear sites and scientists

Syrian government (Iranian proxy)

Hezbollah (Iranian Proxy)

Hamas (Iranian Proxy)

PMF (Iranian Proxy)

Don’t act like they are not heavily involved in their conflict against Iran


racedownhill t1_j26q1hp wrote

The current Iranian government’s mortal enemy is the concept of democracy. They need to be able to paint Israel as an existential threat and unify / repress the ordinary citizens of Iran according to the whims / desires of the elites. The average Iranian citizen wants nothing to do with this.

Netanyahu will play the corresponding role on the Israeli side. How he managed to become prime minister again, with his track record and all the corruption charges… I’ll never know.

Netanyahu in charge of Israel strengthens the Iranian regime, and therefore, Putin’s hand as well.


pantie_fa t1_j274uup wrote

> How he managed to become prime minister again, with his track record and all the corruption charges… I’ll never know.

Of course you know. We all fucking know. He takes care of his lieutenants, and they wanted him back. They wanted their money train to get back on the tracks and moving.


slashtom t1_j2835y6 wrote

Uhh Netanyahu has no issues killing Iranian scientists and bombing their nuclear sites. He has done it before.


Reddvox t1_j27td3i wrote

More the concept of humanity...basic human rights, decency is the enemy of all those dictators across the globe.


Feisty-Juan t1_j26zjn4 wrote

Who do you think is killing nuclear scientists in Iran? Here’s a hint. It ain’t America!


Lucky__Mike t1_j2765fv wrote

Are you trying to tell me they aren't all unfortunate accidents?? I am shocked and appalled. I am also shocked and awed.


Alkdmani t1_j28745z wrote

This is a weird thing to be prideful of, considering Israel obtained Nukes in secret and for decades kept denying existence of their nuke heads.

But yeah lets take pride in a nation violating sovereignty of another, instead of Idk diplomacy? which has worked under Obama and showed Iran was willing to work with international communities in-regards to their program.

Edit: And seeing how Israel for decades have been claiming Iran are 2-3 years away from nukes, and under last deal with Iran, it was shown they were no where near that.... It does cast huge shadow of a doubt on what Israel has been claiming.


Feisty-Juan t1_j29bzn7 wrote

Fuck irans sovereignty! They’re a fascist/ religious zealot government that openly kills its own people and publicly executes them so they can instill fear into them! Love Oboma but he made mistakes. He didn’t stand up to Russia when they invaded Ukraine and made a deal with Iran that couldn’t be verified because Iran didn’t allow proper inspections of their nuclear facilities. They’re not trying to build nuclear power plants! If you believe that then you’re an F-ing infant! Look how well all tha diplomacy worked in Russia! And China! I’m not being prideful about Israel handling there business! I’m just glad for once a country that has a problem is taking care of it and not involving the U.S. in it! Anyone who side’s with the Iranian government is someone who’s opinions are a complete waste of time! Your POV is ignorant and a sad example of claiming to grasp a difficult situation in the real world! Go pound sand!


Zucc_Boi_ t1_j28yrc9 wrote

Israel is doing the heavy lifting, carrying out pretty much all kinetic operations on its own. In terms of contribution, the US comes second. Saudi Arabia isn't even in the top 10 list.